Volume 34, Chapter 484.2: Game of Death

“Who knew that I would meet her during the blind date? She had long, pinkish-blue hair, and was absolutely ravishing. She looked identical to Wang Dong. I still thought that she was Wang Dong’s sister. However, I never expected Wang Dong to actually be Wang Dong’er. She had always been by my side, but I foolishly didn’t know it.

“She called me a fool. Wasn’t she right? However, I’m willing to be her fool for life. Naturally, we got together. I really liked her. Everything that happened in the past replayed in my mind. Even in my dreams, I didn’t expect to get together with my goddess. Yes, she’s my goddess.

“Wutong, you aren’t the first person to look like her. There was another girl who looked exactly like her. That girl was called Wang Qiu’er. I met her before and after the blind date. Then, I even thought that they were the same person. It was only afterward that I realized that they were differe...

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