Volume 34, Chapter 484.1: Game of Death

Long Xiaoyao laughed lightly and said, “Alright, let me also tell you that the poisonous darkness element in this dagger can’t be resisted even by your Ultimate Ice. Of course, let’s not even talk about her. Her body is light-type. I’m afraid she’ll lose half her life the moment she’s stabbed. I’ll give you one minute to consider. After that, our game will begin.”

“Huo Yuhao, don’t!” Tang Wutong shouted. She also realized at this moment that she had recovered her ability to speak.

Huo Yuhao ignored her and slowly bent his waist. He picked up the dagger from the ground.

The dagger was seamless. The hilt and the blade seemed to have been carved from the same piece of metal. When held, the dagger felt icy-cold, and the darkness element in it wasn’t something that Huo Yuhao fancied.

“Dragon Emperor Douluo, will you do everything that you promised?” Huo Yuhao straightened his back. Even though he was very pale, blood coming...

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