Volume 34, Chapter 483: The Dragon God's Descent

When it first appeared, the Dragon Emperor Douluo felt it the most acutely.

If Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had left him astonished earlier, he was horrified to see the seven-colored dragon projection shining from Tang Wutong’s body.

If it was just the color or aura of this projection, the Dragon Emperor Douluo wouldn’t have felt it so strongly. More importantly, it was the dominance of the projection that made him felt so overwhelmed. It was a dominance that originated from her lineage.

“Dragon God?” Long Xiaoyao shouted, and subconsciously staggered back.

In the past, he and Mu En were called the Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White. Mu En’s title was the Dragon God, while he was the Dragon Emperor. However, such titles were only compliments to their immense abilities. Their martial souls were the Radiant Holy Dragon and Darkness Holy Dragon respectively, which were both branches of the dragon species. The reason why they were so strong was because they were one of the authentic dragons.

The Radiant Holy Dragon and Darkness Holy Dragon were both very respected, and were considered one of the more superior dragons. Long Xiaoyao’s martial soul was in fact of the same lineage as Di Tian. However, the difference between his martial soul and Di Tian’s was that Di Tian was the clan master of the Black Dragons, since he...

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