Volume 34, Chapter 482.3: Eight Skills Fired Consecutively

“Eh, what’s this?” Long Xiaoyao was still standing there, motionless, and he grinned as he allowed those two beams of light to land on his body.

There weren’t any soul power undulations, nor were there spiritual undulations. The black and white beams didn’t seem to do anything at all. However, Long Xiaoyao’s expression changed a little when they actually landed on him, and an inexplicable sense of danger immediately appeared in his mind.

I can feel danger?

“Spiritual... Shock!” a voice with a strange tone rang out, and every syllable uttered made the enormous vertical eye a little brighter. He could see that all the rose-gold light that the vertical eye was radiating had turned blood-red at this moment.

A pillar of light that was the same size as the vertical eye blasted out in the next moment and went right for Long Xiaoyao.

Long Xiaoyao snorted as his body, which was originally submerged within all the rose-gold colors, suddenly turned black, and a dragon roar that seemed to come from ages past arose. An enormous black dragon head appeared in front of him, howling at all the rose-gold light...

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