Volume 34, Chapter 481.1: The Darkness Dragon Emperor

Shadows dashed out continuously from the structures inside the royal palace. There were soul masters and soul engineers, but they couldn’t do anything, even if they were outside. How were they supposed to face such a sinister change in the weather?

Several intelligent soul engineers immediately realized that the problem was probably in the sky. Everyone flew into the air to investigate.

However, they quickly ran into trouble once they actually went up into the sky. The further they went, the stronger the blizzard was, and fierce gales blew as their flying-type soul tools couldn’t support them any further. Many soul engineers were directly blown back down, and fell to their certain and miserable deaths.

Three elderly men appeared on a relatively tall roof inside the royal palace at the same time. One of them was the evil Titled Douluo that he had seen before. The two other elderly men seemed a lot more normal, and nine soul rings flickered on each of their bodies.

These were three Titled Douluo!

Huo Yuhao was still hidden within a dark and shadowy corner, but he could observe everything that was happening around him with Spiritual Detection.

There was no doubt that this blizzard...

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