Volume 34, Chapter 480.3: The Godly Ice Explosion

The reason why Ju Zi thought that Huo Yuhao would become her greatest enemy in the future was precisely because of this reason. Huo Yuhao’s ability to conceal himself made him much more dangerous than ordinary Titled Douluo. It was quite terrifying when a person’s traces couldn’t be found! Moreover, given Ju Zi’s understanding of Huo Yuhao, she knew his potential. He possessed an Ultimate martial soul, and he already had seven soul rings. There was no doubt that he would become a Titled Douluo in the near future. A Titled Douluo with an Ultimate martial soul was even more terrifying than a Titled Douluo who was an evil soul master!

Huo Yuhao entered through the window as usual when he returned to his hotel. He had already calmed down by now. After killing that spiritual-type Soul Douluo, he had managed to achieve his aim for this mission. However, this would have greatly alarmed the enemy. During this period of time, the Sun Moon Empire would surely increase their surveillance in the Heavenly Soul Empire’s Imperial Palace, it was inevitable. But could he continue to wait any longer?

The best way was naturally to wait for them to lower their guard before continuing his surveillance. The enemy might be more relaxed after a period of tension, which would then provide a great opportunity for him.

However, Huo Yuhao couldn’t wait any longer! There were still many things he had to do. He had to quickly gather more information here. Furthermore, through the earlier all-around surveillance, he was certain that neither Ma Xiaotao nor Tang Ya were in the Imperial Palace. They were both Holy Ladies in the Holy Ghost Church, and very respected. If they were in Heaven Dou City, they would surely be in the Imperial Palace. Since they weren’t, the likelihood that they were in this city was very small.

When he thought about that, Huo Yuhao’s good mood diminished slightly. Without being able to find Ma Xiaotao and Tang Ya, it meant that his most important target of this mission wasn’t achieved. How could he be happy now?

What should I do? Should I try to capture an evil soul master to gather information? Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow. That was the stupidest idea. Perhaps it might be effective, but it wasn’t going to be easy. In addition, those evil soul masters might not know where Tang Ya was. But it seemed like he still had to give it a go.

He sat cross-legged and thought for a moment. He decided that he couldn’t think of a better plan. It seemed like capturing an evil soul master and searching his memories was the best he could do...

After deciding on this strategy, he had another goal to reach. He thought about it for a moment before he started to fine-tune his plan.

If he wanted to find an evil soul master, the best place to do so was naturally the Imperial Palace. However, he had just caused a ruckus in the palace. The security in the palace was bound to be very tight now. Under such circumstances, how could he possibly capture a lone evil soul master? This was a huge problem!

Furthermore, the evil soul master that he captured couldn’t be too weak, either. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get any relevant information from him.       

After formulating a plan, Huo Yuhao slowly entered into meditation and continued to absorb the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence into his body.

He felt as if his cultivation was improving by leaps and bounds following every session of meditation after he started to absorb the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence. His soul power kept on getting stronger, and he was slowly becoming a Soul Douluo. If not for the fact that he wasn’t ready, he really wanted to find out what standard his cultivation had reached. According to his own estimates, he should at least be Rank 77 by now. It also meant that his soul power had improved significantly. He had reaped great rewards!


The next morning, Huo Yuhao entered his spectral demiplane and fed the three bears. After this, he went into the streets again, and proceeded in the direction of the Imperial Palace.

As he walked the streets, he paid attention to all the chatter around him. Many people were discussing the explosion that came from the palace. It was even rumored that the perimeter of the palace was out of bounds right now.

Huo Yuhao kept on walking towards the palace, and only returned after circling around it once.

He discovered that the person in charge of Heaven Dou City from the Sun Moon Empire was still very rational. He didn’t seal off the entire city or make it out of bounds because of what had happened last night. The only area that was out of bounds was the street he was on yesterday, where a part of the palace walls had blown apart, and was under repair now. Apart from that, everything in the palace appeared to be fine, at least from the outside. He didn’t survey the inside of the palace using his spiritual power.

He had already unleashed his greatest spiritual power last night. There was no way the enemy wouldn’t be wary of him. Any spiritual barriers or similar soul tools would certainly be in use now. If he carried out any Spiritual Detection, he would be sending himself straight into a trap. Although Huo Yuhao didn’t really believe the Sun Moon Empire had any way of finding him, he wasn’t going to take the risk.


After returning to the hotel, Huo Yuhao called the Ice Bear King out from his spectral demiplane.

Given his individual abilities, he wasn’t really very impressive in Heaven Dou City. However, it was different if he had Little Bai’s help. Furthermore, he had some other plans...

“Grandpa, what kind of place is that? It’s really fun. Those skeletons are really interesting! Why are they running away from me?” Little Bai asked excitedly.

Huo Yuhao hadn’t set any boundaries for him in the demiplane. He had allowed him to bring Big Mao and Second Mao out to play.

When Electrolux created this demiplane, he had made it so that the specters in the demiplane could evolve. Even Huo Yuhao didn’t know where they got their energy from. According to the memories that Electrolux left behind, it should have its origins in spatial strength. As for how Electrolux managed to do that, Yuhao had no clue at all. It seemed to be a strength from another world. Unless his cultivation could reach that of Electrolux, there was no way he could possibly find any clues.

Huo Yuhao said, “This is a demiplane that one of my teachers left behind for me. It’s a parallel dimension of our world, and only I can open it. Since you like it here, I’ll let you enter a few more times in the future. However, we’ve things to do now. You must follow my plan.”

Huo Yuhao recounted his plan to the Ice Bear King. He knew that the Ice Bear King was rather simple-minded, and wouldn’t be able to remember a plan that was too complex, so he tried to simplify the mission that he gave the Ice Bear King. As for the complicated stuff, he left it for himself.

After settling the plan, Huo Yuhao and Ice Bear King remained in the hotel to rest.


Two days later...

The streets of Heaven Dou City were still very crowded. It was evening now, and the sky had just turned dark. This was the time when business was booming for hotels and restaurants. Apart from those who were going home, there were a lot of people who were heading to restaurants and eating places.

Huo Yuhao slowly walked among the crowd. After two days of observation, the situation in the palace had already quieted down. The damaged palace walls had already been repaired. As for what was going on in the palace, he didn’t manage to find out anything through his Spiritual Detection. Today was the day he was going to truly take action.

The Imperial Palace was already within sight in the distance. Huo Yuhao walked towards it naturally, finding a seat in a small restaurant not far from the palace. He ordered some dishes and sat there alone, eating by himself.

It was at this moment that a figure silently came to the outside of the palace walls. The light around its body was distorted, as if it had completely assimilated with the air. Some streaks of air could barely be seen distorting under the dim light.

If he revealed himself right now, everyone who had ever seen him would be shocked. This was because he was also Huo Yuhao!

Huo Yuhao walked slowly, his toes on the ground. He leapt up atop the palace walls. He silently unleashed his Spiritual Detection towards the inside of the palace.

Indeed, just like he had expected, the defensive installations in the palace weren’t any different from before. After all, it was quite unrealistic to install more oscillation and thermal detectors. The palace was so huge. How could they possibly find so many more spiritual surveillance soul tools in such a short period of time?

Huo Yuhao found a spot that the oscillation detectors didn’t cover, exploiting it to sneak into the palace. He quickly moved into the depths of the palace.

The number of patrolling guards hadn’t been increased, either. Perhaps the Sun Moon Empire thought that ordinary soldiers didn’t have any effect on Titled Douluo.

Huo Yuhao went going deeper and deeper into the palace. Everything seemed to be business as usual. His Spiritual Detection covered only a hundred meters from him. He didn’t carry out any detection on a large scale.

He only stopped when he was around five hundred meters from the center of the palace, where he hid silently in a dark corner.

It was also at this moment that the air started to undulate a little. Snow started to fall from the sky.

At the start, it was only a few snowflakes, but slowly, the wind grew stronger and stronger. More and more snowflakes started to fall. Patches of snowflakes were being blown about by the raging winds. In just a short period of time, the entire palace was covered in a blizzard.

It was weird, but this blizzard only engulfed the central area of the palace. It didn’t leak out to any other parts of the Heavenly Soul Empire.

At that moment, the people who were passing by not far from the palace were shocked. It was their first time seeing the palace being engulfed by a blizzard. Such a phenomenon would only occur in the Extreme North. Although Heaven Dou City was quite close to the north, and it would also snow in the winter, it was impossible for there to be a blizzard here!

This blizzard was very strong. When the snowflakes struck the structures in the palace, piercing scratching sounds could be heard. 

The inside of the palace was a mess right now. Many of the patrolling guards were hurt by the driving blizzard. Furthermore, the temperature in the palace was falling dramatically. From the original ten degrees Celsius, the temperature soon fell to negative twenty degrees Celsius. The confusion and mess in the palace worsened under this extremely cold temperature.

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