Volume 34, Chapter 480.2: The Godly Ice Explosion

That Titled Douluo’s face was covered in ash from the explosion. Although his limbs weren’t blown off, the shirt he was wearing was in tatters now. He spat out blood in the air, which quickly froze before falling to the ground.

Both he and that frail soul master were evil soul masters. When evil soul masters were influenced by their own evil strength, they would become very self-centered. Naturally, the Titled Douluo couldn’t bother with the other soul master right now. As he tried to stabilize himself in the air, he quickly unleashed a defensive soul skill and hid within a layer of thick greyish fog. At the same time, he quickly retreated.

The other soul master couldn’t adapt at all. As he was critically hurt, he was already falling from the sky. He was flailing as he tried to circulate his soul power and control his body. However, he couldn’t do it in the end.

At this moment, he suddenly a chill down his entire body. This chill didn’t come from...

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