Volume 34, Chapter 480.1: The Godly Ice Explosion

At the same time, he wanted to see if the Sun Moon Empire had installed any spiritual barriers inside the Heavenly Soul Empire’s Imperial Palace. If they did, the place in which they did so had to be the most important, and either an important figure or object was bound to be there. He wasn’t afraid of being discovered, being totally confident in his ability to flee this place quickly.

He instantly unleashed his Spiritual Detection, and a three-dimensional structure of the entire palace appeared in his head. He squinted his eyes and sensed the slight changes around him. He also fully imprinted the three-dimensional structure of the palace into his memory using his immense spiritual power. It would be important for his next visit here.

Just like he had expected, he detected three places where spiritual powers interacted. This meant that there were spiritual barriers in those three places. Those three places were all located near the center of the palace.


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