Volume 34, Chapter 480.1: The Godly Ice Explosion

At the same time, he wanted to see if the Sun Moon Empire had installed any spiritual barriers inside the Heavenly Soul Empire’s Imperial Palace. If they did, the place in which they did so had to be the most important, and either an important figure or object was bound to be there. He wasn’t afraid of being discovered, being totally confident in his ability to flee this place quickly.

He instantly unleashed his Spiritual Detection, and a three-dimensional structure of the entire palace appeared in his head. He squinted his eyes and sensed the slight changes around him. He also fully imprinted the three-dimensional structure of the palace into his memory using his immense spiritual power. It would be important for his next visit here.

Just like he had expected, he detected three places where spiritual powers interacted. This meant that there were spiritual barriers in those three places. Those three places were all located near the center of the palace.

However, no alarm sounded. The palace was very quiet, as if the spiritual barriers that had been touched didn’t alert anyone at all.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t complacent at seeing this. After scanning for three seconds, he instantly shut off his Spiritual Detection. At the same time, he quickly unleashed his Spiritual Interference Domain and used his spiritual avatar to leave behind a streak of his spiritual power and maintain his Spiritual Interference at this location. He instantly teleported fifty meters away before fleeing in a direction that he had identified earlier.

He had found out many things during that brief period of Spiritual Detection.

Indeed, a few seconds after he teleported away, two black figures had already arrived silently at where he had been standing. A huge black web, carrying a rotting smell, fell from the sky and instantly engulfed the streak of spiritual power that Huo Yuhao had left behind.

His spiritual power immediately dissipated and disappeared. His Spiritual Interference Domain also vanished, and everything turned dark once again.

“What?” a slightly surprised shout rang out. Two figures quickly dropped to the ground.

“What’s going on? There’s no one?” an elderly voice spoke up.

The other person was also puzzled, and said, “This shouldn’t be the case! Just now, I sensed that the person unleashing his spiritual power was over here. I can’t be wrong. This person’s spiritual power was strong! 

“He might be a spiritual-type Titled Douluo. I didn’t expect someone as strong as him among the remaining losers in the Heavenly Soul Empire. However, he’s very sensitive. After discovering our spiritual barrier, he quickly fled. But it’s not so easy for him to flee.” The voice of this person talking was very sharp, but their gender was unclear. His frail figure was concealed by a black veil. 

The person beside him was a tall and large elder. His sinister gaze was still flashing in the darkness. He had long grey hair that flowed behind his back, while his burly figure was also concealed by his black clothing.

There was an image of a ball of white flame on their chests.

“Come, let’s follow his spiritual aura to find him. He can’t escape.” The frail man in black snorted coldly, and a deep purple halo was released from his body. This halo oscillated as it spread outward. During this process, slight vibrations appeared in the direction that Huo Yuhao had escaped in earlier.

“Oh? This fellow seems to be able to teleport. I only discovered traces of him fifty meters away. It’s a pity for him that it’s me! Hmph! Let’s go and chase him!” As he spoke, the frail man in black immediately leapt up, charging into the sky like a bolt of lightning, pursuing Huo Yuhao traces closely.

The other elder followed closely behind him, his toes touching the ground and letting out intense white light from his body. At the same time, nine soul rings rose from beneath his feet.

The colors of these nine soul rings were very weird. Two of them were yellow, two of them were purple, and five were black. It was an ordinary combination of colors, but each soul ring had a blurry layer of color on it, making the original, bright colors of the soul rings much dimmer. This was especially so for the five black soul rings. If not for the fact that they could be compared to the pitch-black clothing he was wearing, the difference in their colors might actually be overlooked.

Without a doubt, this elder was a Titled Douluo, whereas the frail man in black was actually surrounded by a layer of distorted light. Traces of yellow, purple, and black could be seen, but it was unclear how many soul rings he possessed.

The two figures quickly chased in a specific direction. Very soon, they came to the small lake that Huo Yuhao had used to hide.

While the Heavenly Soul Empire’s Imperial Palace was very expansive, that was mainly because of all the structures in the palace. For powerful soul masters like Huo Yuhao, they quickly reached the boundaries of the palace when they unleashed their full strength.

Huo Yuhao was hovering above the lake. If he moved forward any further, he would be within the range of the surveillance soul tools surrounding the palace. His Spiritual Detection was still in use. Due to his all-around detection earlier, he clearly knew where all the spiritual barriers were. Right now, he just needed to move his Spiritual Detection around those three spiritual barriers, and the entire palace would basically be under his observation.

He naturally discovered the two people that were chasing him. The pair were very quick. That elder was a Titled Douluo. As for the other man, Huo Yuhao was unable to clearly tell. However, the other guy had to at least be an advanced-tier Soul Douluo if he wasn’t a Titled Douluo, judging from his spiritual undulations.

Evil soul master? A cold grin surfaced at the corner of Huo Yuhao’s lips. Following that, he charged straight towards a wall of the palace. At this moment, he didn’t seem to care about being discovered by the surveillance soul tools.

Deafening alarms rang out in the next moment. The entire palace was alarmed. Beams of light subtly appeared in the sky. The aerial surveillance soul tools were scanning in this direction.

Not only that, beams of soul rays started to surface from above the palace walls. They were all sweeping in his direction. The Sun Moon Empire did well in setting up a defense as strong as this, even though they had only occupied the Heavenly Soul Empire for a short period of time.

A cold and mysterious look appeared on Huo Yuhao’s face. He twisted his body in the air before his soul thruster lit up. Instantly, he charged towards the streets outside the palace. He unleashed his Imitation, and immediately disappeared.

Even if there were oscillation detectors, they still needed time to adjust and come over. By the time they arrived, Huo Yuhao would be long gone. It was impossible to follow him directly, given that his Imitation was in use.

Two figures were also chasing him at great speed. Just as they flew above the lake-


The entire lake seemed to have been mined with countless bombs. A terrifying explosion ensued, and almost the entirety of Heaven Dou City heard it. The lake had become the most frightening explosive. Countless ice flakes flew everywhere, and the immense explosive force blew apart the layer of ice that had formed below the surface of the lake.

This explosion was too sudden, and there weren’t any clues before it happened. When it occurred, the frail man in black and the elder were both surprised. They were both pure soul masters, and so they didn’t have any automatic defensive soul tools on them. When the explosion occurred, they could only subconsciously circulate their soul power to resist it. Both their bodies were instantly flung high into the air.

The frightening explosive force continued to surge up as the lake instantly expanded to five times its original size. The huge structures around it were immediately flattened by the explosion. Even the wide and thick palace walls nearby collapsed.

The strength of this explosion was equivalent to an all-out attack from an ice-type Titled Douluo. Although Huo Yuhao was a Soul Sage, he had accumulated power there for almost an hour. He had drained a lot of his soul power before he completed his Ice Explosion Technique. In addition, he had frozen the lake water into ice beforehand. The entire process took a lot of effort.

He’d planned a result just like this.

The distorted lights around the frail soul master disappeared following the explosion, revealing his eight soul rings. He was already coughing up blood in the air.

When Huo Yuhao had escaped earlier, he sneakily stuck close to the lake’s surface as he flew. For this frail soul master to follow his spiritual trail, he naturally had to follow Huo Yuhao’s escape route closely. Both of them were almost at the center of the explosion, and were sent high into the air by Huo Yuhao’s Ice Explosion Technique.

The elder was faring much better, given that he was a Titled Douluo. Although he was caught unawares, he still relied on his abilities to neutralize most of the impact. The other soul master wasn’t so fortunate. He was only a Soul Douluo, and also a spiritual-type soul master. He wasn’t adept at defense. As a result, he was immediately hurt critically by the explosion. His legs were blown off, and his soul power also became very messy.

The excruciating pain turned his aura into a huge mess. He was already screaming tragically in the sky, blood flowing from his pores. Fortunately, his cultivation was rather strong, which saved his life. If he were only a Soul Sage, he would have lost his life to Huo Yuhao’s accumulated Ice Explosion Technique!

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