Volume 34, Chapter 477.3: Almost Mastered

The ferocious Ice Explosion Technique turned everything below into an ocean of ice. The charging Ice Bear King released icy-blue halos from his body as he charged away. The ice elements in the air were instantly turned into another blizzard that swept over the entire place.

Everything was shrouded again. The blizzard caused heaven and earth to darken.

Ju Zi didn’t give the order to attack again. She gathered all her soul engineers and commanded them to maintain their linked defense.

This time, the blizzard didn’t last as long as before. By the time blizzard ended, the Tai Tan Snowdevils, the Ice Bear King, and Huo Yuhao had already completely vanished.

The chilly winds in the Extreme North continued to howl, but the explosions had already ceased. Things turned peaceful once again. Due to the blizzard, the ground was already covered in white. Even at night, the silky-white snow still refracted some light.

At this moment, a deep voice sounded, “This is your last warning. Humans, leave the Extreme North. This is not a place you should be. If there’s a next time, we won’t be merciful. All life will be turned into ice and snow.”

This deafening voice came with the winds, and echoed throughout the camp. It sounded as if the heavens had raged.

This was…

Not all the soul engineers had seen the human figure that had appeared in their midst. After all, Huo Yuhao had unleashed his Imitation to conceal himself right from the start.

At this moment, all the soul engineers turned pale when they heard this voice.

This was only a warning. It was a warning from the icy plains of the Extreme North.

Every empire had a limited understanding of the world of soul beasts in the Extreme North. The soul beasts here were only helpful to ice-type soul masters. Almost no soul master would come here to get a soul ring. Under such circumstances, their understanding of the ice plains of the Extreme North was extremely limited.

The giants that were more than a hundred meters tall, and the terrifying giant bear that appeared earlier left deep impressions in the minds of these soul engineers.

As part of the Hand that Protects the Nation in the Sun Moon Empire, they were actually very confident in themselves, bordering on arrogance. This was their first time suffering such a heavy setback since they had been established. Even though there weren’t many casualties, they had still suffered massive losses. Almost all the aerial surveillance soul tools were destroyed. The soul formation below had suffered the same fate. After tirelessly building these facilities for half a month, almost nothing was left. A large number of tents had been destroyed, and thousands of soldiers were left shivering in the cold. Was this how powerful the ice plains of the Extreme North were?

What kind of strength existed here? Did they incur the wrath of this place by trying to mine rare metals here?

The soul engineers weren’t the only ones who heard the voice. The ordinary soldiers heard it too. Compared to the soul engineers, the ordinary soldiers were more afraid of gods. Adding that to the fact that it was bitingly cold right now, the soldiers’ morale was greatly affected.

Ju Zi quietly drifted in mid-air. The others didn’t know, but how could she not be aware?

Even though she only got a glance before Huo Yuhao had concealed himself, she could already tell that what she saw was right. It was him.

It had to be his abilities. Even though he was much stronger now compared to before, his Martial Soul True Body was unique.

It’s him. He didn’t just bring reinforcements from Shrek Academy; he brought many soul beasts from the ice plains of the Extreme North too. No matter how intelligent Ju Zi was, she couldn’t understand why the soul beasts would listen to Huo Yuhao. Furthermore, the battle earlier didn’t seem to have been initiated by the soul beasts. It had to be a scheme, a ploy. Not many had died, but all the soul tools had been destroyed. Furthermore, they didn’t cause too many problems for the enemy. This was clearly an ambush led by someone!

At this moment, Ju Zi couldn’t consider so many things anymore. She grit her teeth and groaned furiously, then immediately gave out a series of orders.

First, the soldiers whose tents had been destroyed needed to be helped. They would be temporarily moved to the tents that had been protected by the linked defensive formation.

Even if it was overcrowded, they had no choice anymore. Furthermore, she instructed all the soul engineers to let out their tents to the soldiers who were injured.

The Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion was well-equipped, and every soul engineer had her own tent. Even though their individual tents weren’t very large, they were still sufficient to accommodate a few people. In addition, tents made from mature cow leather were much warmer than ordinary tents. They were very appropriate for accommodating casualties.

At the same time, the fire-type abilities of the soul engineers also become the best way to help the soldiers keep warm. The entire base started to get busy. Even though morale was low, the soldiers were less affected once the sun rose, because Ju Zi handled the situation very well. It was important to know that she had even let out her own tent for the injured soldiers. This act won the hearts of her soldiers, and stopped their morale from falling even further.


When things had finally been settled, the sky was already brightening. When Ju Zi saw all the damaged soul tools, she was on the verge of crying, even though she was normally very tough.

Not only had they lost this battle, they had lost tragically too. Although there weren’t many casualties, they had suffered major losses in terms of their machines.

Huo Yuhao, you’re too ruthless! Ju Zi thought as she clenched her teeth.

However, her expression slowly turned gentler as she recalled what had happened in the fight. How could she not tell that Huo Yuhao was actually being merciful? Otherwise, those powerful soul beasts would have had many opportunities to launch a massacre.

If that had happened, more than half of the ordinary soldiers would have been killed, and the soul engineers within the soul formation would not have survived. When the soul formation was destroyed, Huo Yuhao and the terrifying soul beasts had a ripe opportunity to encircle and kill them.

But Huo Yuhao hadn’t done so, and he didn’t let the powerful soul beasts do so, either. Instead, he engaged purely in destruction. After gaining the absolute advantage, he decided to retreat. Ju Zi knew that they had their linked soul tools as a guarantee, and could kill some of the giant soul beasts. However, what was the point of killing only one or two of them?

Those giants were too terrifying. Their defensive strength was the greatest among all the soul beasts that she had ever seen. The price needed to kill even one of them would have been very high. What if they drained all their soul power, and couldn’t maintain their linked defensive barrier anymore? They could only flee. But what would be the result of fleeing? It was leaving behind a twenty-five-thousand-man army!

The soul engineer legion might be able to flee, but the ordinary soldiers wouldn’t be able to do so.

When she thought about that, Ju Zi felt less aggrieved. Her nemesis was ultimately her own lack of knowledge. She had lost this round, and she had lost it badly.

Hmph! You better not land in my hands, Ju Zi thought to herself fiercely. Her face started to show a tinge of red at her helplessness.


Huo Yuhao led the Tai Tan Snowdevils as they retreated. They returned to their temporary base fifty kilometers away. However, they hadn’t won effortlessly like Ju Zi thought.

There was a huge burn covering more than ten square meters on the Ice Bear King’s chest. He was pretty hurt.

The Fire Phoenix Douluo’s Soaring Phoenix was very strong, much stronger than Huo Yuhao had expected. The Ice Bear King had used his Ice Bear Meteor, his strongest offensive soul skill. However, he was still hurt after colliding with the Soaring Phoenix after he was weakened by the linked offensive soul tools.

The Tai Tan Snowdevil King had already turned back into his human form, and stood beside Huo Yuhao. The Ice Bear King did the same. However, he was seated instead. He grimaced as he circulated his soul power to treat his wound.

The Tai Tan Snowdevil King sighed and said, “I didn’t believe that humans could invent weapons to deal with us. But it seems like I was wrong. Humans are already so strong.” He had been fighting the Ice Bear King for many years, thus he naturally knew how strong he was. The Ice Bear King’s Ice Bear Meteor had caused him massive problems before. However, it didn’t have much effect after clashing with the human attacks.

The Tai Tan Snowdevil King agreed with Huo Yuhao that they shouldn’t massacre the humans. The ice plains of the Extreme North were a promised land that wasn’t suitable for humans to live in. There wasn’t any need to kill humans; they just needed to chase them away.

Huo Yuhao nodded gently and said, “My plan wasn’t perfect. That’s why Little Bai was hurt. Little Bai, how are you feeling now?”

The Ice Bear King turned around and laid on the ground, allowing his burning wound to come into contact with the icy ground. He shook his head and replied, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I can still hold on. Grandpa, I don’t blame you. You warned me, but I was over-confident. I wouldn’t be in this state if I had tried to avoid their attacks. Ah Tai is actually right, humans are scary! Although we had the absolute advantage earlier, we would still have needed to pay a huge price if we wanted to annihilate them completely.”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “This was why I decided to just teach them a lesson after our sudden attack before retreating. I’m grateful for all your help. Fortunately, there weren’t many casualties this time.”

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