Volume 34, Chapter 477.3: Almost Mastered

The ferocious Ice Explosion Technique turned everything below into an ocean of ice. The charging Ice Bear King released icy-blue halos from his body as he charged away. The ice elements in the air were instantly turned into another blizzard that swept over the entire place.

Everything was shrouded again. The blizzard caused heaven and earth to darken.

Ju Zi didn’t give the order to attack again. She gathered all her soul engineers and commanded them to maintain their linked defense.

This time, the blizzard didn’t last as long as before. By the time blizzard ended, the Tai Tan Snowdevils, the Ice Bear King, and Huo Yuhao had already completely vanished.

The chilly winds in the Extreme North continued to howl, but the explosions had already ceased. Things turned peaceful once again. Due to the blizzard, the ground was already covered in white. Even at night, the silky-white snow still refracted some light.

At this moment, a deep voice sounded, “This is your last warning. Humans,...

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