Volume 34, Chapter 477.1: Almost Mastered

The leading soul engineer was shocked. It was pertinent to note that each of the metal pillars weighed more than five thousand kilos! Was that a weight that a human could lift? Even if they were hit by only the edge of this metal pillar, it would still be enough to crush them!

“Disperse!” The ten soul engineers quickly scattered, which saved them from being killed.

However, that person didn’t seem to care whether he hit them. In his hands, the pillar seemed to be very light and free. He smashed the pillar against a huge rack at his side.

The rack was greatly damaged before it started to collapse. A huge drill that was attached to it slanted, and was about to fall off. The price of such a drill was around a million gold soul coins...

Is he really a human? This was the thought of all of the soul engineers’ heads right now. Even Ju Zi was stunned when she saw this. Can a human really be so strong?

At this point, that person turned around. He grabbed the metal pillar tightly with both hands before he started to spin around. He looked like a giant spinning top, while the metal pillar was like the sharp point of this spinning top. It was extremely terrifying.

This was definitely more terrifying than the blizzard earlier. The surrounding structures were all destroyed as this metal windstorm swept by.

Ju Zi could no longer remain composed anymore. She shouted, “Large Teams 1 and 2, enter the formation and attack with heavy cannons! Teams 3 and 4, prepare to maintain the linked defensive barrier!”

The soul formation of the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion was in the center of the base. This was the plan all along. All the large soul tools were contained within this formation. There were even several Class 9 soul tools there.

From this brief encounter, she had already concluded that this extremely powerful man had to be at least a Transcendent Douluo. Fighting a Transcendent Douluo was not something one or two people could do. As she recalled the blizzard earlier, she realized that their enemy’s strength couldn’t be estimated at all. The only way they could deal with these attacks was to use their linked defense in tandem with their soul formation.

Without a doubt, it was right of her to do this. However, it was at this moment that the Fire Phoenix Douluo was stunned. She peered into the sky and asked, “Legion commander, look! What is that?”

Ju Zi subconsciously lifted her head to take a look, and was stunned. A ball of icy-blue light was becoming brighter and brighter in the sky. This ball of light seemed to have covered the entire sky, as if the moon had suddenly fallen from the heavens. It was crashing down on them! The aura of this ball of light was so overwhelming that they felt as if they were being completely suppressed just looking at it.

It’s too scary! What is it?

“Quick, let’s gather our full strength and attack the sky!” Ju Zi gave out an order without any further hesitation. She also quickly went to retrieve her soul cannons and fired them towards the sky.

At this moment, a loud boom shook Ju Zi. The entire linked defense formation started to waver. Many of the soul engineers didn’t even hear her orders clearly.

Although two hundred soul engineers had left for the soul formation, there were still three hundred soul engineers maintaining this linked defense formation! It still shook badly, showing how powerful their enemy’s attack was.

Ju Zi turned, and all she saw was a huge metal pillar bouncing away. She suddenly understood what was going on. The person who had unleashed the metal windstorm earlier had thrown the metal pillar towards them!

The metal pillar was almost fifty meters long, and it was unleashed with great force because of the high-speed rotation earlier. No wonder the impact force was so terrifying. Even though they were protected, some of the Class 4 soul engineers turned pale. Some of them were even hurt, and spat out blood.

This momentary delay allowed the huge icy-blue ball to get even closer. It was like a giant mountain was going to crash down on them.

At this moment, the teams that were supposed to enter the soul formation had yet to get into position.

“Attack! Quick, attack towards the sky! Don’t bother with that person below!” Ju Zi shouted. Her soul cannon was already firing.

Although she didn’t know what that huge light ball was, she could clearly sense that the entire soul formation would be destroyed if it was allowed to hit them. At this moment, ordinary soldiers were completely useless. Even as the commander of the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion, she felt helpless.


The Fire Phoenix Douluo had remained close to Ju Zi, and now lifted her hands. As a light flashed, she retrieved a golden-red object from her storage-type soul tool. It was a weird soul tool in the shape of a phoenix.

This soul tool wasn’t very large. However, it exuded scorching heat the moment it appeared. The golden-red light that emanated from it also lit up their surroundings.

This Fire Phoenix was very exquisite. Its eyes were like rubies, and looked very real. It felt like a real phoenix.

The Fire Phoenix Douluo had a serious expression on her face as she slowly lifted it up. She flashed away, and exited the linked defense formation.

She released intense fiery-red light as her soul rings appeared. Her fiery wings were unleashed, and the fiery light started to gather towards the soul tool in her hands.

The Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion demonstrated its strength at this moment. The three hundred soul engineers in the sky quickly unleashed their attacks at Ju Zi’s command.

Three hundred beams of fiery-red light shot out. They gathered in the air and charged straight towards the ball of light. Since they could link their defenses, they could naturally link their attacks, too. This was why the Sun Moon Empire was so scary.

Loud booms resonated through the air. The huge icy-blue ball shook slightly, but started to shine even more brightly. It continued to plummet, although it was slightly slower now.

The ladies from the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion were shocked when they saw this scene. Their linked offensive soul tools were known for being unstoppable. Even though they were just using Class 4 scorching rays, their combined attack was still very powerful. Of course, the low temperature of the ice plains of the Extreme North slightly diminished the effect of these scorching rays. However, what exactly was that falling light? How was it able to resist the rays? It was completely unbelievable!

Ju Zi was similar to Huo Yuhao. In a crisis, she was able to maintain her composure. She knew that she had to stop the ball from falling. It had to be very strong if it could resist so many scorching rays. Once it crashed down, their soul formation was bound to be destroyed. If she could hang on until their soul formation took effect, they wouldn’t need to fear anymore. A soul engineer legion was most terrifying inside the soul formation that it created.

However, giant snowballs were rapidly flung over from the perimeter of the base at this moment.

Wherever they passed, all the mining machines were quickly destroyed. The burly man who flung the metal pillar earlier also looked into the sky, and roared. His body started to balloon in size. In just a matter of seconds, Ju Zi watched him grow to a height of more than one hundred and twenty meters.

The Tai Tan Snowdevil King had a reputation for having the strongest body in the continent, and he didn’t earn it for nothing. Soul masters and soul engineers weren’t unfamiliar with soul beasts. However, this was the first time the soul engineers from the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion had seen such a massive soul beast!

The Tai Tan Snowdevil King roared into the sky and crouched down slightly before leaping up. His huge figure was like a cannon shell as he collided with the linked defensive barrier in the sky. At the same time, the giant snowballs were hitting them from all directions now.



The linked defensive barrier shook tremendously, and all the soul engineers within it turned extremely pale. The Fire Phoenix Douluo was also stunned for a moment, and delayed from firing her soul tool.

The Fire Phoenix Douluo could tell how strong the Tai Tan Snowdevil King was the moment he revealed his true size. She wasn’t a pure soul master, but she had some understanding of soul beasts. If he could transform into a human, he had to be a savage beast! He’s definitely a soul beast; this is not a Martial Soul True Body unleashed by a soul master! A Martial Soul True Body is an energy body, but this is definitely his true form!

There was one savage beast at their side, and a ball of terrifying light descending from above. Which one should they choose to resist?

“Sky!” Ju Zi made the decision for the Fire Phoenix Douluo. At this moment, she tried to calm herself as she faced the immense Tai Tan Snowdevil King.

The aerial threat directly threatened the soul formation below. Although the Tai Tan Snowdevil King was strong, the soul formation could still resist him if it was deployed perfectly. As one of the strongest soul engineer legions of the Sun Moon Empire, Ju Zi was confident that they could deal with any problems that arose once they unleashed their full fighting strength.

The Fire Phoenix Douluo shouted and exerted her strength with both hands as she pushed up. As a sonorous phoenix roar sounded, a fire phoenix was actually released from her hands. It beat its burning wings and rose up towards the plummeting ball of light.

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