Volume 34, Chapter 477.1: Almost Mastered

The leading soul engineer was shocked. It was pertinent to note that each of the metal pillars weighed more than five thousand kilos! Was that a weight that a human could lift? Even if they were hit by only the edge of this metal pillar, it would still be enough to crush them!

“Disperse!” The ten soul engineers quickly scattered, which saved them from being killed.

However, that person didn’t seem to care whether he hit them. In his hands, the pillar seemed to be very light and free. He smashed the pillar against a huge rack at his side.

The rack was greatly damaged before it started to collapse. A huge drill that was attached to it slanted, and was about to fall off. The price of such a drill was around a million gold soul coins...

Is he really a human? This was the thought of all of the soul engineers’ heads right now. Even Ju Zi was stunned when she saw this. Can a human really be so strong?

At this point, that person turned around. He grabbed...

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