Volume 34, Chapter 475.2: Huo Yuhao is Back!

The aerial surveillance soul tools were very scattered. Undoubtedly, they had learned a lesson when Huo Yuhao had destroyed many of them at once. There were more of them now, and they were all dispersed. Furthermore, they were carrying out more in-depth surveillance to achieve greater results. Of course, this required more efforts to be invested. On that point, Ju Zi naturally didn’t skimp at all.

After his period of observation, Huo Yuhao discovered that the aerial surveillance soul tools didn’t just protect the military base below. They were also directed towards the Dou Ling Empire. It wasn’t an exaggeration to claim that the Dou Ling Empire’s troops would be discovered as long as they came within thirty kilometers of the base. What would follow would likely be the attacks of the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion directed towards them.

Huo Yuhao was still in awe right now. He was very impressed by the professional standards of the Sun Moon...

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