Volume 34, Chapter 473.2: Father? Grandfather?

The Extreme North’s soul beasts were astonished again after she said that. From the soul beasts’ perspective, only the Ice Empress could succeed the Snow Empress’ position! Furthermore, all the soul beasts in the Extreme North knew that the Snow Empress and the Ice Empress were practically conjoined, and they shared a great relationship. Of the Three Heavenly Kings, the first two Heavenly Kings could even match the Beast God’s prowess if they teamed up. If the battle was to occur here, the Beast God would have to avoid them.

The Snow Empress relinquishing her position as ruler over the Extreme North was enough to shock them. The fact that she wanted to pass her position to the Tai Tan Snowdevil King instead of the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion was even more unbelievable for them.

Even the Tai Tan Snowdevil King himself widened his eyes and stared at the Snow Empress. He thought that she had made a mistake.

The Snow Empress gazed back at the Snowdevil King and nodded in his direction to show him that her words rang true.

“Snow Empress, you…” The Snowdevil King’s voice was clearly a little shaky. However, he wasn’t shaky from excitement, but from grief.

Only savage beasts knew what the Snow Empress’ arrangement meant; her decision meant she wasn’t confident of breaking through her next bottleneck, and that the Ice Empress was facing a similar situation. Otherwise, with the relationship between the Snow Empress and the Ice Empress, the Snow Empress would never pass her position to him otherwise.

A faint smile appeared on the Snow Empress’ face as she said, “Ah Tai, you have accumulated much credit over these years, and you have truly grown up. I have been watching your every move from day to day, and I am very happy that you have been doing well over the years. This position has always been more suitable for you than the Ice Empress. Her personality is too strong, and her tribe isn’t as dominant as the Tai Tan Snowdevils. Therefore, I have always thought of you as my successor in my heart. You have to remember that even if I’m not around, the Extreme North will still be the same. You have to be kind to every species, and you have to uphold my vision, that the Extreme North has to be sufficiently united so that we will not be bullied and invaded by external enemies.”

“Yes, yes…” Large teardrops slipped from the Snowdevil Kings eyes. The Snow Empress’ instructions to him were something he had never expected.

The Snow Empress passed her position to him, and that was sufficient to show her trust. He had always been delightfully willing under the Snow Empress’ command. He couldn’t help but feel sorrow when he thought that the Snow Empress could reach the end of her life.

The Ice Bear King, who was prostrate beside the Snow Empress, finally reopened his eyes and stared at the Tai Tan Snowdevil King. There was a little bit of unwillingness in his eyes, and he didn’t mask his emotions. However, the Snowdevil King’s attention wasn’t on the Ice Bear King at this moment.

The Snow Empress said plainly, “Ah Tai, and my other children. You must remember that my departure doesn’t mean that I’m dead. If my attempt is unsuccessful, then there’s nothing else to be said, but if I’m successful, than even Di Tian will never surpass me. My soul will always be in the Extreme North whether or not I am successful, and I will always protect you. Anybody who violates the Extreme North’s rules is my enemy.”

Roar, roar, roar!... Three continuous roars erupted from the mass of soul beasts. All the soul beasts in the Extreme North howled hysterically as they released the emotions in their hearts.

The Tai Tan Snowdevil King stood up once more and took a few steps back before he fell down on both knees in front of the Snow Empress. He kowtowed, and his immense frame trembled continuously from beginning to the end. Every single kowtow looked very sincere.

The Snow Empress grinned as she nodded at the Snowdevil King. “You can stand up, Ah Tai. There’s something I need you to do before I leave.”

The Snowdevil King immediately raised his head and said reverently, “No matter when, only you control the Extreme North, Snow Empress. Only you are ruler of the Extreme North, and I trust that you will be back. I will guard this place for you when you’re not around. I… I will await your return...” The Tai Tan Snowdevil King sobbed uncontrollably.

The Snow Empress’ expression changed as she witnessed his emotions. “Alright. If I am successful, I will definitely return to visit. Perhaps that won’t take too long.” She turned around as she said that and glanced at Huo Yuhao, her warm gaze stunning him momentarily.

“Alright, I have said all that needs to be said. Everyone can go. You can return and continue your lives. Any important matters in the icy plains in the future will be decided by Ah Tai.”

The Snow Empress floated into the air as she spoke, gliding and levitating silently high in the sky.

The Snowdevil King hurriedly took a few steps forward and stood beneath her.

The Snow Empress drifted down and landed on his broad shoulder.

There were so many soul beasts in the icy plains, but not a single one moved. They just lay there, prostrate, and knelt and kowtowed to the Snow Empress.

The Snow Empress stood on the Snowdevil King’s shoulders and gradually turned around. Her eyes were covered with mist as she stared at her kinsmen, who had followed her for so many years.

“Go, my children. Let me watch you leave.” The Snow Empress’ voice travelled far into the distance.

The soul beasts on the icy plains got up one after another as they listened to her orders, and gradually dispersed. However, they would turn back after a few steps as they departed, and stared at the old ruler of the Extreme North with reluctant eyes. From this moment on, the Three Heavenly Kings were no more, and all that was left was their new ruler.

The Snow Empress just stood there quietly, and the Tai Tan Snowdevil King was also motionless. The Ice Bear King stood up at the same time, over forty meters tall as he stood up straight. He was still much shorter than the Snowdevil King, but his physical power was quite comparable. The Ice Bear King’s silver fur flickered continuously, and fierce lights flashed in his eyes. He glanced at the Snowdevil King from time to time, and then at the soul beasts that were leaving in the distance. His emotions were clearly rippling.

Huo Yuhao stood with the Ice Empress from the beginning to the end as he witnessed this succession of authority in the Extreme North. He couldn’t help but sigh with admiration at the Snow Empress, Snow Empress, you are the third of the Ten Great Savage Beasts after all!

A whole hour passed before all the soul beasts gradually departed, and the Extreme North returned to tranquility.

Only two tribes remained: the ice bears, and the Tai Tan Snowdevil King.

These two great tribes were some of the strongest ones across the Extreme North. They were known as the Three Great Tribes along with the Ice Jade Scorpions, and their overall strengths were most formidable.

The Snow Empress’ eyes were full of lament as she stood on the Snowdevil King’s shoulder. After all, she had ruled over the Extreme North for hundreds of thousands of years, and she still couldn’t bear to leave this place forever!

She had wracked her brains back then so that she could re-cultivate and preserve her strength as much as possible, but she was taken away by a soul master who had ventured into the Extreme North. It was the reason why everything that had happened afterwards happened, and she didn’t have time to address anything to anybody back then.

She managed to deal with her affairs at this moment, but she was still very reluctant in her heart.

“Snow Empress.” A deep and hoarse voice rang out that shook the Snow Empress awake from her thoughts.

The Snow Empress looked down from the Snowdevil King’s shoulders. She saw the Ice Bear King looking up at her, and staring at her with very sincere eyes.

The Snow Empress tapped her foot on the Snowdevil King’s shoulders and descended from the sky as she drifted to the ground.

The Ice Bear King immediately lay down once more and pressed his enormous head against the ground. There was some pitifulness in his eyes, and there was also some exasperation as he stared at the Snow Empress.

“Snow Empress!” He called out once more.

The Snow Empress ignored him. Instead, she turned towards the Snowdevil King and said, “Ah Tai, you have just succeeded me as ruler of the Extreme North. You have to personally placate the large tribes beneath you, and you have to establish authority and credit as quickly as possible. Go. I will wait three days for you here, and after three days, you shall bring your kinsmen. There is something that I need you to do.”

“Yes, Snow Empress.” The Tai Tan Snowdevil King glanced at the Ice Bear King, and a thread of worry flashed across his eyes. However, he still followed the Snow Empress’ instructions as he turned around and left.

The Snow Empress watched the Snowdevil King depart before she turned towards the Ice Bear King.

“Snow Empress, what about me? What’s going to happen to me?” The Ice Bear King only voiced his doubts at this moment. His kinsmen were quietly waiting in the distance, and even the Tai Tan Snowdevils had departed along with the Snowdevil King.

The Snow Empress said plainly, “As for you, of course I have my own arrangements. You shall just follow me, Little Bai.”

“Eh?” The Ice Bear King was momentarily stunned. “Follow you? Aren’t you going into closed-door cultivation?”

The Snow Empress continued, “I will not be here in the Extreme North anymore. Only your tribe is worthy of challenging Ah Tai. Even though Ah Tai’s tribe is stronger overall, you might still have a chance of victory. Will you listen to him when I’m no longer around?”

The Ice Bear King immediately went silent after hearing the Snow Empress’ question. He couldn’t lie in front of the Snow Empress, so he could only respond with silence.

The Snow Empress continued, “Therefore, only one of you may exist on the Extreme North after my departure. Otherwise, peace in the Extreme North will be very difficult to maintain.”

“Snow Empress.” The Ice Bear King cried out dejectedly. “Alright, Snow Empress, I’ll listen to you. You have bestowed life upon me, and you raised me so that I could become stronger, and you helped me become king of the Extreme Northern Bears. You have given me everything I have, and your wish is my command. I will die if that’s what you want.”

The Snow Empress laughed. “Silly… why would I want you to kill yourself? I chose Ah Tai to become ruler of the Extreme North after considering between you and him, and that’s because his personality and the entire Tai Tan Snowdevil tribe is more suitable than you and your tribe. However, he can never compare to you in terms of intimacy. You are like the Ice Empress in my heart, and you are my family. Ice is my sister, but you are my child!”

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