Volume 34, Chapter 472.3: The Snow Empress' Dance

The Snow Lady danced in the icy skies.

The Snow Empress was a unique being. She was a living being formed by the purest ice-type origin energy of heaven and earth within the Extreme North’s core region, and after countless years of gestation and growth, had finally developed her own thoughts and intelligence. She finally became an intelligent creature.

Her original form was composed of the purest elements. If the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence was a treasure, then she was the Extreme North’s daughter.

The Icesky Snow Lady, blessed and unique; the Snow Empress, dancing as snowflakes drifted in the air.

Huo Yuhao could clearly feel that he was slowly experiencing moments of enlightenment from this incredibly beautiful dance. But even he wasn’t clear what he was being enlightened about. Perhaps this was just one of his most peculiar experiences...

The Ice Empress stood beside Huo Yuhao, her eyes completely intoxicated. She was also immersed in the Snow Empress’ dance. The Snow Empress had always been a fairy of the snow!

The Snow Empress’ dance continued for an hour or so before she finally...

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