Chapter 47.3: The Badge of a Class 2 Soul Engineer

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 47.3: The Badge of a Class 2 Soul Engineer

The two teachers from the Teaching Department were stunned. “A core disciple of the Soul Tool Department?” Teacher Lu asked disbelievingly.

Mu Jin was already itching to interject. “Zhou Yi, if you’re going to make up excuses, at least make up realistic ones. Since when has our academy had a core disciple from the Soul Tool Department who’s only been a Year 1 student? Who doesn’t know that the Soul Tool Department only takes in core disciples once they’ve completed their Year 3 advancement tests in the Martial Soul Department? Who do you think you’re fooling with such an excuse!?”

The two teachers from the Teaching Department were briefly stunned. Teacher Lu then turned to Mu Jin and said, “Teacher Mu, we’ll take care of this matter. You should return to Class 2 and look after your students.” Zhou Yi’s excuse was so inconceivable that they actually suspected it to be the truth. At the same time, having Mu Jin fan the flames of conflict would clearly be detrimental to the harmony between teachers.

Mu Jin snorted resentfully. “I hope the academy will notify me of the results once everything has been settled.”

“I’ll tell you the the results right now. Huo Yuhao is my disciple and he’s also a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department.” A tall figure appeared by the door to the classroom, it was Fan Yu who was even accompanied by Director Du Weilun.

“Director.” The two teachers from the Teaching Department hurriedly greeted Du Weilun.

Du Weilun entered the classroom and spoke with a solemn voice, “With the approval of both Dean Yan Shaozhe and Dean Qian Duoduo, Huo Yuhao will no longer remain a temporary core disciple. Instead, he will now formally assume the role of a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department. The reason for his tardiness was due to a task assigned to him by Teacher Fan Yu. Hence, this matter concludes here. Huo Yuhao will stay in Class 1 and continue to learn the various types of foundational knowledge in the Martial Soul Department until Year 3, at which point he will transfer to the Soul Tool Department.”

Upon hearing Du Weilun’s announcement, the other teachers remained silent. Mu Jin’s eyes were filled with an incredulous look. From her perspective, even if Fan Yu had wanted to help Zhou Yi out, he would never have used a method like this! Furthermore, he’d actually managed to convince Du Weilun.

“No, this can’t be right. Director Du, which of the qualifications to becoming a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department does Huo Yuhao meet? Becoming a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department requires one to be extremely talented and experienced in the various aspects of soul tool creation!” Mu Jin said, unwilling to concede.

Fan Yu snorted coldly, then shouted, “Huo Yuhao, stand up and come here.”

Huo Yuhao immediately stood up and strode forwards. Although he was confused as to why Mu Jin was targeting him, he wasn’t nervous in the slightest when facing so many teachers. On the contrary, he felt inwardly warm. Zhou Yi, Wang Yan, and Fan Yu were all protecting him, causing him to be filled with confidence.

Fan Yu flipped his wrist, causing a octagonal blue badge to appear in his palm. The badge had two diamond-like stars embedded within it.

“Huo Yuhao has learnt the art of soul tool creation under me ever since the freshmen assessment ended. After eight months, he was able to pass the test required to become a Class 2 soul engineer under my guidance. In accordance with the academy’s status within the world of soul engineers, I asked Vice-Dean Qian Duoduo from the Soul Tool Department for help. With his confirmation, I awarded him the badge of a Class 2 soul engineer. All it took him was eight months of time to advance from an ordinary soul master to a Class 2 soul engineer. This level of talent has already created history within Shrek Academy’s Soul Tool Department. Thus, how could we not take him in as a core disciple?”

At this moment, even Du Weilun was astonished. He hadn’t known a thing about Huo Yuhao’s involvement in the Soul Tool Department!

He had only taken eight months to become a Class 2 soul engineer? Even the word ‘genius’ was insufficient to describe this level of talent. After all, Huo Yuhao was still only twelve years old! Even in the Sun Moon Empire, which highly valued soul engineers, a twelve-year-old Class 2 soul engineer was an incredibly rare existence.. How was this possible?

However, it was already too late for him to try to stop the Soul Tool Department from taking Huo Yuhao as a core disciple, they had just announced it to the world. Du Weilun was certain that Fan Yu couldn’t have made all this up. But the more he believed this story, the more depressed he felt. He could only console himself with the fact that that Huo Yuhao was only talented in the matter of soul tools No wonder Dean Qian had personally gone to fetch Dean Yan; there was actually a foreshadowing like this! A mistake, they had made a large mistake! If they had known about this earlier, they would’ve told Dean Yan about it earlier. Even if he still agreed to Huo Yuhao becoming a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department, he might have at least been able to obtain a few more advantages from Dean Qian.

Even if Shrek Academy’s Martial Soul Department had a status that far surpassed that of the Soul Tool Department, their financial state was incredibly pathetic. Oftentimes, the Martial Soul Department had to rely on the Soul Tool Department in order to increase the funding they got.

Zhou Yi coldly swept her eyes towards Mu Jin, “Director Du, Mu Jin is the teacher in charge of Class 2, but nonetheless she has come over to my Class 1 to stir up trouble. Doesn’t this seem inappropriate?”

Du Weilun immediately woke up from his regret. Since the situation had already reached this point, there was no longer any use for regret. He spoke in a solemn voice, “Teacher Mu, return to your class immediately. You will not receive a second warning.”

Mu Jin looked at Zhou Yi hatefully, then glanced at the expressionless Fan Yu before finally stamping her foot and leaving.

Zhou Yi said indifferently, “Director Du, I honestly feel that Teacher Mu’s attitude isn’t too suitable for a teacher in charge of a class. We wouldn’t want her wasting the time of those outstanding students.”

Du Weilun furrowed his brows, “This is a matter for the academy to decide. Okay, you can continue with your class. The advancement test will start in the afternoon, and I shall personally attend and observe how the test goes for your Year 2.” With that, he nodded towards Fan Yu and left along with the two teachers from the Teaching Department.

Fan Yu patted Huo Yuhao’s shoulder before following Du Weilun away. He’d finally been able to announce that Huo Yuhao was a core disciple, and he had even done this with the approval of Dean Yan Shaozhe. This matter was already settled and now the Martial Soul Department couldn’t renege on their words even if they wanted to. After leaving the classroom, the hint of a faint smile appeared on the corners Fan Yu’s mouth. Even if the Soul Tool Department wasn’t able to have a rise to glory in his generation, it would definitely be able to do so in Huo Yuhao and He Caitou’s generation.

Under the awestruck gazes of the other students, Huo Yuhao sat back down in his original seat. Other than Xiao Xiao and Wang Dong, who’d known in advance, today’s events had had stunned the entire class.

Having studied together for a year, everyone knew that Huo Yuhao was an orphan who didn’t have any background to rely upon. However, it seemed as though he’d been treated generously by everyone ever since he had entered Shrek Academy. First, Zhou Yi hadn’t hesitated to expel two core disciples for him. This time around, the Soul Tool Department had taken him in as a core disciple and had even given him the badge of a Class 2 soul engineer. Just with his qualifications as a Class 2 soul engineer, Huo Yuhao would be able to be hired for a generous salary in any country on the continent. A soul engineer was a talent that was desperately required by every country, so much so that they could be referred to as strategic resources.


“What?! A Class 2 soul engineer?” Yan Shaozhe looked disbelievingly at Du Weilun. Various thoughts flashed through his mind and he couldn’t help but furrow his brows for a moment.

After leaving Class 1, Du Weilun had immediately rushed back to report to him.

“Dammit, we were tricked. We were tricked by that old bastard Qian Duoduo.” Yan Shaozhe smacked his table violently, a look of regret on his face.

Du Weilun said, “Dean Yan, it isn’t that serious. If that kid Huo Yuhao’s only talented in the field of soul tools, allowing him to become a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department can be considered to be making full use of our resources.”

Yan Shaozhe waved his hand. “No, it can’t be that simple. You’ve forgotten something; if it’s just as you said, why would the Soul Tool Department be so impatient to take him? It would be fine for them to just announce that they’re taking him as a core disciple by the time he reaches Year 4. A student who’s outstanding in the field of soul tool creation definitely won’t attract our attention. As for why he was late this time, Zhou Yi and Fan Yu could’ve found another excuse to settle this matter. However, Qian Duoduo personally came over to deal with this matter with me, and he even used the bet that I lost to him last time. Haven’t you realised what this means?”

Du Weilun was astonished as well, “You’re saying that, other than the strong points the Soul Tool Department values highly, he also has a few areas which we of the Martial Soul Department value?”

Yan Shaozhe nodded, “That’s definitely the case. Otherwise, Qian Duoduo wouldn’t have come over to look for me straightaway. It’s no wonder I felt something was off. I didn’t think that I’d be schemed against by that cheapskate.”

Du Weilun smiled bitterly. “Dean, the matter’s already done and dusted. The Soul Tool Department has already announced that he’s one of their core disciples, so we can only acknowledge that. In the end, he’s only a single student. There are many outstanding talents among their generation, so we should just pay a bit more attention in the future so as to not be taken advantage of by the Soul Tool Department.”

“Yup.” Yan Shaozhe nodded, “Let’s do it this way. This afternoon, participate in the entirety of their advancement test. Other than checking up on a few core disciples, pay special attention to this Huo Yuhao. In the event he really performs exceptionally, let me know immediately. Right, we can’t renege on our deal via normal means, but what if this kid reneges on it by himself and chooses to leave the Soul Tool Department?”

With that, Yan Shaozhe couldn’t help but reveal the hint of a crafty smile on his face. I can’t directly take him in as a core disciple, but what if he takes the initiative to request it from us? Then that’s a different story. This matter isn’t something that’s completely non-manipulable!


For once, the afternoon class ended before the bell rang. After explaining the various important topics regarding the afternoon’s advancement test, Zhou Yi dismissed the class. This was to allow them to go back and prepare, adjusting the conditions of their bodies to their most optimum states for the sake of taking their test in the Beast Duelling Area in the afternoon.

Placing the badge of a Class 2 soul engineer on his shirt, Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but feel a strong feeling of success in his heart. The workmanship of the blue, octagonal badge was extremely exquisite, and the two diamonds embedded on it were even more brilliant.

“Stop showing it off shamelessly.” Wang Dong couldn’t help but tease him, “You’re grinning from ear to ear.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled, “Supposedly, having this thing is considered to be the same as receiving the approval of the Soul Engineering Association. You’ll be able to get a decent job wherever you go with this. At the very least, I won’t have to worry about food and clothing in the future.”

Wang Dong unhappily said, “Just look at how much you’re bragging. Let’s go back and cultivate now.”

Huo Yuhao had an amazed look on his face. “Has the sun risen from the west? When have you become this hard-working?”

Wang Dong snorted, “I’ve always been very hard-working, alright?”

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