Chapter 47.2: The Badge of a Class 2 Soul Engineer

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 47.2: The Badge of a Class 2 Soul Engineer

Qian Duoduo smiled cunningly. “He’s a brat from the champion team of last year’s freshmen assessment. His teammates are core disciples now, and he’s the only one who’s not because of his ten year soul ring. When Fan Yu came looking for me just now, I felt that he was somewhat undeserving of becoming a core disciple. However, after I thought about it, this brat still did help me beat you in a bet. Beating you in a bet isn’t easy for this daddy! If I’m able to see this kid in my Soul Tool Department, I’ll remember how I beat you. That’d feel really good. Thus, I reluctantly agreed. I just came over to say hi to you. I don’t care about the specifics of this event; I’ll let Fan Yu handle it. Whatever, I’m going back. I still have a lot of things to do.”

With that, he stood up and left, slapping his butt as he did so.

Yan Shaozhe used his eyes to follow Qian Duoduo as he left, inwardly feeling that something wasn’t right. Picking up a microphone-type soul tool from his table, he pressed a button and poured his soul power into it.

“Weilun?” Yan Shaozhe spoke in a low voice.

Du Weilun’s voice rang out from the telephone, “Dean Yan, it’s me.”

Yan Shaozhe said, “Help me check something. Is there a student called Huo Yuhao who registered late?”

Somewhat astonished, Du Weilun said, “What a coincidence. There were a few students who just made a complaint to me, saying that this Huo Yuhao entered the classroom in a grandiose manner even though he came in late. I was just about to take care of this matter.”

Yan Shaozhe said, “Tell me what you know of this Huo Yuhao. What’s his talent like?”

Du Weilun said, “He has a bit of talent. Last year, he was one of the champions of the freshmen assessment, along with Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. His martial soul is called the Spirit Eyes, and his soul skill should be something similar to a spiritual attack. His abilities can be considered to be ordinary, but he has the signs of possessing a Body Soul. Because he was one of the champions of the freshmen assessment, he was able to enjoy the temporary treatment of a core disciple last year. However, it’s been withdrawn from him this year. His being late has violated the academy’s rules, so he will be expelled.”

Yan Shaozhe said, “If memory serves me right, he only has a ten year soul ring. Am I right?”

Du Weilun said, “Right. He was able to enter the academy due to the Tang Sect specially inviting him, and not because he was able to pass the entrance exam. Reportedly, his soul power was only at Rank 13 when he entered the academy. Right now, it isn’t clear as to whether he’s reached Rank 20. It’s very possible that he hasn’t reached it. And if that’s the case, he’ll be expelled anyway. As for his Body Soul, Wang Yan went over to Elder Xuan, who personally inspected this student. In the end, Elder Xuan was very disappointed. He said that this student had no talent, and that he wasn’t worth cultivating. After that, this student was able to reveal a fusion skill with Wang Dong during the freshmen assessment; this is his only strong point. Because of this, Wang Yan went over to Elder Xuan again. After taking another look at him, Elder Xuan verified that there was no chance he could awaken his Body Soul. After that, we didn’t pay much attention to this student.”

Heraing Du Weilun’s words, Yan Shaozhe immediately revealed a hint of a smile. Du Weilun’s abilities were still worthy of recognition. Huo Yuhao was such an ordinary student, but he was able to immediately speak about his abilities in addition to a few of his experiences after entering the academy. He was definitely qualified to be the Director of Studies.

“Fine, then let’s do it this way. You don’t have to take care of this matter anymore. Earlier, Qian Duoduo came over to talk to me. He wants to use that time I lost to him to bring this student called Huo Yuhao into his Soul Tool Department. Supposedly, Zhou Yi requested this from Fan Yu, who then brought it up with him. Since this student’s so ordinary, let’s just give him to the Soul Tool Department. I can stop Qian Duoduo from bothering me about this.”

“Qian Duoduo wants a student from you? This is truly somewhat strange. Why don’t we wait until the advancement tests to verify his abilities?” Du Weilun asked cautiously.

Yan Shaozhe said, “Whatever. It’s hard to say whether he’ll even be able to pass the advancement test. Even if he has the strength of a two-ringed Soul Grandmaster, with his spiritual attribute, his second soul skill won’t be too strong. His first soul ring’s only a ten year one, so he isn’t worth training. Let’s just give him to Qian Duoduo to stop him from nagging me next time. Our Martial Soul Department has to show a bit of magnanimity. Let’s just do it this way.”

“Yes, Dean.” Du Weilun replied, and the two simultaneously hung up.

Just as Yan Shaozhe didn’t attach much importance to Huo Yuhao, neither did Du Weilun. There were many outstanding geniuses in Shrek Academy, and the ability Huo Yuhao had revealed on the surface wasn’t enough to attract their attention.

However, they didn’t know that Qian Duoduo had immediately erupted into uproarious laughter after leaving the Sea God’s Island to go back to the Soul Tool Department’s outer courtyard. A pleased look filled his face, so much so that it even exceeded the expression he’d shown when he’d beaten Yan Shaozhe in their previous bet.

“Old Yan, Old Yan. I really feel bad for you; you’ve been tricked again. I didn’t think that my Soul Tool Department would actually have a day when we’d get a twin-souled student. This Huo Yuhao really is my lucky star; he’s allowed me to take advantage of Old Yan again. He took eight months to become a Class 2 soul engineer, has twin martial souls, and a top-ranked Ice Jade Scorpion, which is at the pinnacle of the ice attribute. Perfection, perfection. Wahahaha…”

Huo Yuhao had no idea that he had been quibbled over by the Soul Tool Department and the Martial Soul Department. At this moment, he was seriously listening to Zhou Yi explain the rules of the advancement test. Other than the freshmen who’d just entered the academy, the advancement test was of utmost importance to every single student of the outer courtyard. If they couldn’t pass it, they’d have to pack their bags and leave. Even core disciples weren’t an exception to this. Naturally, the situation of a core disciple failing to pass the advancement test had never occurred in the past.

Zhou Yi stood behind the podium as she spoke, “The advancement test for Year 1 students entering Year 2 is relatively easy. When compared to the advancement tests the upper year groups have, your test is much more simple. The test we’ll be undergoing is identical to Class 2’s test. As for Classes 3 and 4, they’ll have a different test due to the strengths of their martial souls.”

“Our test will be held in the academy’s Beast Duelling Area. I’m sure that many of you still don’t know where that is. Now, I’ll tell you guys where it is. The Beast Duelling Area is to the south of the Soul Duelling Area, within the tall, castle-like gray walls. The Beast Duelling Area contains many different-ranked soul beasts that have been captured by the academy throughout the years. It’s specialised in helping the upper year groups cultivate. If you’re able to enter Year 4 in the future, you’ll be able to train yourselves in the Beast Duelling Area. The live combat classes that are held there will be the most important tests you guys will take for the sake of your future accomplishments.”

“For the advancement test this time, you’ll have to fight against a soul beast in the Beast Duelling Area. At the same time, you’ll also be able to choose the soul beast you’ll be fighting against. Different soul beasts will have different points assigned to them, and the stronger the soul beast you challenge, the higher the chance you’ll be able to obtain a high score in the test. This test will be graded by teachers from the Martial Soul Department’s upper year groups. It’ll have a maximum score of a hundred, and the people who are able to obtain more than sixty points will be able to pass the advancement test.”

“Now, I have a few things I want to warn you guys about. Number one, don’t be too cautious. If the soul beast you choose is too weak, you might not be able to pass even if you’re able to defeat it. Number two, don’t be overly impetuous. If the soul beast you choose is too strong, in the event the proctor can’t make it in time to save you during a fight, then…”

With that, a cold light flickered through Zhou Yi’s eyes, causing the students present to feel a shiver up their backs. They had all seen soul beasts in the past, but not everyone had faced a soul beast in single combat. They were still young, and practically all of them had had the assistance of their teachers when they had obtained their soul rings. A prodigy like Huo Yuhao, who had obtained his rings through his own power, couldn’t be seen everywhere.

“Number three, you have to keep in mind that losing the battle doesn’t automatically eliminate you. If the soul beast you’re fighting is strong enough, and your performance during the battle is worthy of praise, your final score might not necessarily be low. Furthermore, the standards required for control-type and assault-type soul masters are different. During a 1v1 test like this, assault-type soul masters will have higher requirements; your aim will be to defeat the soul beast you challenge. On the other hand, control-type soul masters will aim to control the soul beast. How long you’re able to keep fighting will determine how many marks you obtain.”

Huo Yuhao was listening very seriously; he had to listen seriously! After all, they had made a bet against Dai Huabin. The stakes of this bet were for the losing party to kowtow and admit that they were wrong. Although this only involved a matter of face to other people, this had a completely different meaning to him. If he were able to make Dai Huabin kneel in front of him and kowtow, it was equivalent to him having completed a tiny part of his revenge. Therefore, he had to win this bet no matter what.

Right at this moment, the sound of knocking on the door being suddenly rang out.

Normally, disruptions wouldn’t occur during class time unless the academy had certain special arrangements. Wang Yan and Zhou Yi were stunned. Wang Yan, who was standing by the door, turned to open it.

A teacher stood outside the classroom. She was a very unfamiliar person to the students, and even Huo Yuhao didn’t know that it was this teacher who’d given him the Secret Law Soul. Right, the teacher who’d come was exactly the Teacher Mu Jin who’d lost a bet against Zhou Yi. Furthermore, there were two teachers in charge of the Teaching Department standing behind her.

Zhou Yi’s face sank. “Teacher Mu, why aren’t you teaching in your Class 2? What are you trying to do by coming to our Class 1?”

It was unknown whether she was deliberately setting herself up against Zhou Yi, but after Zhou Yi became the teacher in charge of Year 1’s Class 1, Mu Jin became the teacher in charge of Class 2.

Mu Jin laughed indifferently. “I’d heard that there was a student from your class who turned up late, but still came in for class. I specially came over to see who it was. I didn’t come over to find you; it was these two teachers from the Teaching Department who were looking for you.”

A cold light flickered through Zhou Yi’s eyes as she walked towards the door. The two teachers from the Teaching Department had already walked into the class, and the middle-aged male teacher on the left said, “Teacher Zhou, Teacher Wang, we received the student reports. A student called Huo Yuhao from your class didn’t manage to register yesterday, but he turned up to class today. You two should know the academy’s rules as well. We now have to take this student away and handle his leaving procedures.”

Wang Yan looked towards Zhou Yi, who laughed indifferently. “Teacher Li, Teacher Lu. What you say is indeed the case. However, this student, Huo Yuhao, is a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department. Though he reported in late, he was completing a task assigned to him by the Soul Tool Department. The Soul Tool Department will explain this matter to you.”

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