Chapter 47.1: The Badge of a Class 2 Soul Engineer

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 47.1: The Badge of a Class 2 Soul Engineer

“Teacher Zhou’s coming!” Xiao Xiao shouted. When Cao Jinxuan and Zhou Sichen heard this, they immediately became frightened. They both shivered, then quickly returned to their seats and quickly sat down. However, it was unknown whether or not Xiao Xiao had really gained the ability to see the future, as before she had the chance to make fun of them, Zhou Yi actually walked into the room.

Zhou Sichen and Cao Jinxuan couldn’t help but turn towards Xiao Xiao and give her a thumbs up.

“This…” Xiao Xiao, who’d only intended to tease them, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Zhou Yi walked in wearing the mask she always wore, showing the same expression. She swept the room with her cold gaze. Forget about the students, even teacher Wang Yan felt a chill on his back.

Wang Yan quickly walked up to Zhou Yi and whispered, “Teacher Zhou, Huo Yuhao came today.”

Zhou Yi glanced towards Huo Yuhao, then whispered, “Teacher Wang, what do you think we should do?” She naturally would not admit to the fact she already knew what was going on.

Wang Yan frowned and replied, “Quite a few people already know that Huo Yuhao wasn’t here yesterday. At the same time, Huo Yuhao’s group had a verbal clash with Dai Huabin’s group this morning. At this point, it’s impossible for us to cover this up. We’ll just have to shoulder the responsibility for it. The two of us will simply have to work together; no matter what, we can’t allow Yuhao to be expelled. Even though the academy’s rules are strict, Yuhao did enjoy the treatment of a core disciple before this. If both of us insist that he stay, the academy will definitely have to consider our opinions.”

Zhou Yi couldn’t help but reveal a look of admiration after hearing him say this. Wang Yan didn’t even know why Huo Yuhao had been late, yet the first thing he’d done was try to think of a way to prevent Huo Yuhao from being expelled. He’d done this without even asking any questions! Even Zhou Yi felt somewhat ashamed when she compared herself to Wang Yan on this matter. Once she did so, she couldn’t bear to hide the truth from him anymore. She whispered, “Teacher Wang, were you aware of Yuhao taking elective classes at the Soul Tool Department last year?”

Wang Yan nodded and replied, “I’m aware. However, I’m not sure how his studies there are going.”

Zhou Yi said, “His grades are very good. In fact, Fan Yu has already taken him on as his disciple. Fan Yu decided to take him in as a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department, thus you don’t have to worry, Yuhao won’t be expelled.”

“What?!” Wang Yan’s pitch immediately elevated as he exclaimed, “How can this be?”

Earlier, when they’d just been whispering to one another, the students hadn’t been able to hear them. However, when Wang Yan raised his voice, he caught the attention of all the students.

Wang Yan realized that he’d lost control of his voice for a moment and said, “Teacher Zhou, let’s talk outside.” He quickly left the classroom once he’d finished speaking.

Zhou Yi let out a sigh. Sorry Teacher Wang. I did all of this for my husband. All I can do is not lie to you. When her thoughts reached this point, she turned and looked at the shocked students, then proceeded to follow Wang Yan out of the classroom.

“Teacher Zhou, what’s going on? How come I didn’t hear of this? I know that you’re Fan Yu’s wife, but don’t forget that you’re still a teacher for the Martial Soul Department! This isn’t possible, it absolutely can’t be possible! I won’t allow it!” Wang Yan was somewhat agitated.

Zhou Yi let out a sigh, then said, “Teacher Wang, please don’t get so worked up. Please, listen to me first. In our eyes, Yuhao is an extremely good student. He can even be described with the words ‘unlimited potential’. However, do the higher-ups of the academy see him like this? Whether it’s Dean Yan, Director Du, or even old Xuan, who you found to examine him…none of them think that Yuhao has enough future prospects to be worth investing in. As such, they refused to give him the position of a core disciple. What sort of thoughts do you think he had? He was the team leader of the team that won the freshmen exam, yet he wasn’t even given the position of a core disciple in the Martial Soul Department. If you were the same age as him, and the same thing happened to you, would your heart be at peace?”

When he heard her question, Wang Yan immediately became silent. Zhou Yi’s words may have been the truth, but Director Du also had his reasons.

Zhou Yi continued, “If that had been the only thing, it wouldn’t have been too big of a deal. With the two of us taking care of him, I believe that, with Yuhao’s talent and diligence, he definitely would’ve had the chance to showcase his abilities in the future. In a few years, he could’ve still become a core disciple, and maybe even an inner courtyard disciple. However, he decided to study soul tools. I’ve heard from my husband that his performance within the Soul Tool Department can only be described as astonishing. His talent even managed to catch the attention of Dean Qian. In fact, Dean Qian has personally approved Huo Yuhao becoming a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department.”

Wang Yan was still a bit anxious and replied, “That’s impossible. He’s only been in contact with the Soul Tool Departement seven to eight months, right? Normally. only Year 4 students or higher can become core disciples of the Soul Tool Department! Besides a handful of students who were specially recruited by the Soul Tool Department, there’s never been an exception to this! Yuhao’s only been going there to study after school; how great could his achievements truly be?”

Zhou Yi let sighed yet again and said, “Wang Yan, you know my personality. It’s true that I favor Fan Yu in my heart; he is, after all, my man. However, what you’ve said is correct: I’m still a teacher of the Martial Soul Department. If our Martial Soul Department had paid enough attention to Yuhao, I never would’ve agreed to Fan Yu’s request for Yuhao to become a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department. However, what has our Martial Soul Department done to him? We broke that child’s heart. Do you know how hard Yuhao has worked? Every day, in addition to his classes, he spent two hours studying at the Soul Tool Department, rain or shine. Look, I won’t lie to you. Before the school year ended last year, before Yuhao even had his second soul ring, he’d already managed to become a Class 2 soul engineer. You know how strict Fan Yu is, yet it was Fan Yu who personally rated him as a Class 2 soul engineer. He attained this in eight months. Even at Yuhao’s young age, he only needed eight months to become a Class 2 soul engineer. He’s set a new record within the Soul Tool Department. Do you really think that the Soul Tool Department wouldn’t be in a rush to accept him as a core disciple in this sort of situation?”

Once he heard this, Wang Yan suddenly became speechless. The Martial Soul Department was the one that had refused to give Huo Yuhao a core disciple position. In addition to this, Huo Yuhao had displayed an amazing amount of talent in the Soul Tool Department. As such… what reason did he have to stop him? He clearly remembered the powerful sadness and disappointment that had appeared in Huo Yuhao’s eyes when he realized that he hadn’t been announced as a core disciple. After thinking back to that moment, he didn’t know how to refute Zhou Yi’s words.

It was also at this moment that, on Sea God’s Island, two crafty old men were discussing a similar topic.

Qian Duoduo sat down on a large leather couch and said to Yan Shaozhe, who was currently behind a large desk, “Old Yan! You can pay me back for the bet you lost now.”

Yan Shaozhe placed a hand on the desk and leaned slightly forward. He revealed a shocked expression as he said, “I lost a bet against you? What bet? How come I don’t remember this?”

“What? You forgot?” Qian Duoduo’s eyes suddenly widened, “Old Yan, do you still have any face? You’re too thick-skinned. Last year, during the freshmen exam, we bet on which team would win in the end. Have you forgotten about how you lost to me? Do you really believe that I won’t turn this place upside down to remind you?”

Yan Shaozhe looked towards Qian Duoduo, who looked like someone had stepped on his tail, and said with a smile, “Fine, fine. However, did you really need to personally come all the way here for such a small matter? I’m extremely busy, thus why should I remember such a trifling matter? Speak, which student of my Martial Soul Department has caught your eye? I must remind you, our agreement was that you couldn’t take any core disciples. Those students are precious to this dean, so don’t even think about it.”

Qian Duoduo sat back down on the sofa angrily when he saw Yan Shaozhe own up to the bet and said, “As long as you remember. You’re such a miser. If I really tried to take a core disciple from you, wouldn’t you fight me to the death? Don’t worry, it’s only an ordinary student.”

Yan Shaozhe suddenly became more vigilant. The more indifferent Qian Duoduo acted, the stranger he felt. “Old Qian, don’t use your nickname to describe me. I’m definitely not as stingy as you. Your Soul Tool Department has so much money, yet you still haven’t forgotten to exploit me. Tell me, who did you discover with your expert eyes?”

Qian Duoduo looked helpless as he said, “What do you mean ‘discover with your expert eyes’?! When you say it like this, I feel somewhat depressed. This is an internal matter of your Martial Soul Department, but it seems that I’ll have to use this bet that I finally won against you. It seems that I’ve lost big time this time.”

“Oh?” When he heard Qian Duoduo say this, Yan Shaozhe became somewhat interested and asked, “What’s going on?”

Qian Duoduo replied, “You know Zhou Yi from your Martial Soul Department? That girl who always make herself look like an old woman? She’s Fan Yu’s wife, and there’s a student in her class that she likes who was late in registering for his classes. According to the academy rules, that student would normally be expelled. You know Du Weilun’s shitty personality; he treats the academy rules like they’re his father, thus it’s impossible to discuss this matter with him. Zhou Yi, that girl, went home last night and complained about it. Fan Yu originally didn’t intend to deal with this matter, but he couldn’t handle the fact that his wife wouldn’t let him sleep in his own bed! As such, he came to me. He wanted me to use the bet that I won against you to bring that kid over and make him a core disciple of our Soul Tool Department. You know that Fan Yu is the candidate to be the next Dean, and as such, I can’t simply ignore his request. In any case, since it’s been a while since I won our bet, if I don’t make you pay up now, you really might not be able to play in the future. That’s why I came over.”

Yan Shaozhe looked towards Qian Duoduo with a puzzled expression. “A late student is enough for you and Fan Yu to make such a fuss? What’s this student’s name?”

Qian Duoduo sincerely replied, “His name is Huo Yuhao.”

Yan Shaozhe’s eyes flickered. “I seem to remember that name.”

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