Volume 34, Chapter 468.3: Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion

Huo Yuhao hid behind a small hill. The weather was cold, but that didn’t affect him at all. However, he couldn’t help but swallow as he stared at the smoke spiraling from the army camp in the distance. Drinking some hot soup in such snowy lands would be so luxurious! I’m just doing hard labor now.

He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly as his thoughts stopped there. However, he could only continue, since he was already at this stage.  

Huo Yuhao laid out his map as he leaned against the hill. He had prepared this map long ago. It wasn’t a map of the Heavenly Soul Empire’s northern region, but a detailed map of the Douluo Continent’s northern regions. He had spent quite a lot of money to get this map. The map itself was made from goatskin, both tough and soft at the same time. It could be preserved for a long time.

Huo Yuhao scrutinized the map for a while when he discovered that the Sun Moon Empire’s army was still going northeast. They would reach the border between the Heavenly Soul Empire and the Dou Ling Empire if they went further in the same direction. They would also be bordering the Extreme North there, and...

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