Volume 34, Chapter 468.1: Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion

The Sun Moon Empire had a lot of confidence in their overall strength in this war. The invention of linked soul tools gave them an absolute advantage. However, in terms of high-level fighting strength, the Sun Moon Empire didn’t have enough to defeat the Douluo Continent’s three native continents and Shrek Academy by themselves. Therefore, they had to rely on the Holy Ghost Church’s power.

The Holy Ghost Church was very formidable. Without discussing other things, the existence of the Death God Douluo, Ye Xishui, and the Dragon Emperor Douluo, Long Xiaoyao, meant they had two Ultimate Douluo. That was enough to intimidate countless powerful Titled Douluo.

From Ju Zi’s perspective, if there weren’t any unforeseen incidents, there wouldn’t be any problem with Ye Xishui standing guard at the Ming Dou Mountain Range. But who knew that the Star Luo Empire managed to break through in the end?

Afterwards, the White Tiger Duke had used a very venomous strategy, and Ju Zi was still held back no matter how powerful she was.

The White Tiger Duke had dispersed the Star Luo Empire’s soul master legions, and deployed five legions with thirty soldiers in a team....

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