Volume 34, Chapter 467.3: Star Anise Omnithrust

This was one of the two soul skills that the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass had conferred to Huo Yuhao through his right leg bone: Star Anise Ice Coagulation. It was specially used to form ice elements. Even though it was just an auxiliary-type soul skill, it was important to note that the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass was a hundred-thousand-year soul beast. This meant that the soul bone that it gave Huo Yuhao was also a hundred-thousand-year soul bone!

As the ice elements in the air formed, the aerial surveillance soul tools that were quickly rising into the air were affected by the temperature and ice elements. They rose ever more slowly as the temperature of the air fell significantly.

Huo Yuhao’s right leg lit up with blinding, icy-blue light. The projection of the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass also ballooned significantly behind Huo Yuhao. After that, it turned into countless icy-blue light projections that scattered all around before disappearing.

In the air, ice spikes several meters long started to appear out of nowhere. They looked quite astonishing from a distance. It was like a huge ice flower had formed at that instant. This ice flower covered a region spanning close to a thousand meters in diameter. As the region that it covered was so huge, the soul engineers that were pursuing Huo Yuhao subconsciously slowed down, and their expressions all changed.

When soul masters cultivated and added soul rings, they would generally add a domain-type soul skill. Under certain special conditions, domain-type soul skills could be very useful. However, this domain-type soul skill was something that the soul engineers from the Sun Moon Empire were seeing for the first time in their lives.

How ridiculous was it if it covered a thousand meters? That was a full kilometer! The icy spikes filled that region completely. Such a domain-type attack was something they could hardly imagine. It could even rival some deadly soul tools!

Huo Yuhao disappeared as the ice flower bloomed in the sky. However, those aerial surveillance soul tools faced a different fate.

The thick ice spikes ruthlessly penetrated the metal outer shells of those soul tools. Piercing booms and scratching sounds echoed through the air.

Even though not all the aerial surveillance soul tools had been engulfed, most of them were gathered here, as they were trying to capture Huo Yuhao!

More than sixty percent of the aerial surveillance soul tools were destroyed, just like that. The earlier blockade naturally ceased to exist.

How could Huo Yuhao give up such a fantastic opportunity? He quickly changed directions and flew diagonally upwards to a greater altitude.

“Star Anise, I didn’t expect this! This soul bone that you’ve given me is actually so powerful!” Huo Yuhao complimented it as he ascended.

The earlier attack had drained more than thirty percent of his soul power. However, Huo Yuhao was well-aware that he couldn’t possibly inflict such great damage if he just used thirty percent of his soul power to attack. The earlier attack was completely reliant on the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass’ help!

The Star Anise gave Huo Yuhao two soul rings and one soul bone. Originally, Huo Yuhao didn’t put too much hope in it. At some point, he had even forgotten the two soul skills that came with his right leg bone. After all, he already had the Skydream Iceworm, Ice Empress, and Snow Empress. Any one of them was much stronger than the Ice Grass!

However, Huo Yuhao had gradually grown to understand the true meaning of the origin of ice after the Snow Empress’ guidance. At times, power wasn’t everything. The best thing was something that suited one the most at the time it was needed.

His earlier attack was actually the combined effect of three soul skills.

Among the two soul rings that the Ice Grass gave Huo Yuhao, the sixth soul ring carried a soul skill called Ultimate Ice Enhancement. It helped Huo Yuhao to greatly increase the strength of his Ultimate Ice. Hundred-thousand-year soul rings generally came with two soul skills, but the Ice Grass was a plant-type soul beast. It had fewer innate soul skills compared to most ordinary animal-type soul beasts, and there were also two soul skills in its right leg bone. It didn’t have extra soul skills to confer to Huo Yuhao.

The other two soul skills that took effect earlier came from the right leg bone. One of them was called Star Anise Ice Coagulation. This soul skill was very effective in tandem with Ultimate Ice Enhancement. It was also an important reason why Huo Yuhao’s later strike was able to cover such a huge area. As for the ice spikes that had appeared, they came from the other soul skill of the right leg bone, called the Star Anise Omnithrust.

One attack was enough. More than sixty percent of the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion’s aerial surveillance soul tools had been destroyed. Huo Yuhao felt great. The grim look on his face when he was pursued earlier had vanished completely.

Without oscillation detectors locking onto him and with his Imitation protecting him, detecting him would be extremely difficult. The soul engineers below tried to use two rounds of domain-type attacks, to no avail. Eventually, they had no choice but to retreat back to their base.

Huo Yuhao was very pleased with how he had reacted to the situation. As he flew towards Dragon City, he silently thought to himself, If the earlier fight was on the ground, or if those people chasing me were a little closer, I could have directly used my Ice Explosion Technique after my Star Anise Omnithrust. They’d have been completely blown apart.

What if I used this combination on the Sun Moon Empire’s military base? I should be able to cause quite a lot of damage to them...

All this while, Huo Yuhao hadn’t used any direct domain-type attacks. After trying it this time, he was rewarded with an unexpected result.

Huo Yuhao escaped in delight, but the atmosphere in the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion felt extremely repressed.


He couldn’t have imagined that the dark-red commander’s tent that he had tried to sneak into earlier actually had the Empress of the Sun Moon Empire inside. She was his former classmate and friend who was once under Xuan Ziwen’s guidance in the aspects of soul tool production, Ju Zi!

Ju Zi looked very gloomy as she sat in the main seat in the commander’s tent, decked out in fiery-red armor.

Ever since she came to the Heavenly Soul Empire, she had never been on such a big losing end before. When she heard that more than sixty percent of the aerial surveillance soul tools had been destroyed, she stood up furiously and broke a glass cup that she normally liked very much.

There were many senior soul engineers of the legion standing below her. However, they were all very petrified now. They lowered their heads and didn’t dare to utter a sound at all.

Ju Zi tried to suppress the fury in her heart and asked, “Can someone tell me what’s going on?” 

A lady who was wearing the same red armor and who appeared to be about forty years old stepped forward and said, “Commander, there seems to only be one enemy. However, this enemy was very strong.”

“Be more specific,” Ju Zi said coldly.

“Yes. This enemy should have been here to carry out surveillance. He was able to conceal himself using his own abilities or through a soul tool. After he entered our base, he seemed to be intending to carry out surveillance on this tent. After that, he attacked one of our soul engineers, triggering our linked soul tool. We immediately surrounded and attacked him. However, he was very sly, and his abilities were also very strong. He managed to break free from our initial encirclement and tried to escape by flying higher. To more accurately determine his position, we lowered our line of aerial surveillance soul tools and attempted to use an oscillation detection web to discover his exact position. Very soon, we pinpointed his location.”

She paused for a moment before saying with some difficulty, “We were about to succeed. However, he suddenly unleashed some kind of soul skill that stopped us from locking onto his position. After that, he rose into the sky at an alarming speed. As we pursued him, he reached the same altitude as our aerial surveillance soul tools. Following that, he unleashed an ice-type soul skill that covered a region spanning a thousand meters in diameter. The entire sky was filled with ice spikes, destroying many of our aerial surveillance soul tools. Without the web, he concealed himself once again. We tried to use domain-type attacks on him, but they were useless. He managed to escape.”

Ju Zi looked very serious after hearing this report. She furrowed her brow and paced up and down in the tent.

“Concealment. Yet another concealment. At the Ming Dou Mountain Range, it was also because of a fellow who managed to carry out surveillance and used some unknown method to teleport so many Titled Douluo in that it caused our defense to be overwhelmed. Eventually, we were trapped on the losing end. Don’t tell me it’s the same person? Or have the Star Luo and Heavenly Soul Empires found a method of creating soul tools that can help with concealment?”

As she finished speaking, Ju Zi paused for a moment before revealing a pensive look on her face.

The Ming Dou Mountain Range’s failed defense actually had a great impact on the Sun Moon Empire’s overall situation in this war. Given the high status of the Death God Douluo Ye Xishui, no one dared to question her at all.

Ye Xishui didn’t reveal any details of the fight. She only mentioned that the Star Luo Empire had a soul master who was very adept at concealment that used a special method to sneak into the Ming Dou Mountain Range. Furthermore, this soul master brought in many Titled Douluo and caused significant damage to the defense line at the mountain range. To prevent damage to the Death God, she chose to retreat.

This answer was extremely ambiguous to Ju Zi, and greatly affected her judgment. However, while she was the Empress, her position in the empire was nothing compared to Ye Xishui. As a result, she couldn’t do anything even though she was doubtful. She could only plead to Xu Tianran to get to the bottom of things.

Xu Tianran attempted to do so, but Ye Xishui didn’t say anything else. As the Emperor, he was also helpless. He couldn’t afford to offend the Holy Ghost Church. The two Ultimate Douluo in the Holy Ghost Church and many evil soul masters were the foundation of his plan to dominate the entire continent. He couldn’t do anything to the Death God Douluo!

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