Volume 34, Chapter 467.2: Star Anise Omnithrust

No wonder it’s the Hand that Protects the Nation. This indeed an extremely strong soul engineer legion.

Huo Yuhao silently compared the Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion to the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion. He immediately felt that this Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion was even stronger than the Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion.

Perhaps the difference in their overall fighting strength wasn’t very obvious. However, the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion was better in terms of the details.

As he thought, Huo Yuhao immediately flew into the sky. Even if he was discovered, he couldn’t make this trip for nothing.

The oscillation detectors below were scanning everywhere, including the sky.

Huo Yuhao wove and turned in the sky with the help of his Spiritual Detection, avoiding detection by his enemy.

His motive was simple. He had to at least  destroy the batch of aerial surveillance soul tools in the air and cause some damage to the Sun Moon Empire. Furthermore, it would make it more convenient for him in the future if he wanted to spy on this soul engineer legion.

However, his expression suddenly changed before he could fly up to the altitude of the aerial surveillance soul tools. As he extended his Spiritual Detection upward to find out the exact location of those aerial surveillance soul tools, they quickly shifted and got into a very weird formation.


Before he even had time to be shocked, Huo Yuhao reacted without any hesitation. He continued flying upwards, but in addition, he also burst out in a diagonal direction at full speed.

Indeed, the moment he moved, a huge invisible web fell from the sky.

This huge web was made from hundreds of aerial surveillance soul tools. They unleashed soul power undulations from oscillation detectors.

The soul power unleashed wasn’t strong, but it came in streaks and was very dense. When the web fell from the sky, it covered almost the entire sky above the military base.

The reason why Huo Yuhao felt that things were amiss earlier was because the aerial surveillance soul tools had fallen from an altitude of a thousand meters to five hundred meters.

Something had to be going on if they all fell collectively. He had reacted immediately, and he was right. These aerial surveillance soul tools all contained the ability of oscillation detection, and they bore down as a huge web. No matter how powerful Huo Yuhao was, he couldn’t possibly avoid them all.

The undulations couldn’t cause him any harm, but Huo Yuhao soon felt his skin numbing. Without a doubt, he had been locked on.

Streaks and streaks of intense red light shone below. Following this, more than fifty beams of piercing red light rose into the sky and shot straight towards him. These fiery-red lights covered hundreds of square meters around him, with him at the center. There was no way he could avoid them.

These were high-temperature scorching rays, at least Class 5 soul tools. Such rays couldn’t pose any harm to Huo Yuhao, but they were definitely the most rapid attack the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion could unleash in the short-term. Their aim was also very simple. They wanted to stall Huo Yuhao before deploying other attacks against him.

As these scorching rays shot towards him, more than ten figures had already risen from the base to attack. From their auras, it was evident that they were at least Class 7 soul engineers. One of them was even a Class 9 soul engineer. They were all flying towards Huo Yuhao at the quickest possible speed.

Damn it! They’re too ruthless!

Huo Yuhao was a little depressed right now. However, his greatest potential was always unleashed whenever he was facing danger.

A layer of icy-jade light emanated from his body. His seven soul rings shone brightly. If the soul engineers from the Sun Moon Empire could see these seven soul rings clearly, they would certainly be astonished.

There was one red and four orange-gold rings, followed by another two red soul rings. These were the seven soul rings that Huo Yuhao possessed right now.

He controlled his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice and unleashed it within a small region. All the scorching rays turned to nothing when they entered this region. The beams of scorching red light only added large patches of mist in the sky, and didn’t serve to stop Huo Yuhao at all.

Huo Yuhao turned into a beam of flowing light and flew downwards diagonally.

Right now, he had already been locked on by oscillation detectors. His highest priority was to charge his way out from the region covered by those oscillation detectors. Otherwise, even if he had wings, he wouldn’t be able to fly out of the grasp of the enemy’s top-ranked soul engineers!

As he completely unleashed his soul power, his Eye of Destiny opened. His soul core revolved quickly, and immense spiritual power shot out from his head.

His spiritual power was very strong. After it appeared, it immediately turned into a spiritual windstorm in the sky.

Spiritual Blast!

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Blast basically engulfed the entire area spanning a diameter of five hundred meters. It wasn’t targeted at any soul master, but at the oscillation detectors in the air.

Spiritual power could generate undulations too. Under the effect of his Spiritual Blast, all the oscillations within this region immediately went haywire.

Huo Yuhao knew that he couldn’t immediately charge out from the engulfment of the huge web. Those aerial surveillance soul tools were chasing after him based on the direction he was escaping in.

With the soul engineers below him to stall him, how could he successfully escape? This was why he had to disrupt the enemy’s knowledge of his exact position.

At least he had some free room to move about within this region now.

Indeed, the moment he unleashed his Spiritual Blast, the second round of attacks that was supposed to come towards him from the ground was silenced. An area five hundred meters in diameter was rather large.

Huo Yuhao needed to use this limited amount of time he had.

His body was still positioned diagonally downwards from earlier. He had already quickly put a flying-type soul tool on his back. After stabilizing himself in the air, he immediately burst up like a shell and shot straight up.

Go down? The bottom was completely covered; there was an elite force of soul engineers on the ground, and there were even aerial surveillance soul tools forming a huge web in the sky. Huo Yuhao was truly trapped. The only escape route was up. It was only by breaking free from the web that he stood a chance of escaping. Furthermore, the attacks that came from below would also weaken as they moved progressively farther through the air. Huo Yuhao was a Class 7 soul engineer himself, and still possessed a deep understanding of soul tools.

The only escape route was above.

The aerial surveillance soul tools at an altitude of roughly five hundred meters. Under the influence of his Spiritual Blast, Huo Yuhao wasn’t able to carry out any detection in the region that he was in. However, he unleashed his Spiritual Interference as he shot up.

Even though his Spiritual Interference wasn’t as effective as his Spiritual Blast, it still had some confusion effects under the influence of his earlier Spiritual Blast. After rising a few hundred meters into the sky, he was finally discovered again. However, his exact position wasn’t exposed, even though they could roughly gauge where he was, because of his Spiritual Interference.

Right now, he was very calm. He had faced more perilous situations on many other occasions. He knew that he needed to remain calm in a situation like this. Only by remaining calm could he increase his chances of survival.

He continued to unleash his full strength and didn’t even look at the soul engineers that were pursuing him. Ordinary soul tool attacks couldn’t harm him at all. If advanced-tier soul tools couldn’t lock onto him, their strength was also limited. After all, there were very few soul tools like the Death God that could unleash area attacks with such great and terrifying destructive power.

The Sun Moon Empire had discovered his intentions. The aerial surveillance soul tools in the sky started to rise higher and higher.

Huo Yuhao wouldn’t give them such an opportunity. At this moment, he was only a few hundred meters away from these aerial surveillance soul tools. As he flew up, he was already putting another type of soul tool on his back.

Lights started to shine brightly, and Huo Yuhao accelerated amidst strong soul power undulations. During this process of acceleration, he curled his body up, to the point where he resembled a cannon shell.

Not far from him, the soul engineers were shocked as they pursued him.

Is that a soul thruster? However, the soul thruster that this person is using is a little too overpowered. Can his body withstand such strong forces?

They didn’t know that Huo Yuhao had already unleashed his Ice Empress’ Armor to protect himself as he activated his soul thruster. Furthermore, he was also very strong, comparable to a Titled Douluo. Even though it was still a little overwhelming, it wasn’t as intense as the soul engineers were predicting.

Huo Yuhao quickly closed the gap. His eyes flashed with cold light, and he stomped with his right leg. Following this, the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass surfaced behind his back. An icy-blue halo spread from it over Huo Yuhao’s body. After this, something shocking appeared.

The temperature high up in the sky was naturally lower than on the ground. When that halo spread, all the water vapor and ice elements started to gather in Huo Yuhao’s direction at an alarming speed!

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