Chapter 46.3: The Spirit Eyes' Second Soul Skill

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 46.3: The Spirit Eyes' Second Soul Skill

Wang Dong replied disdainfully, “Who do you think you are? What makes you think that you can take the place of the academy in order to uphold its rules? If you two hadn’t relied on your statuses as core disciples, you both would’ve screwed off already.”

Wang Dong had pricked Dai Huabin’s soft spot. An angry glint flashed through his eyes, and he snorted coldly. “You’re courting death.” He took a step forward and sent a palm strike straight towards Wang Dong.

At that moment, a ball of black light suddenly appeared between the two parties. It was Xiao Xiao’s Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron.

Dai Huabin didn’t stop his attack, and allowed his palm to slam into the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron. At this moment, the gap in their cultivations fully manifested itself. With a muffled noise, the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron flew uncontrollably towards Wang Dong.

At that moment, Xiao Xiao only had two choices: she could either withdraw her martial soul and expose Wang Dong to Dai Huabin, or she could allow her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron to careen uncontrollably towards Wang Dong.

While Xiao Xiao was hesitating, a figure flew forwards and grabbed onto the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron, stopped it, and placed it on the ground. This then separated the two parties.

The person who’d made a move wasn’t Wang Dong, but Huo Yuhao.

Dai Huabin hadn’t activated his martial soul, nor had Huo Yuhao. Even though Dai Huabin had only used a single hand, and though Huo Yuhao had used both of his hands, he was still able to stop the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron in an extremely stable manner.

Dai Huabin was inwardly astonished. He’d fought Huo Yuhao previously, and his impression of Huo Yuhao from then was that, even though he was extremely crafty, and even though his martial soul was somewhat unpredictable, he definitely wasn’t on par with him in terms of physical strength. Dai Huabin’s physical strength was considerably astonishing; if it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to swat Xiao Xiao’s Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron away like he had. However, he’d been stopped by Huo Yuhao this easily. In other words, even though Huo Yuhao wasn’t his equal in strength, he wasn’t that far off. How could this be?

Xiao Xiao was similarly astonished. Though she’d heard the bizarre story of how Huo Yuhao’s second martial soul had awakened, she still thought that Huo Yuhao was a control-type soul master. She’d never expected him to be this strong.

Huo Yuhao indifferently said, “Dai Huabin, if you wish to fight, we’ll gladly welcome you in the Soul Duelling Arena at any time. However this is a school building. Don’t you know the school rules?” Once he finished speaking, he motioned for Xiao Xiao to withdraw her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron.

After a brief moment of rage, Dai Huabin regained his composure. He coldly replied, “There’s no need to wait for us to go to the Soul Duelling Area Huo Yuhao. We’re about to start the advancement test. Do you dare to make a bet with me?”

“What' bet?” Huo Yuhao asked.

Dai Huabin replied in a low voice, “We’ll bet on the results you three get compared to the results that we three get in our advancement test.”

Wang Dong asked in an arrogant tone, “Stakes?”

Dai Huabin replied, “If you lose, I want the prize that you won during the freshmen assessment.”

The moment he finished speaking, the expressions on all three of Huo Yuhao’s trio changed. Other than the privilege to ask the academy to help them obtain a soul ring, the most important reward they’d obtained from the freshmen assessment was the left leg bone of the Emptybright Devil Leopard, which Xiao Xiao had already fused with.

Soul bones weren’t like soul rings that could only follow a single soul master; when a soul master died, their soul rings would naturally dissipate. However, soul bones could be passed on. As long as the soul bone itself wasn’t broken, it could still be re-absorbed by another person if its original owner had passed on, or if they’d had the limb possessing the soul bone broken.

Though Huo Yuhao and the rest didn’t know whether or not Dai Huabin truly knew what the reward they’d obtained from the freshmen assessment was, this stake was equivalent to breaking off Xiao Xiao’s leg!

When Zhu Lu saw the change in the trio’s expression, she became very pleased and said, “What? Scared? If you’re scared, just screw off with your tails between your legs.”

“Bet, take the bet.” Xiao Xiao said as she flew into a rage. Even though she normally had a decent temperament, how could she endure being coerced by their opponents like this?

However, Huo Yuhao shook his head. He looked towards Dai Huabin and said, “Change the stakes.”

“I don’t want to,” Dai Huabin said coldly, “you can either bet or scram.”

A fierce light flashed through Huo Yuhao’s eyes. “If you lose, then what will you do?”

Dai Huabin replied, “If we lose, we’ll naturally bring out something of equivalent value.”

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath, then said in a low voice, “Fine. Then, I’ll just confirm the stakes of this bet; The reward we got from the freshmen assessment was a soul bone, a left leg bone. Xiao Xiao’s already fused with it. If we lose, then we’ll follow your request and cut off Xiao Xiao’s left leg and give you her soul bone. On the other hand, if you lose, I want one of your legs and a soul bone of the same rank. This shouldn’t be too excessive. As long as you can bring out a soul bone of equivalent value, we’ll bet with you.”

At this moment, the expressions of Dai Huabin’s trio changed. They hadn’t known what Huo Yuhao’s trio had gotten as a prize from the freshmen assessment. It was no wonder that Huo Yuhao had asked him to change the stakes; this unexpectedly involved the severing of a limb. However, a fervent look appeared in Dai Huabin’s eyes when he heard the words ‘soul bone’.

“Fine, I…”

“Shut your mouth!” Just as Dai Huabin was about to reply, a shout suddenly rang out, interrupting him.

Wang Yan charged over angrily and shouted in a deep voice, “Just what are you lot doing?! You’re all so young, yet you’re actually using your bodies for a joke like this! Dai Huabin, why haven’t you registered at Class 2 yet? Just what do you think you’re doing by blocking this corridor? Are you trying to get disciplined?”

Huo Yuhao naturally wouldn’t take any chances due to a something as simple as a momentary impulse; this was Xiao Xiao’s leg! He’d deliberately trapped Dai Huabin when he noticed Wang Yan approaching them. Furthermore, he’d purposefully spoken in a very loud voice so that Wang Yan would hear him.

“Teacher Wang, Dai Huabin is blocking our way, thus rendering us unable to enter the class and register. Furthermore, they’ve insisted on making a bet with us; they were also the ones who suggested this bet. We had no choice but to take on their challenge, please forgive us.” Huo Yuhao respectfully said to Wang Yan, saluting as he did so.

Wang Yan snorted coldly. “I don’t object to you using the results of your advancement test as a bet, as it can serve make you work harder. However, I absolutely don’t agree to the stakes of this bet. Even if you don’t care about yourselves, have you even thought about your families? If you sever your leg, what sort of future would you even have left? I’ll be the witness to this bet for you guys. The loser of this bet will have to bow down to the winner, apologize to them, and admit that they were wrong.”

“Bowing won’t do; that’s too soft! You need to make them kowtow and admit that they were wrong!” Zhu Lu screeched.

Wang Yan was just about to reply, but Wang Dong quickly followed up, “Fine then. You were the one who suggested it. If we lose, we’ll kowtow and admit that we were wrong. What about if you guys lose?”

After being suppressed by Wang Yan, Dai Huabin already felt somewhat dejected. Without any hesitation at all, he replied, “We’ll kowtow and admit that we were wrong as well.”

“It’s settled then.” Huo Yuhao raised his hand and slapped his palm against Dai Huabin’s three times. Their bet was now considered to have been properly made. Even if Wang Yan wanted to change it, it was now too late.

Though kowtowing wouldn’t mutilate anybody, there was no doubt that, regardless of who won, a large grudge had been formed between the two parties. Both parties had core disciples of the Martial Soul Department, but enmity like this was clearly detrimental towards the unity of the Martial Soul Department’s freshmen. As such, Wang Yan couldn’t help but furrow his brows slightly. However, the situation had already reached this point. Both parties had already agreed on the bet, thus he could only let it go on like this.

Dai Huabin’s trio opened up a path for them, and Huo Yuhao followed Wang Yan to Class 1 beside Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao.

The students of Class 1 couldn’t help but feel greatly astonished when they saw Huo Yuhao return. Though Huo Yuhao wasn’t considered too strong in the eyes of a large majority of students, his match with Wu Feng had left a long-lasting impression on everyone present. Furthermore, even though he was the class monitor, he’d actually missed the registration date yesterday. However, he’d still re-appeared today. Some of the students who were friendlier with Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but feel worried for him, while some of the students who had enmity towards him felt schadenfreude.

Huo Yuhao sat down in the same seat he’d originally sat in during Year 1. However, just as he was sitting down, Zhou Sichen, who was sitting in the row behind him, asked curiously, “Boss Huo, why’d you come back? Reporting in late is very troublesome.”

The person who’d been left in the most wretched state after Huo Yuhao’s match with Wu Feng had been Zhou Sichen. He’d lost almost twenty thousand gold soul coins in one go after betting with Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. Even he couldn’t afford to take out that much money in one go!

After that day, Zhou Sichen and Cao Jinxuan had been considered friends with Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, and Xiao Xiao. They’d also maintained a relatively decent relationship with Huo Yuhao’s gang. When Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, and Huang Chutian were expelled from Class 1, the most conspicuous students in Class 1 had naturally been Huo Yuhao’s trio, in addition to Zhou Sichen, Cao Jinxuan, and the Lan sisters. Moreover, Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo were extremely friendly towards Huo Yuhao’s trio. These powerful students were all amicable towards one another, thus, in addition to the cohesiveness of the original students of Class 1, it naturally resulted in the Year 1’s Class 1 being extremely united. Only a small number of envious students had disassociated themselves from the rest. However, there was definitely a limit to the number of accomplishments envious people could achieve. It was still hard to say whether or not they could pass the advancement test.

Huo Yuhao whispered, “Let’s just listen to our teacher’s arrangements. There shouldn’t be too big a problem if we do.”

Zhou Sichen laughed mischievously. “That’s fine. In the event that you’re screwed, you’ll just end up helping that brat surnamed Cao.”

Right! Amongst the control-type soul masters, disregarding Huo Yuhao who’d personally been appointed by Zhou Yi, Cao Jinxuan was the strongest individual in terms of personal strength. Though the Lan sisters had a fusion skill, they were still two separate individuals. If Huo Yuhao hadn’t been there, it was extremely likely that the class monitor in charge of the control system would’ve been Cao Jinxuan.

Cao Jinxuan was seated beside Zhou Sichen. When he heard what was said, he immediately became angry. “Zhou Sichen, return the money you owe me! When are you going to return the two hundred gold soul coins that you owe me? You actually dare to insult me, despite knowing that you owe me money? Pay me back right now, interest too!”

“Ah! I forgot.” Zhou Sichen’s expression immediately changed when he heard this. With a fawning look on his face, he turned towards Cao Jinxuan. “Brother Cao, come now. What sort of relationship do us brothers have!? I was just kidding! I was only praising you! If it weren’t for your strength, how could you succeed Boss Huo’s position?”

“You’re just trying to drive a wedge between us. Cut the crap and return my money!” Cao Jinxuan jumped up and grabbed Zhou Sichen by the neck.

When they saw the two buffoons horsing around, Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, and Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but laugh. Even though they were fiercely arguing with each other, the two of them were actually very close friends with each other. They, along with Long Xiangyue who’d gone to Class 2, had all grown up together. They had a relationship that was essentially familial.

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