Chapter 46.2: The Spirit Eyes' Second Soul Skill

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 46.2: The Spirit Eyes' Second Soul Skill

Fan Yu rushed out the door, while Zhou Yi brought Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong back to their dorm room and told them to report to Year 2’s Class 1 tomorrow morning to take the advancement test. It didn’t matter how Fan Yu handled things; Huo Yuhao would still have to take the advancement test. If a student wasn’t able to pass their advancement test, not even the dean would be capable of allowing that student to remain; the rules weren’t so easily changed.

Once Zhou Yi left, Huo Yuhao let out a sigh of relief. He’d rushed the entire way to the academy, and was extremely tired. He didn’t even wipe his bed off before he laid down on it and stretched his body.

Wang Dong angrily said, “Huo Yuhao, get up.”

“What do you want!? You can’t be diligent enough to the point that you’ll drag me into cultivating with you as well, right? Just forget about it for today, I’m exhausted. Let me sleep.” After speaking, he rolled over, and almost instantly began to snore.

Wang Dong couldn’t help but be startled when he saw this. How could this guy just fall asleep like this?

Despite what he’d said, he’d still come back in the end, and had even become a twin-souled soul master in the process. However, a mist seemed to surround him; what sort of person was Huo Yuhao?

Originally, Huo Yuhao had just been an orphan to Wang Dong, but now it seemed that Hu Yuhao had changed. An air of mystery surrounded him. His story was extremely bizarre and nigh unbelievable, but the facts still stood: He now had twin martial souls and two thousand year spirit rings. With these facts before them, his bizarre story really didn’t seem to have any flaws at all. The only person who knew he was lying was Wang Dong; there was no way that his soul would show signs of shattering! Could it be that he hadn’t noticed it because he was hallucinating?

In the end, even though his mind was full of doubt, Wang Dong still decided not to wake Huo Yuhao. He sat down on his bed, still covered with a fur mat, and thought, Forget it, doesn’t everyone have a few secrets? Am I not the same? Why should I be so inquisitive? At least the sincerity he shows towards me hasn’t changed, and that’s enough for me.

Once his thoughts reached this point, Wang Dong couldn’t help but reveal signs of fatigue on his face. Even this villain is asleep. Why should I cultivate if he’s sleeping? I’m going to sleep as well! He quickly lay down and pulled the quilt over him. However, he soon got up, took another quilt from his storage soul tool, and covered Huo Yuhao with it.

“When I get up tomorrow, I need to wash these sheets… Hmph, your bed’s covered in dust. I’ll give you the mat later.” When he came back, he’d made sure to bring another set of bedding with him.

After doing this, Wang Dong climbed back into his bed and soon fell asleep. This was the first time that he’d managed to sleep soundly in the last few days.

Huo Yuhao woke up early the next morning. He looked towards Wang Dong, who was still asleep in his bed, and couldn’t help but smile.

It sure felt good to be back!

The day had just started as he carefully opened his window without making a sound. Afterwards, he gazed into the distant eastern sky.

When light gradually began to appear over the horizon, Huo Yuhao took a deep breath and immediately began to cultivate the Purple Qi from the East.

His Spirit Eyes finally had their second soul ring, thus both his martial soul and eyesight had increased in strength. The four soul skills his first soul ring gave him had also increased in power due to the Skydream Iceworm; every single one of them now had the power of a thousand year soul ring. Even though he was only a two-ringed Soul Grandmaster, in terms of both his ability and number of skills, he could match a three or even a four ringed soul master.

His Purple Demon Eyes had also been strengthened alongside his Spirit Eyes. Purple light would now appear when Huo Yuhao used his Spiritual Shock, akiu to when he’d used it before, with the help of Wang Dong and their Haodong Power.

His trip to the north had gone just as the Skydream Iceworm had said it would; Huo Yuhao’s overall power had increased, and he finally had a certain degree of fighting ability.

Purple light rippled in his eyes as he cultivated, which he did until the sky outside had become quite bright.

Huo Yuhao patted Wang Dong a few times through his quilt and said, “Hey, lazy pants, it’s time to get up.”

“Don’t be noisy, let me sleep a bit more.” Wang Dong covered his head with his quilt and refused to get up.

Hu Yuhao mischievously smiled, then reached into the quilt. He proceeded to touch Wang Dong’s neck and activate his ice martial soul.

“Ah!” Wang Dong shouted and almost jumped out of his bed. A pair of slender legs were revealed as his quilt flew off of him.

“Bastard, you almost froze me to death! I’ll fight you to the death Huo Yuhao!” The coldness he’d felt on his neck had caused him to immediately wake up. When he saw Huo Yuhao standing over him with a mischievous smile, he immediately knew what had happened, and pounced on Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao naturally wouldn’t just wait for him. He used his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to quickly run away. Since his body had been improved by the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, it was now even even stronger than Wang Dong’s, and in turn his speed was much faster than before. He retreated straight out the door of their room.

“I’m gonna wash up first, then we can eat breakfast together.”

“So cold…” Wang Dong touched his neck and shivered. He looked towards the door and couldn’t help but laugh. “Huo Yuhao, just you wait!”

However, Wang Dong never got his revenge, as before they even reached the cafeteria for breakfast, Tang Ya, Bei Bei, and Xiao Xiao all come looking for them.

When the five of them met, things naturally became very lively. Huo Yuhao recounted the events of last night again, but he didn’t mention how old his new soul rings were, as he was still waiting for news from his teacher Fan Yu.

“Since teacher Fan Yu has decided to help you stay, it seems we can relax. Little Yuhao… if you do this again little Yuhao, I’ll kick you out the door!” Even though Tang Ya’s words were fierce, the worry in her eyes showed her true feelings.

Huo Yuhao apologized, “Teacher Tang Ya, senior brother, I promise that I won’t do this again. If I have any issues, I’ll discuss them with you guys first from now on.”

Bei Bei looked at him with a meaningful look as he patted his shoulder, then said, “Junior brother, though this is a good thing… As brothers, I shouldn’t need to say any more. You should first focus on passing your advancement test.”

“Yes, senior brother.” Hu Yuhao respected Bei Bei even more than Tang Ya.

Bei Bei chuckled and said, “Let’s go eat breakfast together.” There were only two cafeterias in the outer courtyard, both divided by year: one for the the Martial Soul Department and one for the Soul Engineering Department. Since they were all currently in the same department, they all ate in the same cafeteria.

Being promoted from Year 1 to Year 2 meant that the building Hu Yuhao studied in would change as well. Originally, they’d been first years, and thus had studied in the white building meant for Year 1 students. Now they’d be studying in the yellow building meant for Year 2 and Year 3 students. Huo Yuhao hadn’t come to register yesterday, but both Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao knew where to go. Thus, the three of them arrived before the yellow school building, then walked directly towards the Year 2 Class 1 classroom.

As they walked, they met three people that they knew.

Dai Huabin seemed to have grown taller, while his original cold demeanor seemed to have become more gloomy. He didn’t look like a twelve or thirteen year-old teenager at all anymore. Rather, he seemed far more mature than his fellow peers.

Next to Dai Huabin was Zhu Lu; her body had begun to mature as well. Girls developed earlier than boys, and she was now almost as tall as Dai Huabin. She possessed the Netherworld Civet beast soul, thus she made no sound when she walked.

The third person with them was naturally the young girl who owned the Ninetailed Fox soul, Cui Yajie. Compared to Dai Huabin—who was an Assault System Soul Master—and Zhu Lu—who was an Agility System Soul Master—she was different. Her abilities were a bit mixed, as her Charm was considered a control type ability, while her second skill, the Foxtail Needle, was considered to be between the assault and agility systems. When Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had been sent to Class 2, she’d followed them. After all, they’d been a group during the freshmen assessment.

Huo Yuhao’s group of three saw them, thus Dai Huabin’s group naturally also saw them. The six of them stood facing one another.

When he saw Huo Yuhao’s group, Dai Huabin’s expression sank. The two groups could be considered to have a feud with each other. First, Huo Yuhao had beaten them during the freshman assessment. Afterwards, Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had been expelled by Zhou Yi simply because Huo Yuhao ran for class representative.

Dai Huabin could endure losing their battle in the freshmen assessment; after all, it had been director Du Weilun’s decision in the end. No matter what objections he had, he could only endure. At the same time, he also believed that, in terms of individual strength, he was still above both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

However, to be expelled from Class 1 by Zhou Yi was a huge disgrace to him. Dai Huabin had never experienced this sort of humiliation in his life. As the son of the White Tiger Duke, not only had he received a strict education, he’d also developed a temperament like he was above others. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have ordered someone to beat Hu Yuhao up when he’d blocked the road at such a young age, and thus caused a tragedy for Huo Yuhao and his mother.

As the son of the White Tiger Duke, Dai Huabin naturally wouldn’t be so shocked by this humiliation that he would stay down forever. In fact, it instead stimulated his morale. Not only had he become the class representative of Class 2 through his own efforts, he’d also spent a lot of effort cultivating during the past year. His diligence hadn’t been any less than Huo Yuhao’s, and his efforts, on top of the fact that he was already a gifted person, had allowed his cultivation to take great strides. His soul force was now Rank 36. He was definitely the strongest amongst the Year 2 students; there was no one who could match him.

It was just like the saying: ‘When enemies meet, their eyes turn red’. Zhu Lu’s eyes became cold, and she mockingly said, “Isn’t this Huo Yuhao? Oh wait, I heard that you didn’t register yesterday. Have you come to wrong place, or don’t you know that the rules of the school state that students who don’t register on time will directly be expelled.”

Huo Yuhao smiled, his eyes still locked onto Dai Huabin, and replied, “What does this have to do with you?”

“Of course this has something to do with me,” Zhu Lu said, “as a student of Shrek Academy, I naturally must defend the rules of the academy. This isn’t a place you should be in, so get the hell out of here.”

The relationship between the two groups had already become irreconcilable, and now that she had an excuse, she definitely wouldn’t be polite.

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