Volume 33, Chapter 451.3: Death God Douluo!

In the meantime, everyone from Shrek Academy wanted to help, but all the soul skills they used slid off the blood-red light the moment they touched it. They didn’t have any effect at all.

Everyone knew that an Ultimate Douluo was the highest level that one could reach. However, one could only see how strong an Ultimate Douluo was when truly facing one.

Twelve Titled Douluo actually couldn’t stop the mysterious lady from grabbing Huo Yuhao. She still managed to bring him to her.

However, Huo Yuhao was very smart. He knew that he had no way of resisting her, thus he didn’t even try at all. He let the mysterious lady grab him.

It was not to say that the soul power of an Ultimate Douluo was comparable to twelve Titled Douluo. That was impossible. After all, these twelve Titled Douluo included two Transcendent Douluo. In terms of total soul power, they were naturally above her.

However, these twelve Titled Douluo would be completely unconfident if they really had to fight her. Just now, she didn’t even clash with any of them and only used her strength to easily dispose of their attacks.

The Shattered Star Douluo had it the worst. He was the most adept at controlling space, but he knew that the power that this lady had just unleashed wasn’t just some kind of power that evil soul masters possessed. Instead, she exhibited exquisite control of time and space. His own control was actually beneath hers.

She was too terrifying.

“Tell me. How do you know my surname is Ye? There aren’t many people in this world that know who I am.” The mysterious lady said coldly.

Huo Yuhao was drifting in front of her right now. Everyone knew that Huo Yuhao was doomed if she decided to lay her hands on him.

However, he actually laughed at this moment. His smile was even very calm. His gentle grin showed that he wasn’t agitated at all.

“Senior Ye, I’m not wrong, your name should be Ye Xishui.” Huo Yuhao’s words had her full attention.

“Who exactly are you? How did you know that?” The mysterious lady tightened her grip. Suddenly, the blood-red light that was tightly grabbing onto Huo Yuhao also pushed inward. Huo Yuhao’s bones started to make cracking sounds.

Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow, but he didn’t groan at all. He calmly said, “My name is Huo Yuhao. My teacher is Mu En.”

Mu En? The Dragon God Douluo, Mu En?

Everyone from the Star Luo Empire was shocked when they heard this name. It was the last Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion, the Ultimate Douluo and Dragon Douluo, Mu En. He was one of the Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White, a truly powerful individual on the continent.

After hearing Mu En’s name, they were at first astonished before they were in awe. Mu En had once made an important contribution to the peace of the continent and protected Shrek Academy all the way until his death. He was indeed one of the most notable honorary elders of the world of soul masters.

When the mysterious lady heard his name, it was as if she had been struck by lightning. She shuddered a little, and the red light dissipated, causing Huo Yuhao to fall to the ground.

“You are his disciple? But how did you recognize me? Even he wouldn’t recognize me if he stood in front of me. Moreover, he’s already dead. He’s already dead!” She was almost shouting the last few words, sounding a little hysterical.

However, her words had undoubtedly verified her own identity. She was Ye Xishui, the woman once pursued by the Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White. She had once had a sentimental relationship with Mu En, which eventually ended tragically. The love and enmity they shared were never forgotten by Mu En even when he was on his deathbed. It was the biggest regret of his entire life.

Huo Yuhao stood up and said, “Senior Ye, of course I don’t recognize you. I definitely haven’t seen you before. The only reason why I can guess your identity is because of your cultivation. How many people in this world are capable of becoming an Ultimate Douluo? Even Elder Xuan and Du Busi are still one step away. Only my teacher and the Dragon Emperor Douluo Long Xiaoyao are Ultimate Douluo. Since you are an Ultimate Douluo and your aura and cultivation seem to be superior to my teacher, this limits the range of people that I can guess from. When you mentioned that you were an evil soul master, and recalling that Elder Long Xiaoyao is from the Holy Ghost Church, I immediately knew who you were. I’m afraid you’re the only one who can convince Elder Long Xiaoyao to serve the Holy Ghost Church. It’s only you who can become an Ultimate Douluo even though you’re an evil soul master, since you’re from the same generation from my teacher and Elder Long Xiaoyao. It’s just that I didn’t expect you to be the Death God Douluo of the Sun Moon Empire.”

His analysis caused all the Titled Douluo from the Star Luo Empire to turn dismal.

Someone who was from Mu En and Long Xiaoyao’s generation and became an Ultimate Douluo as an evil soul master was a character that they couldn’t possibly resist. No wonder she wasn’t afraid of the twelve of them coming together. She wanted to take all of them down!

Ye Xishui quickly turned emotional, but she calmed down very quickly too. “Little fellow, you are clever. No wonder you’ve already achieved so much at such a tender age. You’re actually Mu En’s disciple? Good, very good. Although I hate him a lot, I love him a lot too. On his account, I’ll let you off today. I won’t kill you. However, don’t let me see you again. I’m feeling good today. I’m only thinking of all his good qualities. If you let me see you again and I only think of his flaws, you’ll be dead.”

“Thank you, elder, for sparing me.” Huo Yuhao slightly bowed towards Ye Xishui. After that, he turned around and walked towards the Star Luo Empire.

At this moment, a blood-red claw suddenly appeared behind Huo Yuhao and grabbed his neck.

Huo Yuhao suddenly felt a strong sense of breathlessness, and his soul power started to surge ferociously. He tried to resist, and his diamond ice crystals immediately surfaced.

Everyone from Shrek Academy was shocked. Tang Wutong shouted, “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t kill him?”

“Hehehehe!” Ye Xishui suddenly chuckled, and her laughter was very sinister. “Yes! I didn’t want to kill him just now, but I suddenly thought of how Mu En ended our relationship. I detest him. Since his disciple is here to find me, why shouldn’t I kill him? Mu En is already dead. I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out that I killed his disciple? Little fellow, you can only blame yourself for choosing the wrong teacher. Hahahaha!”

As she spoke, the blood-red claws started to clench up, trying to squeeze Huo Yuhao to death.

Mad. Everyone had the same thought in their mind. Yes! Ye Xishui was indeed mad. Her emotions fluctuated unstably, and she was capricious. She didn’t have the demeanor of an elder at all.

“Yuhao!” Everyone from Shrek Academy shouted at the same time.

At this point, Huo Yuhao’s body dimmed slightly, and he seemed to have turned into a ball of black air. Just as the claws clenched up, he disappeared before reappearing ten meters away. He was back to his human form.

It was just that he had completely changed after he reappeared.

His hair had grown much longer, and it had turned completely black. His skin was extremely pale, and his eyes were colorless. They were actually engulfed by golden light. His Eye of Destiny shut and disappeared. A streak of golden hair fell to his chest, which was the only other color apart from black and white throughout his entire body.

Not only this, but his aura experienced an even greater change. Although he was calmly standing where he was, he seemed like a giant beast. Intense, black light emanated from his body, and the surrounding blood-red light dissipated in the presence of this black glow, even though it wasn’t very strong.

“Who are you?” Ye Xishu looked coldly at Huo Yuhao. Given her power, how could she not tell that the person in front of her was no longer Huo Yuhao? Just from the terrifying aura, she had no choice but to calm herself down and face him.

“Ye Xishui? It’s actually this name. Very good, I didn’t expect a human to reach such a cultivation on the continent. Even I couldn’t help but be interested in you. Although I’m not in my true form, I’ll make you pay for the nine soul rings you have. Three hundred thousand year soul beasts and six ten thousand year soul beasts. You’re good!”

Huo Yuhao’s voice had turned much deeper. As he spoke, the air would vibrate with every word he said. The blood-red light that was quickly gathering towards him rapidly dissipated. Everyone from the Star Luo Empire was dumbfounded as they watched from afar.

Only an Ultimate Douluo could fight another Ultimate Douluo! Huo Yuhao could actually transform into an Ultimate Douluo?

Everything they were seeing was beyond their imagination. Was Huo Yuhao actually possessed by the Dragon God Douluo Mu En?

As Huo Yuhao spoke, he had already lifted up his right hand and mimicked a grabbing action towards Ye Xishui. At the same time, the highest mountain peak of the Ming Dou Mountain Range started to resonate with dragon roars. In the sky, dark clouds started to gather.

The space in front of Ye Xishui shattered, and a huge black dragon claw appeared in front of her, reaching for her.

Ye Xishui was also very impressive. She clasped her hands in front of her before a giant blood-red projection appeared. This projection was in human form, but it had twelve blood-red wings. As they flapped at the same time, her right hand performed a downward-swiping action.

Suddenly, a streak of blood appeared in front of her and blocked the black claws.

“Clang!” The mountain peak shook, and terrifying air currents spread towards the outside, with the core of it being the point of collision. Black and blood-red light surged at the same time and spread out.

The soul tools that were originally scattered everywhere were all dragged into the air.

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