Volume 33, Chapter 451.2: Death God Douluo!

It was everyone’s first time seeing someone as powerful as her. When her last red soul ring appeared, Huo Yuhao believed that Di Tian was the only one who could resist her. Even his own teacher or Long Xiaoyao didn’t even seem as strong as her.

How was this possible?

Only an Ultimate Douluo was stronger than Holy Dragons!

The Sun Moon Empire actually had another Ultimate Douluo apart from Long Xiaoyao? Furthermore, she was very powerful, and could even control the Death God Pagoda?

The Sun Moon Empire’s Death God Douluo was actually an Ultimate Douluo and a Class 9 soul engineer. Her powers were already unbelievable. Perhaps Di Tian was the only being could be mentioned in the same breath as her in the entire continent!

Their plan tonight wasn’t considered perfect earlier. Huo Yuhao had even had to withstand a strike from the Death God. However, Huo Yuhao was a little relieved that they were able to arrive in front of the Death God Pagoda. After all, more than ten Titled Douluo had come with him this time!

However, Huo Yuhao started to tense up again when he saw their enemy. Everyone knew that the Death God Douluo was very strong and mysterious. However, no one could have guessed that the Death God Douluo was an Ultimate Douluo.

An Ultimate Douluo was the peak of existence! And an Ultimate Douluo had actually appeared here. No wonder the Sun Moon Empire was so confident in their defense of the Ming Dou Mountain Range. After scanning it from close-range earlier, Huo Yuhao could already completely verify that the Sun Moon Empire only had two soul engineer legions here, as well as less than twenty thousand ordinary soldiers, who were here to assist the soul engineers.

However, it was these twenty thousand-odd people that managed to stall the advance of the Star Luo Empire’s hundred-thousand-man army and eight soul master legions!

This lady’s appearance wasn’t clear, as she was engulfed by a dark-red veil. It was as if there were a layer of fog covering her face. Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection wasn’t able to get within thirty meters of her. More accurately speaking, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection had been completely suppressed after that blood-red domain appeared.

“Who are you?” The Shattered Star Douluo asked.

He was extremely astonished by the appearance of an Ultimate Douluo. Only a true Titled Douluo like him knew how difficult it was to rise by even one rank after becoming a Titled Douluo. More than ninety-five percent of Titled Douluo weren’t able to get past the tier of a Transcendent Douluo. Among Transcendent Douluo, ninety-nine percent of them couldn’t become an Ultimate Douluo.

An Ultimate Douluo was almost like a god. They were always recognized as humans that were closest to gods. They could truly become gods as long as they had an altar and underwent a special transformation.

Someone like that actually existed in the Sun Moon Empire. Along with Long Xiaoyao, both of the known surviving Ultimate Douluo actually belonged to the Sun Moon Empire. No wonder the Sun Moon Empire was confident enough to wage war, and wanted to rule the entire Douluo Continent. They indeed had a strong foundation!

The Death God Douluo, along with the Death God, indeed represented the ultimate peak of existence. With her around, the Sun Moon Empire indeed didn’t need too many soldiers.

“Who am I? You aren’t even fit to ask.” The mysterious lady replied indifferently.

The Shattered Star Douluo took in a deep breath and said, “Elder, I don’t understand why you have to help the Sun Moon Empire to invade the other empires.”

“Oh?” The mysterious lady seemed to be stunned for a moment. The surrounding blood-red light also seemed to lighten a little as she calmed down.

“You must not come from the Sun Moon Empire. Although I’m not sure how the Sun Moon Empire managed to convince you to join them, everyone from the world of soul masters knows that the Sun Moon Empire is different from the other three empires from the original Douluo Continent because of their foundation and bloodline. It is indeed easier for those from the Sun Moon Empire to experience improvements in the earlier stages of cultivation, and they will find it easier to digest all sorts of medicine too. However, their rate of cultivation will fall when a certain tier is reached, which is especially true when one becomes a Titled Douluo. This is also why there hasn’t been a Transcendent Douluo in the Sun Moon Empire for many years. I’m sure you aren’t from the Sun Moon Empire. You should be from one of the three empires. Since this is the case, why are you helping the Sun Moon Empire invade your own empire?” The Shattered Star Douluo asked.

After hearing the Shattered Star Douluo’s words, Huo Yuhao was also enlightened. This was something that he didn’t even learn from Shrek Academy. Perhaps one would only know after becoming a Titled Douluo. The Shattered Star Douluo’s words were logical, but they were in a very disadvantageous situation right now, and an Ultimate Douluo wouldn’t be dissuaded so easily.

Indeed, the mysterious lady laughed. Her laughter was very sharp. It was so sharp that it was unimaginable. The surrounding blood-red light turned into huge patches of waves. The Shattered Star Douluo’s Light of Shattered Stars started to rapidly disintegrate. He had no choice but to unleash streaks of his Light of Shattered Stars with all his might to stabilize it.

“My empire? To me, that’s a joke! Junior, which empire in the original Douluo Continent can accommodate an evil soul master? No one will accommodate an evil soul master so easily. Those orthodox soul masters want to kill me the moment they see me. How dare you talk as if I belong to any empire? It’s hilarious. It’s really hilarious. You don’t have to intentionally waste my time here either. I’m not in a rush at all. You can wait for everyone to come up first.”

As she spoke, this mysterious lady lifted her hand, and a streak of red light shot into the sky. Very soon, it turned into a blood-red peony that spread in the sky.

The booms that came from the surroundings started to fade away. It was as if the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions had stopped their attack. After this, figures started to leap to the top of the mountain and gathered to where they were. These figures belonged to the Titled Douluo from the Star Luo Empire.

For the success of this plan, the Star Luo Empire had sent out a total of twelve Titled Douluo. Every one of them was so powerful that they could fight by themselves.

However, they were all silent when they ascended to the top of the mountain and saw the nine soul rings that belonged to the mysterious lady.

The abilities of truly powerful individuals weren’t decided by quantity. It was even more so at such a tier.

The mysterious lady’s aura didn’t change in the slightest as she was surrounded by twelve Titled Douluo.

All the Titled Douluo couldn’t help but lift their heads to look at the towering Death God Pagoda. They clearly knew that they had to overcome this mysterious lady before they could destroy the Death God Pagoda. Only with the destruction of the Death God Pagoda could the Star Luo Empire’s troops rush over and take the Ming Dou Mountain Range back.

“Is everyone here?” The mysterious lady laughed coldly.

All the Titled Douluo summoned their soul power. Even though they were twelve against one, they were facing an indomitable enemy. They were facing an Ultimate Douluo. How would they dare to be complacent?

Huo Yuhao also took in a few deep breaths. His spiritual power circulated, and his Eye of Destiny opened. After this, he quickly walked to the side of the Shattered Star Douluo and shouted, “Elder, don’t make a move first. I have a few words to say.”

“Oh? You’re an interesting young fellow. A really rare breed. Given your abilities as a Soul Sage, you actually possess spiritual power corresponding to that of a Titled Douluo. You are a very rare spiritual-type soul master. It’s interesting. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. After I kill them and adopt you, I’ll make you do my bidding. In the future, I’ll nurture you into a one-of-a-kind spiritual-type soul master.”

Huo Yuhao sighed and said, “Elder Ye, why do you have to do this? Are you really willing to see the entire continent decimated as a result of war just because of your own personal pain?”

The mysterious lady was shocked when she heard the words ‘Elder Ye’.

“Who are you? How do you know my surname is Ye?” Her voice suddenly sounded a little pathetic. Following this, she lifted her right hand and made a grabbing motion at Huo Yuhao.

Her hand looked very weird. Her palm and fingers were smooth and white, as if they belonged to a sixteen or seventeen-year-old teenager. However, her fingernails were dark-red, and resembled an eagle’s talons. They looked especially terrifying.

As she grabbed at the air, a huge bloody claw instantly surfaced in front of the Light of Shattered Stars.

All the Titled Douluo who were present were already prepared. When they saw this mysterious lady making a move, they immediately reacted, and unleashed all sorts of soul skills towards her. There were those that were directly targeted towards her, while others targeted the bloody claw.

However, something terrifying happened. The blood-red light that filled the sky distorted the moment the mysterious lady made her move.

The soul skills that were targeted towards her deviated from their original trajectory and scattered all around. None of them had any effect.

The Shattered Star Douluo shouted, and spots of purple starlight were released from his body in an attempt to stop the bloody claws.

However, he experienced the same thing as the rest. When that bloody claw reached them, the blood-red light immediately distorted, and the purple starlight was pushed to one side in the distortion. It didn’t have its intended effect on the bloody claw.

When the bloody claw clashed with the Light of Shattered Stars, the Light of Shattered Stars seemed to have been devoured. It directly disappeared. Following this, that bloody claw landed above Huo Yuhao and grabbed his body. As the blood-red light flashed, that bloody claw had already turned into a ball of light that had completely engulfed Huo Yuhao, and pulled him to the side of the mysterious lady.

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