Volume 33, Chapter 451.1: Death God Douluo!

The destructive strength of a Titled Douluo’s all-out strike was extremely terrifying. The Giant Hammer Douluo’s abilities were unleashed to their greatest potential at this moment.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao’s expression suddenly changed greatly. His figure flashed before he charged in front of the Giant Hammer Douluo. He dragged his body as he rapidly tried to fly invertedly.

A streak of dark-red light pierced across at this instant. This streak of light was as thick as a water vat. When it swept past, everything around it was vaporized, and a large hole was all that was left over. Following that, an unprecedented and terrifying flow of origin energy was unleashed from that large hole instantly. Pathetic screams filled the air, and formless, avenging spirits started leaping towards everyone.

The Shattered Star Douluo pushed his right hand forward, unleashing the power of shattered stars that tore both space and these avenging spirits apart.

However, these avenging spirits were very powerful. Some of them survived the attack.

Bright golden light flashed at this moment, and a holy aura was immediately released. The avenging spirits dissipated the moment they were exposed to this light, which was filled with a holy aura.

Ye Guyi lifted her right hand, and a white sword that was roughly a meter long appeared. It exuded burning, holy white light. It was her Holy Sword.

However, her Holy Sword was only her fifth soul skill, and she was only a Soul Emperor. Compared to the Shattered Star Douluo’s Light of Shattered Stars, her soul skill was much weaker. However, her Holy Sword was extremely effective against the avenging spirits. Its effectiveness even surpassed that of the Light of Shattered Stars.

Huo Yuhao said to the Shattered Star Douluo, “Quick, let’s go up quickly. It’s too difficult to move within these mountain walls. He has already discovered our position. If he unleashes his full power, we’re done.”

He clearly knew that the Giant Hammer Douluo’s attack earlier had exposed his position. However, he was the only one whose position was exposed. This was why only a streak of the Light of the Death God was unleashed towards him. If it were the complete version of the Light of the Death God, they would have been completely engulfed. If not for the fact that the power of the Light of the Death God was greatly drained during its release, he might have been the only one who would survive the attack. However, this was also built on the premise that Di Tian was able to resist the attack.

The Giant Hammer Douluo and Shattered Star Douluo wore a dismal expression on their faces right now. The Shattered Star Douluo released intense, purple light from his body, which turned into light strips that engulfed everyone and protected them. He took a step forward, and large plots of spaces started to collapse. Then, he carried everyone as they quickly charged out.

At this point, booms started to resonate from outside. The Titled Douluo who were mainly concentrated around the main mountain peak made their moves. Even if they faced soul engineer legions, they were able to hang on for some time. Moreover, they didn’t have any misgivings right now. They scattered. Against the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions, they started to unleash their destructive soul skills.

It was easier to destroy than to build. At this moment, more than ten Titled Douluo wreaked havoc with whatever abilities they had, causing the main peak of the Ming Dou Mountain Range to descend into chaos. Those large soul tools installed on the mountain peak were completely ineffective. They couldn’t be properly aimed at these Titled Douluo, whereas the soul engineers from the soul engineer legions could only attack using whatever soul tools they had with them. They weren’t able to cause any significant trouble against these Titled Douluo, who were very swift.

The scattered Titled Douluo only had one target – the top of the mountain. Their mission this time was to destroy the Death God. As long as it was destroyed, the rest of their enemies would be much easier to deal with. Furthermore, it was much more convenient for them to proceed towards any direction from the top of the mountain. This would aid them in causing further damages to their enemies’ soul tools. Right now, there were already two Titled Douluo who were silently creeping towards two of the biggest soul tools, under the guidance of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection. They were both carrying explosive bombs.

“Boom!” A ball of purple light blew apart at the top of the mountain. Following this, this ball of purple light led everyone from Shrek in their charge towards the mountain.

The Giant Hammer Douluo’s earlier strike was very effective. The moment they came out, everyone saw that the ten-plus soul tools on the mountaintop had already been blown apart. Many of them were even damaged beyond repair.

Huo Yuhao was silently heartbroken. As he was afraid of being struck by the Death God, he didn’t bring his Starlight Sapphire Ring and Starlight Sapphire Heartprotecting Mirror. Otherwise, he could have collected all these damaged soul tools. Even though they were broken, they were still worth a lot!

The Death God was far away. The rest were still slightly unaware, but Huo Yuhao, the Giant Hammer Douluo and Shattered Star Douluo had very acute senses. Their expressions changed the moment they came out.

There was some kind of invisible pressure in the air that was limiting their spiritual senses. Not far forward, the Death God was exuding dark-red, bloody light that was only visible from close-range. It was as if blood was flowing on the Death God. There was even a fierce-looking face on it that was howling.

What was even more astonishing was that there wasn’t even anyone around. No soul master legion was there to protect such an important soul tool. Even those large soul tools that had been destroyed weren’t supervised by anyone.

“Everyone, be careful.” The Shattered Star Douluo lifted his head to look at the Death God and took a step forward. He lifted his Light of Shattered Stars and protected everyone within it.

The Giant Hammer Douluo was even more direct. He lifted his giant hammer and forcefully hammered it on the ground. This time, he didn’t even require Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection before he managed to accurately locate the Death God’s position.

The Giant Hammer Douluo released intense yellow light from his body. After he hammered the ground, his sixth soul ring shone brightly. Behind him, an identical giant hammer started to swing in the air before it also hammered the ground.

A loud boom reverberated. The target was naturally the Death God.

However, it was at this moment that something weird occurred. A layer of thick, blood-red light was released from the Death God. It wasn’t targeted towards anyone, but was some sort of domain that had been built.

The Giant Hammer Douluo’s hammer quickly turned blood-red. After this, he groaned before he was flung into the air. A red hammer projection was also deflected from the ground and struck the Giant Hammer Douluo, causing him to fly several dozen meters away. The expected impact of the Giant Hammer Douluo’s attack wasn’t achieved.

Whether it was the Shattered Star Douluo, Huo Yuhao or the rest, their expressions immediately changed for the worse.

The Giant Hammer Douluo was a Titled Douluo. Although he wasn’t a particularly strong Titled Douluo, he had earned a reputation for himself through his strength. In addition, he was a Rank 92 assault-type soul master. The weakest Titled Douluo was still a Titled Douluo! He actually had the tables turned on him, and was flung into the air. More frighteningly, neither the Shattered Star Douluo nor Huo Yuhao could figure out where the person who had dealt this blow to the Giant Hammer Douluo was.

The Shattered Star Douluo’s expression immediately changed as they were engulfed by blood-red light. He wasn’t able to tear space apart amidst this blood-red light, which greatly restricted his destructive strength. The immense pressure that was placed on him even limited his ability to release his Light of Shattered Stars.

Something that was stronger than the Shattered Star Douluo! Evidently, the blood-red light wasn’t unleashed by a soul tool, but a soul master!

It was important to know that the Shattered Star Douluo was rather strong even in the realm of Transcendent Douluo. According to Huo Yuhao’s judgment, his cultivation was roughly comparable to the Martial God Douluo, Xian Lin’er. He was among the top five soul masters in the Star Luo Empire. However, this unknown enemy had already completely restrained the Shattered Star Douluo before even appearing. What did this mean? This meant that the enemy wasn’t just a Transcendent Douluo. It also meant that the enemy’s cultivation should also be miles above the Shattered Star Douluo’s. It was too terrifying.

The Death God was most likely controlled by the Death God Douluo. Did this mean that the Death God Douluo was a Transcendent Douluo? Did this mean that the Death God could possibly be a Class 10 soul engineer? The destructive strength of a Class 10 soul engineer was unimaginable.

“I wondered who was able to breach my spiritual barrier. Turns out it’s a little fellow who specializes in spiritual power. Just nice. My Death God Pagoda still lacks a powerful spirit to hold the fort. I’ll adopt the few of you then.”

A figure slowly walked out of the blood-red light. Yes, this figure appeared out of thin air. When she appeared, the surrounding air evidently distorted. All the blood-red light supported her as she came into this world.

It was a lady, or at least she seemed like a lady from her figure. Her voice was very raucous, and sounded a little raspy. However, there was some kind of special, magical power to it. It made one feel close to her, and even idolise her.

Huo Yuhao was slightly petrified, and quickly unleash his spiritual power to protect the rest. He didn’t want the others to be affected by her voice.

“You are really cautious. But, do I need my spiritual charm to kill all of you? What a joke.”

She took continued stepping forward, and her soul rings started to rise. Everyone was shocked when they saw her soul rings.

Her first soul ring was pitch-black, and its dark glow showed that it was a ten thousand year soul ring. After this, soul ring after soul ring appeared.

Black, black, black, black, black, black, red, red and red. Six ten-thousand year and three hundred-thousand year soul rings appeared. Even the Shattered Star Douluo found it difficult to breathe due to her pressing aura after all her nine soul rings appeared.

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