Volume 33, Chapter 451.1: Death God Douluo!

The destructive strength of a Titled Douluo’s all-out strike was extremely terrifying. The Giant Hammer Douluo’s abilities were unleashed to their greatest potential at this moment.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao’s expression suddenly changed greatly. His figure flashed before he charged in front of the Giant Hammer Douluo. He dragged his body as he rapidly tried to fly invertedly.

A streak of dark-red light pierced across at this instant. This streak of light was as thick as a water vat. When it swept past, everything around it was vaporized, and a large hole was all that was left over. Following that, an unprecedented and terrifying flow of origin energy was unleashed from that large hole instantly. Pathetic screams filled the air, and formless, avenging spirits started leaping towards everyone.

The Shattered Star Douluo pushed his right hand forward, unleashing the power of shattered stars that tore both space and these avenging spirits apart.

However, these avenging spirits were very powerful. Some of them survived the attack.

Bright golden light flashed...

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