Volume 33, Chapter 446.3: Exterminate the Raging Bull! Asura Yuhao!

He shouted furiously and kept on struggling. His soul power kept on seeping out, but it couldn’t change the fact that he had been fatally wounded.

The life energy of a Titled Douluo was extremely terrifying. Even after suffering such a fatal injury, which was a result of the devouring power of the Golden Dragon Spear and the judgment of the Judgment Sword, Wang Yiheng was still alive.

Huo Yuhao had already regained a streak of his consciousness when the Mad Bull Douluo had completely unleashed his strength. He blocked Ji Juechen. Even though the two of them were flung away, Huo Yuhao took close to ninety percent of the impact.

His Solo Battle Armor played a crucial role at this moment. It was impossible for him to block the all-out attack of a Titled Douluo, but Wang Yiheng was unable to attack given the state he was in. He could only release whatever external strength he had.

Huo Yuhao spat out a mouthful of blood, but he wasn’t too seriously injured.

Ji Juechen grabbed hold of him in the air. He didn’t thank Huo Yuhao, but only...

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