Volume 33, Chapter 446.2: Exterminate the Raging Bull! Asura Yuhao!

A bright ball of golden light shone on Huo Yuhao’s left. A black Xuanwu was glowing with golden light. It was the fusion of the Golden Tortoise, the Xuanwu True Body!

The viscous dark-gold light surged towards the Empyrean Blazing Bull that was getting closer and closer. This caused the bull to slow down considerably. It was the Xuanwu’s Domain! It was the Xuanwu’s Domain that had fused with a Golden Tortoise.

Water curbs fire. A Xuanwu was a godly beast that possessed both the water and earth elements. Along with the enhancements that a Golden Tortoise brought to a Xuanwu, this Xuanwu’s Domain was far stronger than when Xu Sanshi unleashed it before.

The bright-golden light transformed into a shooting star that shone extremely brightly in the Xuanwu Domain.

“Boom!” Xu Sanshi, who had turned into a Xuanwu, quickly summoned his Turtle God’s Strike.

Xuanwu True Body, Xuanwu’s Domain and Turtle God’s Strike – they were Xu Sanshi’s seventh, sixth and fifth soul skills respectively. Xu Sanshi unleashed his full strength as he unleashed all three of them at the same time.

The heavy collision caused more than fifty empyrean pearls in front of the Empyrean Blazing Bull to be crushed. But Xu Sanshi’s Golden Xuanwu was also flung backward, causing his Xuanwu’s Domain to dissipate.

This was the difference between their abilities. If Xu Sanshi were also a Titled Douluo, he would have been able to destroy Wang Yiheng with this attack.

A huge pink python started to pester and wrap itself around the Empyrean Blazing Bull just as he stopped after colliding with Xu Sanshi. It was so huge that it didn’t pale in comparison to the bull. As it wrapped itself around the bull, it managed to lock it tightly in the air.

Soft Bone Lock! This was obviously Jiang Nannan’s fifth soul skill, Soft Bone Lock. Furthermore, the huge python was still releasing glaring, golden light.

Invincible Golden Body!

Jiang Nannan had actually unleashed two godly skills using her Ruby Soft Tendon Python – Soft Bone Lock and Invincible Golden Body!

Huo Yuhao, who had been calmly drifting in the air while commanding his comrades all this while, finally made his move. Two rows of nozzles appeared behind his Solo Battle Armor.

These nozzles were located at the center of the three wings of his flying-type soul tool, just to the sides of his backbone. There were eighteen of them.

These eighteen nozzles instantly released bright light. Behind Huo Yuhao, Tang Wutong had already flown up. She avoided these lights, whereas Huo Yuhao was like a shooting star as he charged towards Wang Yiheng.

In the air, his entire aura completely changed. The look in his eyes was both deep and gentle, as if he was filled with boundless yearning. The intense emotions he was experiencing could even be felt by the rest of his comrades around him.

A projection slowly formed behind him. This figure had ravishing looks and a slender figure. There was even a gentle smiling intent and a boundless look of longing on the face of this figure. Wasn’t she Wang Dong’er?

Right now, Tang Wutong had just risen high up in the air, and saw everything clearly. When she saw Wang Dong’er’s projection slowly forming behind Huo Yuhao, she could sense the boundless yearning that filled Huo Yuhao, and the rich emotions that he was experiencing. She was completely stunned. An indescribable sense of pain instantly coursed through her entire body. She became a little dazed as she drifted in the air.

Haodong Palm, a palm that lasted eternally!

Without using any soul skill or element, Huo Yuhao could only think of his Haodong Palm right now.

His three energies and inner emotions were fused together to form a self-invented soul skill!

The Three Ultimate Haodong Skills were undoubtedly the greatest skills that Huo Yuhao could unleash right now. On his forehead, his Eye of Destiny had long since opened. His sixth soul ring shone. His Destiny’s Demise that came from Wang Qiu’er tore apart all material defenses and bore down on the Empyrean Blazing Bull. More accurately speaking, there was only a Mad Bull right now. This was because the empyrean pearls had been crushed earlier, and were yet to be replenished.

Huo Yuhao was too quick. His instantaneous charge even caused a sonic boom.

This was different from Instant Teleportation. Instant Teleportation only enabled one to disappear and reappear in space. There wasn’t any momentum to it. However, Huo Yuhao’s charge was part of his fighting strength.

His bright-golden palm carried a boundless sense of yearning and longing as it struck the Empyrean Blazing Bull’s forehead.

The massive bull paused for a moment. Following this, a layer of bright red light was unleashed from its body. The red light appeared very quickly, but also dissipated very quickly. The moment it appeared, it was as if an eggshell had engulfed the bull. However, this eggshell was crushed as quickly as it had appeared, and Huo Yuhao’s palm still managed to strike the Mad Bull’s skull.

A groan ensued, and all the flames on the Empyrean Blazing Bull’s body dispersed, revealing the original form of the empyreal pearls. However, the flames were soon drawn back. Even so, that split second that they had dispersed still caused more than half of them to dissipate.

Among humans, Huo Yuhao was still considered rather large. However, he was much smaller compared to the Empyrean Blazing Bull. Yet, he still managed to forcibly stop Wang Yiheng’s advance just like that.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes had already turned into two pupils. There weren’t any enemies in his eyes anymore. There were only countless projections of Wang Dong’er floating in his eyes. He gave his all in this strike, venting his frustration and disappointment after he found out that Tang Wutong wasn’t Wang Dong’er.

This strike was the greatest strike that he had ever unleashed.

He was deflected back. A streak of golden light instantly shone from his Eye of Destiny.

The glaring, golden light landed on the head of the Empyrean Blazing Bull. It was very thin, but more than half of it managed to pierce through the bull’s head.

Destiny’s Adjudication! Golden Dragon Pike!

At the same time, a trace of dark intent started to silently swirl up. From the sky, golden lightning struck. There was a guy who was holding his sword with both his hands, whose sword was pointing downward! The Sword Fanatic, who had yet to make a move, finally unleashed his strongest strike.

Wang Yiheng had never expected these young Soul Sages to be so difficult to deal with.

When he was pestered by the huge python earlier, he had immediately unleashed his full strength to break free. However, there seemed to be a layer of something which resembled an Invincible Barrier on the python which blocked off his attack. Before he could unleash his second attack, Huo Yuhao had already attacked him.

The protective barrier that protected him was a Blood Empyrean Barrier, a passive, defensive-type soul tool that he had personally invented. When his enemies’ attack might threaten his life, it would be immediately activated on its own.

Did my barrier malfunction? It’s only the attack of a Soul Sage. Furthermore, he’s only using his palm. How can he possibly threaten my life?

However, his barrier revealed the answer in the next moment. This was because it was crushed.

It had always been the case that defensive-type soul tools were more difficult to create than offensive-type soul tools. This was because attacks could be as devastating and chaotic as possible, while a strong defense required proper materials and techniques to achieve. It was even more difficult for passive defensive-type soul tools. This was why his Blood Empyrean Barrier wasn’t a Class 9 soul tool, but a Class 8 soul tool.

A Class 8 defensive-type soul tool had been crushed by a palm just like that! How powerful was it? Furthermore, its strength didn’t fall after destroying the barrier. It still continued to strike the Empyrean Blazing Bull.

At that instant, Wang Yiheng only felt that his spiritual sea had cracked. Countless illusions surfaced in his head. There were friends he once had when he was young, his ex-lovers and his elders. A sense of yearning immediately flooded his brain.

The remaining strength of the Haodong Palm wasn’t very much. However, under the effect of Huo Yuhao’s Destiny Demise, Wang Yiheng’s skull was struck loose. More importantly, he couldn’t control his body after he was struck by the Haodong Palm. This was the truly terrifying part.

As a Class 9 soul engineer and Titled Douluo, Wang Yiheng’s willpower was undoubtedly very strong. He struggled to break free from such a state. However, the spiritual power that fused into his head didn’t just cause pure destruction. It was more like a trigger. It triggered the deepest yearnings in his mind.

A person would definitely have something or someone that he missed. Even Ji Juechen wasn’t an exception.

When Huo Yuhao’s Golden Dragon Pike stabbed into the Empyreal Blazing Bull’s head, the terrifying spiritual power instantly surged into Huo Yuhao’s body and replenished his drained soul power, whereas Wang Yiheng’s body was shaking tremendously. He felt that his life was in danger.

No! I don’t want to die! Wang Yiheng was screaming in his heart, and wanted to break free from such a state. However, he was a soul engineer. Given his spiritual cultivation, he couldn’t possibly compare to a Rank 90 soul master. At this moment, how could he possibly quickly break free even as he tried his best?

He was even surrounded by the massive Ruby Soft Tendon Python!

“Puff——” When darkness descends, the light delivers judgment!

The Judgment Sword fell from the sky as it carried the Sword Fanatic’s sword intent. Destiny’s Demise reduced all physical barriers to nothing. Furthermore, the Golden Dragon Pike had already wounded the Mad Bull Douluo. How could he possibly resist another attack?

The black and white sword stabbed all the way through into the bull’s head! It went completely through the bull’s skull.

Even though it was only a bull, it was still a Martial Soul True Body formed by a soul master. This wasn’t any different from stabbing Wang Yiheng’s true forehead.

No, how is this possible? How can I possibly die by the hands of such weak beings?

Wang Yiheng was indignant. He shouted with all his might and summoned his terrifying soul power once again.

The Judgment Sword and Golden Dragon Pike were both flung away by this destructive intent. Huo Yuhao and Ji Juechen suffered the same fate too. The Ruby Soft Tendon Python also turned illusory and returned to Jiang Nannan’s body.

Sparks flashed in the air. Empyrean pearls fell uncontrollably from the sky.

The Mad Bull Douluo had already turned into a human once again. However, his forehead had been badly wounded.

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