Volume 33, Chapter 446.1: Exterminate the Raging Bull! Asura Yuhao!

When Huo Yuhao was fleeing earlier, he wasn’t struck by the attacks of the long-range soul tools that were installed in the Ming Dou Mountain Range. The main reason was that they couldn’t accurately determine his position. Otherwise, the Mad Bull Douluo wouldn’t have intervened. Currently, the furthest attack could only reach thirty kilometers. Of course, this wasn’t considering stationary soul cannon shells. If there were stationary soul cannon shells, a further range could be achieved. However, soul tools must be able to lock onto the enemy first. Their aerial surveillance soul tools were kept close to the Ming Dou Mountain Range as the Star Luo Empire’s troops inched closer and closer, minimizing losses and damages. This was why their control at further ranges wasn’t sufficient.

When Huo Yuhao came up with his plan, he had already considered everything. This was why he was reinforced by Xu Sanshi at the extreme boundary of the effective range of their ultra-long range soul tools. Even if the ultra-long range soul tools could react in time and fire attacks at them, they would have enough time to escape as the cannon shells traveled towards them. The others were also naturally reinforcing him outside the boundaries of the effective range of the ultra-long range soul tools.

So what if there was a Titled Douluo? They were eight against one. Huo Yuhao wasn’t afraid at all.

From the distance, streaks of dark-blue light were also flying towards them at rapid speed. The Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion’s Dagger Section had already reorganized itself.

However, both Wang Yiheng and the soul engineers from this Dagger Section had to keep one thing in mind. They were closer to the Star Luo Empire’s base than the Ming Dou Mountain Range right now. This meant that the Star Luo Empire’s reinforcements might appear at any time. They might even be lying in ambush.

A ball of blue light was flung into the air by Wang Yiheng. It transformed into an eyeball-shaped blue light.

When the Dagger Section saw this ball of blue light, they quickly stopped before turning around and retreating. They were rushing back in the direction of the Ming Dou Mountain Range.


Seeing that the Dagger Section had escaped, Huo Yuhao didn’t lower his guard at all. Instead, he became tenser. His Spiritual Detection immediately engulfed all his comrades. At the same time, he quickly drifted forward in front of everyone. Xu Sanshi followed beside him, and the rest rapidly adjusted their formation under his command.

Huo Yuhao was the furthest forward of the eight. Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan were to his left and right respectively. Tang Wutong was behind him, while Ji Juechen and Jing Ziyan were to her sides. Ye Guyi and Nan Qiuqiu were further back. The eight of them circulated their soul power at the same time.

The Mad Bull Douluo appeared very indifferent. His Empyrean Blaze circulated around his body and took a stereoscopic form. He had turned into a huge bull and raging flames were burning, causing the entire sky to be illuminated fiery-red.

He couldn’t advance further. Otherwise, he might not make it back. Wang Yiheng had already decided that this was going to be his last attack. No matter whether or not he could kill his enemies, he wasn’t going to remain, and would immediately return to the Ming Dou Mountain Range after this.

In the distance, seven to eight projections rose from the Star Luo Empire’s base. From the speed of their ascension and the lights, it was evident that these people were very strong.

One strike. He only had the strength for one strike!

The Mad Bull Douluo’s seventh, black soul ring shone brightly. In the next instant, he had already turned into a Mad Bull. His Empyrean Blaze was still attached to him, causing him to look like a huge bull that was more than thirty meters tall. He instantly charged towards Huo Yuhao and the rest.

The first from Shrek Academy to strike was Ye Guyi.

Her fifth and sixth soul rings lit up at the same time. Behind her, four wings shone brightly. Right now, she truly resembled an angel. Her slender figure moved rhythmically in the air, and her huge Holy Sword turned into glaring lights that instantly detached from her hand and slashed towards the charging bull.

Her fifth soul skill, Holy Sword, and her sixth soul skill, Angelic Dance!

Nan Qiuqiu made her move at almost the same time. The two of them coordinated perfectly with each other.

Nan Qiuqiu’s fifth and sixth soul rings also lit up.

A long, pink sword shot into the sky and attached itself to the Holy Sword. Compared to the Holy Sword, it wasn’t very eye-catching. However, when it left Nan Qiuqiu’s grasp, the pinkish light that it exuded rapidly intensified. The sword was a pink crystal-like entity that exuded mesmerizing yet blurry pinkish lights under the illumination of the Holy Sword’s golden light.

Nan Qiuqiu clasped her hands in front of her. She wore a serious expression on her face as she pushed her hands forward. A spot of pinkish crystal that was the size of a fingernail flew out. When it flew out, Nan Qiuqiu’s aura seemed to weaken a little.

It was her fifth soul skill, Ruby Annihilation Sword, and her sixth soul, Star of Annihilation!

The two sword lights combined and instantly landed on the bull’s body.

“Clang!” The Holy Sword was instantly crushed and turned into countless streaks of golden lights that dissipated. Following this, the Ruby Annihilation Sword was also crushed.

However, the combination of these two swords still managed to weaken the flames on the Mad Bull Douluo’s body. After this, the Star of Annihilation arrived.

The immense power of Annihilation was demonstrated at this moment. The Star of Annihilation, that appeared to only be the size of a fingernail, caused bright, pink light to be released as it touched the flames. It imprinted itself on the Mad Bull Douluo’s forehead. It was as if a piece of crystal had grown on the Mad Bull Douluo’s head.

The pinkish lights continued to grow stronger and stronger. The size of the Star of Annihilation also rapidly grew. During this process of enlargement, it absorbed the flames. The burning flames were completely ineffective against the power of Annihilation.

This was…

Wang Yiheng was also shocked. It was his first time witnessing the strength of Annihilation too. The strength of a mere Soul Emperor was actually able to weaken his Empyrean Blaze and grow at the same time. How was this possible?

The Star of Annihilation was Nan Qiuqiu’s sixth soul skill. It was also her strongest soul skill right now. However, it was different from the sixth soul skills of ordinary soul masters. Nan Qiuqiu would drain more than thirty percent of her soul power to unleash her Star of Annihilation once. She even used up fifty percent of her soul power to unleash this particular strike.

The best way to deal with the Star of Annihilation was to avoid it completely. Although it was very strong, there was one problem with it. It was that it couldn’t lock onto its opponents. It could only fly forward.

However, the Empyrean Blazing Bull was too huge. Furthermore, Wang Yiheng was a very conceited person. He had no intention of avoiding the strike. Because of this, he was directly struck.

The effect of the Star of Annihilation was that it turned the enemy’s strength into its own strength. When it devoured so much strength such that it reached its limit, it would…

“Boom!” A major explosion ensued. The Empyrean Blazing Bull was rooted to his position before the flames around his body started to intensify. However, he was just releasing flames from his body.

To overcome the Star of Annihilation, Wang Yiheng had no other choice. He could only increase the output of his soul power. Just as he had predicted, the Star of Annihilation could be filled until it was on the verge of bursting even though it was very difficult to get rid of. However, the amount of power released by the Star of Annihilation was extremely great if it were to blow apart.

Nan Qiuqiu’s abilities weren’t exceptional. However, her Star of Annihilation absorbed the strength of the Mad Bull Douluo. Given this, the Mad Bull Douluo would suffer greatly if it blew apart. The flames that the Mad Bull Douluo released would also weaken significantly.

After the two ladies completed their attacks in the air, a sonorous dragon roar sounded. The Dragon God's Slaughter Dance rose into the air once again, fluttering its dazzling, purple butterfly wings. It charged towards the Empyrean Blazing Bull.

Huo Yuhao chose this timing. It was exactly when the Star of Annihilation had blown apart, and the Mad Bull Douluo’s reaction was slightly delayed.

The Dragon God's Slaughter Dance formed shadows and collided strongly against the Mad Bull Douluo.

Not only this, but a ball of dark-purplish haze was following the Dragon God's Slaughter Dance. This was Jing Ziyan’s sixth soul skill, Mist Powder.

The effect of her Mist Powder was very similar to the Star of Annihilation. When unleashed, the amount of soul power it drained was according to the intention of the soul master who unleashed it.

The difference was that Jing Ziyan’s Mist Powder was more thorough than the Star of Annihilation.

Because of the power of Annihilation, Nan Qiuqiu could only use fifty percent of her soul power to unleash her Star of Annihilation. However, Jing Ziyan could use up to eighty percent of her soul power on her Mist Powder.

At such a time, why would Jing Ziyan conserve her power at all?

When the Dragon God's Slaughter Dance struck the Mad Bull, the purple lights had already turned golden. The sky cracked open, and countless streaks of golden light descended from the sky. They were like bolts of golden lightning that struck the Empyrean Blazing Bull’s body. Every attack that landed made the bull weaker. The continuous attacks also caused the Empyrean Blazing Bull to advance at a slower pace.

This was…

Wang Yiheng wasn’t the only one who was stunned. Everyone from Shrek Academy was astonished by what they saw. Tang Wutong had actually conserved some of her power as she unleashed her Dragon God's Slaughter Dance earlier, but she was demonstrating its true power now. It seemed like even a Soul Sage wouldn’t be capable of such a strike. It had to be at the level of a Soul Douluo.

After all, Wang Yiheng was a soul engineer. He was a Class 9 soul engineer. He didn’t have a great advantage in terms of his martial soul. This was why he resisted this series of attack using his Empyrean Blaze.

Angelic Dance, Holy Sword, Ruby Annihilation Sword, Star of Annihilation and the fully-unleashed Dragon God's Slaughter Dance greatly suppressed him.

In the next instant, his huge body had already been engulfed by a ball of mist.

The explosion of Jing Ziyan’s Mist Powder led to pyrolysis. Pyrolysis occurred from within, generating immense splitting characteristics. The mist fused and engulfed the Mad Bull Douluo before splitting!

The purplish mist instantly turned fiery-red in the next instant before it dissipated. However, everyone could sense that a great amount of Wang Yiheng’s soul power was robbed during this process of dissipation.

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