Volume 33, Chapter 446.1: Exterminate the Raging Bull! Asura Yuhao!

When Huo Yuhao was fleeing earlier, he wasn’t struck by the attacks of the long-range soul tools that were installed in the Ming Dou Mountain Range. The main reason was that they couldn’t accurately determine his position. Otherwise, the Mad Bull Douluo wouldn’t have intervened. Currently, the furthest attack could only reach thirty kilometers. Of course, this wasn’t considering stationary soul cannon shells. If there were stationary soul cannon shells, a further range could be achieved. However, soul tools must be able to lock onto the enemy first. Their aerial surveillance soul tools were kept close to the Ming Dou Mountain Range as the Star Luo Empire’s troops inched closer and closer, minimizing losses and damages. This was why their control at further ranges wasn’t sufficient.

When Huo Yuhao came up with his plan, he had already considered everything. This was why he was reinforced by Xu Sanshi at the extreme boundary of the effective range of their ultra-long range soul tools. Even if the ultra-long range soul tools could react in time and fire attacks at them, they would have enough time...

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