Volume 33, Chapter 445.3: Empyreal Flame

The empyrean pearls that were originally targeting Huo Yuhao suddenly stretched out and flew around the eight-ringed Soul Douluo’s body. Not only did they not hurt him – they wrapped around in front of him and blocked the attacks from the Dagger Section’s other nine members. This control of the Empyrean Blaze was just perfect.

What a cunning fellow! Wang Yiheng’s face blackened. He didn’t go ahead to rescue the Class 7 soul engineers who were plummeting towards the ground, because those people had clearly awakened during their freefall. They were working hard to control their bodies, but they weren’t in much danger even though they were cutting very sorry figures.

Three hundred and sixty-five pearls bolted toward Huo Yuhao like shooting stars under Wang Yiheng’s control. These fiery shooting stars weren’t just blindly attacking – instead, they seemed to resemble a web that was stretching out as they closed in around him. Wang Yiheng also made his move as he accelerated in pursuit as fast as he could.

Huo Yuhao was trying to run away, but he didn’t forget to retrieve his long-range soul controller to detonate the high altitude aerial surveillance...

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