Volume 33, Chapter 445.3: Empyreal Flame

The empyrean pearls that were originally targeting Huo Yuhao suddenly stretched out and flew around the eight-ringed Soul Douluo’s body. Not only did they not hurt him – they wrapped around in front of him and blocked the attacks from the Dagger Section’s other nine members. This control of the Empyrean Blaze was just perfect.

What a cunning fellow! Wang Yiheng’s face blackened. He didn’t go ahead to rescue the Class 7 soul engineers who were plummeting towards the ground, because those people had clearly awakened during their freefall. They were working hard to control their bodies, but they weren’t in much danger even though they were cutting very sorry figures.

Three hundred and sixty-five pearls bolted toward Huo Yuhao like shooting stars under Wang Yiheng’s control. These fiery shooting stars weren’t just blindly attacking – instead, they seemed to resemble a web that was stretching out as they closed in around him. Wang Yiheng also made his move as he accelerated in pursuit as fast as he could.

Huo Yuhao was trying to run away, but he didn’t forget to retrieve his long-range soul controller to detonate the high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools that he didn’t have time to take away.

A series of explosions could be heard from behind. Wang Yiheng didn’t have to look to know what had happened, and his expression became incredibly malevolent. He didn’t have to ask to know that those high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools that they had lost contact with probably didn’t end well.

Bastard! This bastard! I’ll kill him!

The Empyrean Blaze was simply too quick. Huo Yuhao was already using his full strength, but the Empyrean Blaze was still continuously bearing down on him. The scorching heat and sweltering air kept gaining on him, but the temperature didn’t affect Huo Yuhao much, because he relied on his Ice Empress’ Armor and his Solo Battle Armor for protection. What he had to do now was accelerate, accelerate, accelerate!

Huo Yuhao was quite near the Star Luo Empire’s Northwestern Field Army. He only had to keep this up for just a little while more before his problems would end.

“Close!” Wang Yiheng exclaimed, and the Empyrean Blaze suddenly expanded before it abruptly accelerated and closed up. Wang Yiheng used almost ten percent of his soul power for this move.

However, Huo Yuhao’s figure also suddenly picked up speed at that moment. He was like a beam of flowing light as he rocketed across the skies and reappeared in the distance.

He can still accelerate – that’s not possible! Only a Titled Douluo can reach that speed, but that fellow’s soul power undulations show that he’s clearly not a Titled Douluo!

Another figure appeared within Wang Yiheng’s vision, and that person turned to run along with the first one.

Yes, Xu Sanshi was the one who came to provide support for Huo Yuhao.

Xu Sanshi had actually been waiting at a location not far from Huo Yuhao from beginning to end, and he communicated with Huo Yuhao through his Spiritual Detection. That was the reason why he could save Huo Yuhao in the nick of time. The distance that he had suddenly covered meant that Wang Yiheng’s sudden burst of energy achieved nothing. Furthermore, he even paused for a moment in the sky because he had used too much soul power before he could continue chasing him.

When Wang Yiheng was just starting to move again, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on the side of his face, and subconsciously glanced toward his side.

But there was nothing there; all he could see was pitch-black darkness. However, there seemed to be a poisonous snake hiding within the darkness, and this poisonous snake was just revealing its sharpest fangs and was about to swallow him whole.

Wang Yiheng didn’t know who his opponent in the darkness was. He was worried that the Star Luo Empire would make their move, as they were very close to the Star Luo Empire after all. He would have a hard time if there were several Titled Douluo waiting to ambush him in the sky – he had reinforcements from the Sun Moon Empire, but their job at the Ming Dou Mountain Range was for defense; they didn’t have enough strength for an offense.

That razor-sharp sword intent finally appeared, and Wang Yiheng felt as if the entire black sky was being torn open at that moment. The sword intent was actually vicious, and everything around it seemed to be obliterated. Yet, there seemed to be some kinds of emotions rippling through all that obliteration – there was focus and stubbornness, there was depth and clarity.

What is this…

Wang Yiheng was a soul master and a soul engineer, but he had never felt strength such as this, as if this strength shouldn’t belong to this world at all.

Darkness blanketed him in that instant. Wang Yiheng had no choice but to use his Empyrean Blaze to defend himself. Several dozen empyrean pearls went dark in that moment, and a brilliant golden light glowed in the night sky, while the sword intent was raised to its highest possible level.

A beam of sword light cut across the skies. It disappeared in a flash, and raced into the distance before it caught up with Huo Yuhao and Xu Sanshi. This beam even seemed to carry them and accelerate.

Wang Yiheng didn’t dare to chase them. After the sword intent flew across the sky after it transformed from darkness to light, his several dozen empyrean pearls that were struck began to crackle with ear-piercing shrillness. Large cracks started to appear even though they didn’t break into pieces.

Those empyrean pearls were extremely difficult to forge. Even though their advantage lay in their numbers, every single one of them was a result of his blood and sweat! A single broken piece would cause him great and uncontrollable heartache.

No, that fellow…

Wang Yiheng suddenly felt that something wasn’t right after his momentary confusion. That kind of sword intent made him fearful, but the person channeling that sword intent clearly didn’t have enough strength. At least, that person didn’t have enough strength to threaten him.

I’ve been tricked!

Wang Yiheng’s Empyrean Blaze fired out once more after he realized that something was amiss, and he continued chasing Huo Yuhao and Xu Sanshi. He was about to explode with anger – they are clearly not very powerful, but they have been deceiving me again and again. Not only have they destroyed so many high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools, but they have also damaged my Empyrean Blaze. They both have to die!

Wang Yiheng used his full strength as he lashed out with his Empyrean Blaze. He transformed into an enormous bull in midair at the same time, and his flying speed suddenly increased exponentially. He wasn’t using his flying-type soul tool this time; he was burning his formidable soul power as a Titled Douluo.

He knew that he only had one chance to attack. If he couldn’t catch them with this strike, he would have exceeded the Ming Dou Mountain Range’s area of protection, and he could very well become his enemies’ prey if that happened. Therefore, he didn’t hold back in this attack.

Several figures shot into the sky in the distance. There were five of them, and they spaced out in a row as they each radiated with different colors.

They were all females. The girl in the center burst with bright dragon roars as a pair of enormous dragon wings stretched out behind her. She transformed into a giant dragon amidst the dragon roars, and her sixth and seventh soul rings flickered at the same time.

Radiant Dragon Butterfly – it was Tang Wutong.

Even though her form was called Radiant Dragon Butterfly, her martial soul true body was presented entirely in dragon form, but there were waves and curves that resembled a butterfly’s wings on the edges of her dragon wings. The aura that she released wasn’t just noble and elegant – there was a feeling as if she was looking down on the entire world.

Dragon God’s Slaughter Dance! Her sixth soul skill!

An enormous shadow of a dragon emerged from her Radiant Dragon Butterfly true body, and it immediately transformed into a colossal dragon that was a hundred meters long as it went straight for the Empyrean Blaze.

She wasn’t the only one who attacked. Jiang Nannan, Ye Guyi, Nan Qiuqiu, and Jing Ziyan all unleashed their strongest soul skills.

A large pink python glimmered behind Jiang Nannan’s back and circled around her. Jiang Nannan transformed into beam after beam of flowing light as she dashed out closely behind Tang Wutong. The white light that she had shifted into seemed like the Radiant Dragon Butterfly’s outer garment, and they combined together just like that.

The empyrean pearls that were at the forefront collided with Jiang Nannan’s martial soul true body. They were actually bounced away by some kind of flexible strength, and their fiery strength was not released at all, as if they had been cut off.

The Dragon God’s Slaughter Dance erupted with eye-catching purple light, and large swathes of empyrean pearls were blocked off just like that. Tang Wutong used action to prove her formidable strength to everyone, and not even Huo Yuhao had fought with her face-to-face before this. She was forcefully blocking a Class 9 soul engineer’s signature Class 9 soul tool! She could be proud of herself even if she could only hold on for a little while.

Ye Guyi’s expression was solemn as she clasped her hands above her head. Her Holy Sword radiated with intense light as her four angel wings stretched out behind her back. Immense light power aggregated as her beautiful frame suddenly flew forward. Nan Qiuqiu disappeared behind her in a flash.

Ye Guyi overtook Tang Wutong’s position in the next moment, and she flew toward a higher altitude.

Her Radiant Holy Sword resembled a rainbow as it slashed down towards the Manic Bull Douluo, Wang Yiheng.

Wang Yiheng waved his right hand, and a dozen empyrean pearls went for the Holy Sword. The Holy Sword’s radiance was bounced away, but the empyrean pearls’ glow was evidently dimmer than before.

Wang Yiheng could feel his heart aching! How can these soul masters, who still seem quite young, have such powerful attacking strength?

He wasn’t done lamenting when a pinkish beam of light swept up those empyrean pearls after it flickered from behind the Holy Sword.

Something that made Wang Yiheng absolutely astonished happened – the flames on his empyrean pearls dimmed, and their explosive strength immediately disappeared. Those pearls began to plummet toward the ground like that, and he couldn’t even communicate with them anymore. What was happening?

A patch of fog swept over and pulled both Ye Guyi and Nan Qiuqiu back. Jiang Nannan retreated as well, and landed back beside Tang Wutong.

The Dragon God’s Slaughter Dance was also reaching its end, and the Empyrean Blaze finally broke through the enormous dragon shadow.

In terms of cultivation, Huo Yuhao and the others were all a far cry from the Manic Bull Douluo. However, every single one of them was the best of the best. They supported each other again and again as all eight of them came together, and the five girls’ assault was like tidal waves as they forcefully blockaded Wang Yiheng.

I can’t hold back any longer. Wang Yiheng watched as the three people who were running away before this stood their ground, and all eight of them no longer attempted to escape even though they were facing him. He felt a chill run down his spine.

He suddenly realized that he had exceeded the area of protection offered by the Ming Dou Mountain Range’s long-range soul tools, and this meant that he could no longer receive any reinforcements here.

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