Volume 33, Chapter 445.2: Empyreal Flame

Huo Yuhao had risen to an even higher altitude under the Snow Lady’s cover, and the high altitude aerial surveillance tools were now within his reach.

The Snow Lady was directing his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice, and that meant its effects were not as good as if he had been the one directing it. However, delaying his enemies for a short while was sufficient.

That was because his soul and spiritual power had an extremely high degree of integration, and he could thus leave a stream of his own spiritual power to the Snow Lady. Only then could they separate from each other for longer distances – otherwise, the Snow Lady couldn’t do even battle when she was so far away from him.

There were nine – nine more high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools had arrived, and these represented enormous wealth in addition to what Huo Yuhao had collected earlier on.

Huo Yuhao accelerated with everything he had, and finally arrived in front of those high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools with a few flashes and flickers. He didn’t hesitate at all, and his Starlight Sapphire storage ring flickered as he swiftly pocketed those soul tools one after another.

But right at this moment, he suddenly...

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