Volume 33, Chapter 445.2: Empyreal Flame

Huo Yuhao had risen to an even higher altitude under the Snow Lady’s cover, and the high altitude aerial surveillance tools were now within his reach.

The Snow Lady was directing his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice, and that meant its effects were not as good as if he had been the one directing it. However, delaying his enemies for a short while was sufficient.

That was because his soul and spiritual power had an extremely high degree of integration, and he could thus leave a stream of his own spiritual power to the Snow Lady. Only then could they separate from each other for longer distances – otherwise, the Snow Lady couldn’t do even battle when she was so far away from him.

There were nine – nine more high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools had arrived, and these represented enormous wealth in addition to what Huo Yuhao had collected earlier on.

Huo Yuhao accelerated with everything he had, and finally arrived in front of those high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools with a few flashes and flickers. He didn’t hesitate at all, and his Starlight Sapphire storage ring flickered as he swiftly pocketed those soul tools one after another.

But right at this moment, he suddenly felt an intense wave of alarm as he looked down subconsciously – what he saw was a sphere of scorching heat that seemed like the sun as its light erupted viciously.

Oh, no.

Huo Yuhao channeled his consciousness and swiftly summoned the Snow Lady.

The Snow Lady transformed into a beam of flowing light as she surged up into the sky. However, Huo Yuhao could still feel that his soul power was leaking out at a crazy rate. Furthermore, he could feel waves of weakness in his spiritual power.

The Snow Lady was a Spirit, and she couldn’t truly die. However, Huo Yuhao was the one who had to expend energy when she was attacked. In some sense, Spirits were a soul master’s partial avatars. A soul master would be severely injured if their Spirits died, and nobody knew how long a soul master would need to reaggregate those Spirits. At least, Huo Yuhao didn’t want to have that kind of experience.

A strange little flower peeked out from Huo Yuhao’s shoulder. Circles of icy-blue light blanketed the area below him and met with the Snow Lady – yes, it was the Star Anise making its move.

The rolling heatwaves that were rising up from beneath were blocked for a moment with the Star Anise’s help, and only then did the Snow Lady transform into a ray of light before she reintegrated into Huo Yuhao’s body.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but draw a cold breath as he watched that sudden beam of intense light, which had erupted all too suddenly and resembled the sun. So powerful? Who has come? Such a terrifying attack – is he crazy?

Huo Yuhao no longer continued to wait for the other high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools to arrive, and immediately turned to run. He activated all his soul power and transformed into a beam of light as he went straight for the Star Luo Empire’s camp.

There was only one possibility for someone to create such a disturbance – a Class 9 soul engineer had arrived. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao hadn’t discovered his enemy with his spiritual power. This meant that his enemy possibly carried soul tools that impeded his Spiritual Detection. An opponent like that was something that he absolutely couldn’t fight against.

Right at this moment, spheres of fiery light suddenly blasted into the sky. Every single one of these fireballs was at least one meter in diameter, and several hundred of them rose into the sky in the blink of an eye. They lit up the entire area, and every fireball seemed like a tiny little sun that shone with searing brilliance. A tall and muscular figure rose from below at the same time and with incredible speed.

“He can’t escape!” An awe-inspiring growl could be heard. The Manic Bull Douluo, Wang Yiheng, was already in the sky. Huo Yuhao hadn’t seen him do anything at all, but those fireballs that rose into the sky erupted with beams of fiery light that swiftly congregated into an enormous flaming web. There were faint rippling distortions in the air – this web of fire perfectly blocked off Huo Yuhao’s escape path

Such a powerful soul engineer! He must be Class 9.

Huo Yuhao didn’t stop at all. For his current situation, there was only one solution against such a circumstance, and that was to force his way out. He would be in deep trouble if he couldn’t break out of this.

He stopped using Imitation, and his figure emerged from the air. The temperature in the air was very high due to the looming web of fire, but Huo Yuhao didn’t release his Ultimate Ice to combat the heat because that would exacerbate his energy consumption. The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass released faint icy-blue hues that covered his entire body, and these layers completely cut off the intense heat from his surroundings.

The Star Anise was no good at offense, but its auxiliary and support effects were extraordinary.

The Manic Bull Douluo was momentarily stunned when Huo Yuhao revealed himself with his human-shaped soul tool. A human-shaped soul tool? Can that actually be a human-shaped soul tool? Since when has the Star Luo Empire’s research into soul tools reached such a standard?

He was surprised, but his movements didn’t slow. The fiery web wove through the sky, and the large fireballs rapidly switched positions as the flaming web came down directly on Huo Yuhao to garrote him.

Wang Yiheng’s martial soul was quite strong in the first place. He pursued high explosiveness, power, and intense heat when he was doing his own research into soul tools. He had a pure desire for destructiveness.

He managed to become commander of one of the legions that belonged to the Hand that Protects the Nation, so it wasn’t hard to imagine his prowess. Even if he wasn’t as powerful as the Starsky Douluo, Ye Yulin, he wasn’t that much weaker.

The soul tool that he was currently using was called Empyrean Blaze, and it was his own creation. It was formed from three hundred and sixty-five empyrean pearls, and every pearl was under his control. He himself was the center of this formation.

The Empyrean Blaze was roughly ranked between number ten and number twelve amongst the other Class 9 soul tools.

One should never disregard it because it was ranked after number ten. This ranking system also considered stationary soul cannon shells, and Wang Yiheng had only attained the status that he had now because of his Empyrean Blaze.

High altitude aerial surveillance soul tools were far too important. That was the reason why he used his signature move from the get-go.

Of course, the Snow Empress’ original strength wasn’t something that he could match up to. But what the current Snow Lady could muster was too weak. Huo Yuhao wasn’t the one directing his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice, and it was directly broken through under the throttling burn of Wang Yiheng’s empyrean Blaze. The fiery web was sweeping down upon him at this moment – the Empyrean Blaze was most adept at control and incineration, and it controlled the entire situation.

Huo Yuhao’s mind was clear as he took a deep breath. He didn’t show any timidity at all as his Eye of Destiny opened on his forehead. The blue jewel on his Solo Battle Armor’s forehead immediately glowed, and strange soul power undulations rippled outward. In the next moment, a brilliant purple beam cut across the skies as it burst out like a lightning bolt. The purple beam turned rose-gold the moment it left the jewel, and stretched across the skies. Not even the Empyrean Blaze could block it – not even a little bit – and it immediately appeared before Wang Yiheng.

Wang Yiheng belonged to the younger and more vigorous generation of soul engineers amongst the Class 9 soul engineers. He had many insights into the newest technology, and he was also ferociously strong at the same time. He could immediately tell that something wasn’t right when Huo Yuhao made his move – is that a pure spiritual-type attack?

A pure white headband suddenly appeared on Wang Yiheng’s head. Seven silver jewels formed the front of this headband, and these jewels suddenly erupted with brilliant light under Wang Yiheng’s control as they transformed into a silver shield that protected him behind it.

The rose-gold beam struck this shield, and the shield quivered faintly before the rose-gold beam dissipated into nothingness.

Far into the distance, that jewel on Huo Yuhao’s Solo Battle Armor exploded into smithereens with a bang. He didn’t turn back as he charged in the direction of the Empyrean Blaze.

Wang Yiheng was clearly a little lackadaisical at this moment, and his head suddenly arched backward as if someone had clipped him heavily on the face. The silver shield before him and the headband on his head disintegrated at the same time.

Wang Yiheng could feel intense dizziness in his head. That frightening wave of spiritual power was like a drill as it pierced deep into his brain, and he immediately lost control of the Empyrean Blaze, while the flames were greatly reduced in that instant.

Huo Yuhao leveraged this short window of opportunity, and his three pairs of wings glowed radiantly as they carried him towards the outside. Another layer of diamond ice crystals covered his Solo Battle Armor at the same time to protect him from the intense heat.

He was almost at the edge of the Empyrean Blaze.

Wang Yiheng managed to recover at this moment. Such powerful spiritual power! Even though he felt a wave of terror in his heart, he didn’t slow down in his control of his Empyrean Blaze. The dimming flames became searing hot once more, and more than ten empyrean pearls went straight for Huo Yuhao’s position to lock him down.

Huo Yuhao disappeared in a flash – Instant Teleportation. He escaped the empyrean pearls’ area of effect in a blink, and escaped from the Empyrean Blaze’s entrapment.

However, Wang Yiheng wasn’t by himself; the Dagger Section’s other team members were still outside. They had been observing Huo Yuhao’s movements this entire time. They saw that he had actually broken out, and large amounts of soul rays and soul cannons instantly assaulted him like a hurricane.

Huo Yuaho’s seven soul rings glimmered into view, and his fifth soul ring shimmered as he switched positions with one of the Dagger Section’s members in the distance.

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection covered the entire area even though he was mired in danger. He had chosen this person a long time ago, and his target was the section’s leader – the Soul Douluo, the Class 8 soul engineer!

This Soul Douluo became the target of the hurricane once their positions were switched. The Empyrean Blaze was behind him, and his teammates’ powerful attacks were in front of him. The Class 8 soul engineer himself was greatly astonished.

Huo Yuhao didn’t stay to fight after he switched positions with him, and a rose-gold circle suddenly radiated outward with his head at the center.

Spiritual Blast – a skill carried by the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s skull!

Every single Class 7 soul engineer suffered the same outcome after they took a hit from Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Blast, which was unleashed from his Eye of Destiny. They lost control of their bodies in an instant and plummeted towards the ground.

Huo Yuhao didn’t give everything he had in this attack so that he could escape successfully. After all, he had used his full strength when he had attacked Wang Yiheng with Spiritual Shock, and he had to leave some strength to retreat at a time like this.

Huo Yuhao turned and flew away as he continued to escape while he unleashed Spiritual Blast.

Huo Yuhao had duplicated Xuanwu Displacement from Xu Sanshi, and it created unexpected effects every time he used it. It lived up to its name as one of a defense-type soul master’s legendary soul skills!

Wang Yieheng unleashed his immense prowess as a Class 9 soul engineer at this moment.

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