Volume 33, Chapter 445.1: Empyreal Flame

There were lights like flowing lines all over the dark blue armor, and Huo Yuhao used Darkgolden Terrorclaw yet again. Across the sky! Torn! Death!

The armor on Huo Yuhao’s hands split open according to his will when he was unleashing Darkgolden Terrorclaw, and it flipped backwards onto his wrist and transformed into heavier bracers.

Xuan Ziwen had named this human-shaped soul tool the Solo Battle Armor, and the only problem with this soul tool was that it couldn’t amplify some of Huo Yuhao’s offensive abilities. For instance, Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice and Darkgolden Terrorclaw were too destructive, and the suit probably couldn’t take that level of power when he unleashed everything at full strength.

Therefore, Xuan Ziwen placed extra emphasis and effort on speed and defense when he was building this soul tool – especially speed. This was a Class 7 soul tool, and it could erupt with an eight-ringed Soul Douluo’s top speed. Even Titled Douluo would have to put in some effort if they wanted to catch up to Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao’s formidable fighting strength became even more conspicuous by relying on this terrifying speed.

Huo Yuhao had killed three out of five men within a few blinks of the eye, and the two other soul engineers were not idiots. They didn’t have to speak to each other as they both turned tail and ran back towards the Ming Dou Mountain Range.

Huo Yuhao didn’t chase them. Even though he had taken three people down so quickly, his expression became very solemn – that was because he could see ten dark blue shadows flying towards him at breakneck speed. Huo Yuhao could tell from their soul power undulations that those ten who followed behind were much stronger than the five who had come before.

More importantly, Huo Yuhao was acquainted with them – weren’t they part of the Evil Tyrant Legion, which was a beast lord-ranked legion that was most adept at speed, who were also part of the Hand that Protects the Nation?

They were all Soul Sages, at least – Nine Soul Sages and a Soul Douluo? Huo Yuhao quickly judged his enemies’ strength with Spiritual Detection.

Fierce! Thy must be the real elites of the Evil Tyrant Legion.

Even though Huo Yuhao was very confident, he wasn’t willing to face off against enemies like that. He wouldn’t be afraid if they were coming at him one by one, and the Soul Douluo was no exception. However, the most frightening feature of the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions was the chemistry they had with each other with their soul tools. They would be able to amplify their fighting strength by several times once they began to work together, and the ten of them together probably had strength comparable to a Titled Douluo. That wasn’t something that he wanted to face.

I can’t delay any longer!

Thoughts spun like lightning in his head, and he surged into the air once more. He rose into the sky much faster than before due to his Solo Battle Armor. Furthermore, his armor itself provided him with extra protection.

Huo Yuhao activated Imitation and Spiritual Interference Domain once more. The soul engineers from the Evil Tyrant Legion hadn’t come near, and they wouldn’t be able to detect his actual location if they didn’t have oscillation detectors.

The biggest problem when fighting against soul engineers was when they were able lock onto their opponents. Especially in one-versus-one situations, a soul engineer’s opponent would only become a target if the soul engineer managed to lock onto his or her opponent. Huo Yuhao didn’t have a hobby like that.

Seven other high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools had arrived, and the nine remaining ones were still in the process of flying over. However, Huo Yuhao knew that he couldn’t wait any longer, and he couldn’t possibly bring away all twenty-two of them.

I’ll take whatever I can – I can’t be greedy anymore, and safety is always first.

Those ten members of the Evil Tyrant Legion were bearing down on him very quickly. They were part of the Dagger section that the Manic Bull Douluo Wang Yiheng had ordered out into battle. There were only five teams like that in the Evil Tyrant Legion, and they were the legion’s core fighting strength. They were also directly commanded by Wang Yiheng – they were the best of the best!

The two soul engineers who were running away quickly rendezvoused with the ten of them, and they swiftly took out their oscillation detectors as they chased in Huo Yuhao’s direction.

This mobilization displayed their tremendous cooperative abilities.

The ten members from the Dagger section swiftly dispersed, and then separated even further away from each other than the first five soul engineers. Their oscillation detectors seemed to be more effective, and they immediately discovered Huo Yuhao’s figure in the next moment.

“Up there.”

Two of them stopped, and an enormous cannon that was two meters long and had an opening that was at least a foot in diameter appeared on each of their shoulders.

These two cannons were aimed at Huo Yuhao’s location, which they had just discovered, and they quickly fired off.

Two enormous silver beams of light surged into the air and came straight for Huo Yuhao.

Shock bombs! Huo Yuhao could immediately tell that they were Class 7 shock bombs. These things weren’t toys – their most unique quality was how wide their area of effect could reach. Furthermore, everyone would be affected if they found themselves within the shock bomb’s area of effect no matter what level of cultivation they had. Their enemies would come once they were rendered sluggish and slow-moving.

The other eight quickly raised their speed to the highest possible level and began surrounding Huo Yuhao’s position.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes became increasingly determined faced with this situation; it wasn’t as if he hadn’t encountered even more challenging circumstances. The stronger his opponents were, the more his potential was stimulated – ever since he became a Soul Sage, he still hadn’t given his all in a battle. This was true even against that Evileye Tyrant; the Evileye Tyrant couldn’t take an attack with his full strength!

Huo Yuhao paused in midair, and a white shadow separated from his body in the next moment. Two dark blue light blades flickered faintly in the sky.

The two shock bombs that were hurtling through the air paused in the sky, and intense explosions that carried countless silver rays blanketed an enormous area of effect in the next moment.

Unparalleled Chill, Empress’ Sword!

The Snow Lady levitated in the sky. One could tell from her gorgeous frame that she was about thirteen or fourteen years of age, and her ice-cold features emanated noble and elegant qualities. She was just hovering silently in the night sky, but she gave others a feeling of formless beauty.

The two shock bombs exploding didn’t impede Huo Yuhao at all. Instead, they stopped the other members of the Evil Tyrant Legion’s Dagger section because they had exploded prematurely.

They weren’t willing to commit when facing off against a powerful enemy such as Huo Yuhao – what if they were ambushed by their enemy? They could only wait for a few seconds, and then continued charging forward only after the shock bombs’ effects had dissipated.

Several dozen blue soul rays went straight for the Snow Lady. They hadn’t seen what their opponent looked like from the beginning to the end, and they didn’t have time to communicate with the two soul engineers from before who had retreated. Naturally, they considered the Snow Lady as their enemy when she appeared – even though she didn’t quite seem like their enemy because she was looked thirteen or fourteen, they weren’t willing to let anyone go even if they had to kill the wrong people.

The Snow Lady hovered in midair, and swung her large sleeves as a clean white circle appeared and transformed into countless ice crystals in the sky. These ice crystals were smooth like mirrors, and even more strangely, every single ice crystal seemed to block a single soul ray just right.

These ice crystals didn’t clash head-on with the soul rays. After every soul ray was blocked by an ice crystal, they were refracted, and the ice crystals melted while the soul rays dispersed in all directions. Not a single one could even come close to the Snow Lady!

Who could compare to the Snow Empress and the Ice Empress in terms of controlling ice and snow? The Snow Lady’s strength grew along with Huo Yuhao’s own. Ever since the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass had fused with him, Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice had sublimated, and the Snow Lady’s recovery had been catalyzed. Huo Yuhao wasn’t sure whether the Snow Lady would become the Snow Empress one day, or whether she could have the Snow Empress’ peak strength. But at least from what the situation seemed like now, that was still a possibility. If that did occur, the Snow Empress herself could rival an Ultimate Douluo.

The Snow Lady’s strength exceeded the soul engineers’ expectations – but their attacks had just begun.

“Concentrate our beams!” The team leader exclaimed – they couldn’t be bothered with being kind and taking pity on women anymore. They had to take their opponent down before anything else!

Blue rays were fired again one after another. However, they were not aimed directly at the Snow Lady – instead, they were focused on a single point in the sky. All ten team members’ thoughts were as one, and soul rays that were as thick as an arm fired after they concentrated on one point. The dark blue beam they created didn’t become thicker, but became a lot thinner instead. It surged across the sky and arrived in front of the Snow Lady in an instant.

The Snow Lady’s expression became a little more solemn. She reached out with her right hand, and her palm became a patch of icy blue. She pressed at the air in the sky and clashed with the soul ray.

“Brrng!” A strange chime rang out in the sky. In the next moment, the Snow Lady’s beautiful frame became a little more illusory. However, the soul ray also dissipated at the same time.

The ten soul engineers were stunned speechless. This attack had concentrated soul rays from nine Class 7 soul engineers and a Class 8 soul engineer – even though the soul ray itself wasn’t powerful, ten stacked together was absolutely comparable to an all-out attack from a Soul Douluo. Yet it seemed like this little girl who looked like she was only thirteen or fourteen managed to block this attack. What was happening?

What they didn’t see was that Huo Yuhao, who had concealed himself, trembled when the Snow Lady took this hit.

The Snow Lady’s strength came from him. However, the Snow Empress herself was strong, and the Snow Lady had the Snow Empress’ imprint. Thus, she could channel part of her own strength as well.

The Snow Lady had used Snowless Glacier in that attack. Even if she was facing a soul master, not even Soul Douluo would have a good time clashing head-on with this attack. However, soul tools were different from soul masters in the end, and an attack that came purely from soul power caused the intense chill contained within Snowless Glacier to be ineffective. This meant the Snow Lady and Huo Yuhao had suffered a hidden loss.

The Snow Lady began spinning around in midair. Her long, pure white dress danced as large patches of snowflakes dispersed through the air and cocooned around her beautiful frame. Empress’ Chill, in addition to Huo Yuhao’s Domain of Perpetual Ice, immediately transformed into the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice.

The temperature at that altitude was low in the first place. Even though there wasn’t much water in the air, the temperature still plummeted once his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice was released. The soul engineers that were about to launch another follow-up attack couldn’t help but feel their bodies move a little sluggishly as every one of them activated their protective soul barriers to defend themselves.

So cold! They all felt the same thing at the same time. More frighteningly, the young lady’s figure had disappeared into the large swathes of snowflakes.

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