Volume 33, Chapter 445.1: Empyreal Flame

There were lights like flowing lines all over the dark blue armor, and Huo Yuhao used Darkgolden Terrorclaw yet again. Across the sky! Torn! Death!

The armor on Huo Yuhao’s hands split open according to his will when he was unleashing Darkgolden Terrorclaw, and it flipped backwards onto his wrist and transformed into heavier bracers.

Xuan Ziwen had named this human-shaped soul tool the Solo Battle Armor, and the only problem with this soul tool was that it couldn’t amplify some of Huo Yuhao’s offensive abilities. For instance, Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice and Darkgolden Terrorclaw were too destructive, and the suit probably couldn’t take that level of power when he unleashed everything at full strength.

Therefore, Xuan Ziwen placed extra emphasis and effort on speed and defense when he was building this soul tool – especially speed. This was a Class 7 soul tool, and it could erupt with an eight-ringed Soul Douluo’s top speed. Even Titled Douluo would have to put in some effort if they wanted to catch up to Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao’s formidable fighting strength became even more conspicuous by relying on this terrifying speed.

Huo Yuhao had killed three out of five men within a few blinks of the...

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