Volume 33, Chapter 442.3: Spiritual Barrier, Terrifying Mountain Peak!

What is this? Undoubtedly, it was another soul tool that Huo Yuhao had never seen before. However, just because he had never seen it before didn’t mean that it wasn’t dangerous. His senses were also very acute. Although the white halo had yet to reach him, he could judge that it wasn’t offensive or lethal. However, it contained gentle undulations, and a spiritual aura.

Spiritual-type, oscillation detector? Once-off thing? This isn’t good. It’s trying to locate my position!

After a brief moment of judgment, Huo Yuhao immediately reacted. The white halo covered more and more area as it spread out. At first, it was only a meter wide. However, it instantly grew to more than a hundred meters wide, and it continued to expand further. At such a speed, it would be more than five hundred meters wide by the time it reached Huo Yuhao. There wasn’t any way he could avoid it if it expanded to that width.

At this critical moment, Huo Yuhao’s decisiveness developed during the Ultimate Soldier Plan played a prominent role. He put his flying-type soul tool away without any hesitation and allowed...

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