Volume 33, Chapter 442.2: Spiritual Barrier, Terrifying Mountain Peak!

“No matter what, I won’t let you complete it. As long as my reverse scale is in you, you can only remain in this world and protect the fortune of the Great Star Dou Forest. After you die, I’ll use some methods to make you transfer the power of destiny to a soul beast, and further the fortune of the Great Star Dou Forest.”

Di Tian looked a little hesitant as he muttered to himself. If not for the fact that he couldn’t use brute force to make destiny submit to him, he would have killed Huo Yuhao long ago. However, the power of destiny could only be transferred willingly, it couldn’t be taken by force. No matter how strong Di Tian was, he couldn’t challenge the laws of the the world. He could only wait while protecting Huo Yuhao...


After snapping out of his contemplative state, Huo Yuhao looked very calm once more. This wasn’t Di Tian’s first time hindering him. However, he had also used his actions to prove to his Spirits that searching for that feeling wasn’t so difficult. This actually wasn’t the second time. More accurately speaking, it was the third time....

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