Volume 33, Chapter 441: The Child Backed by His Father

Dai Hao nodded, “Yes, it’s us. Even though my cultivation isn’t the best in the military, I’ll personally send you into the air in order to keep things confidential. Don’t worry. I have a Class 7 flying-type soul tool to help me. It should be fine for me to send you five thousand meters into the air. However, I’m a marshal of three armies. After I send you into the sky, I’ll need to return to lead my troops. I’ll command the soul engineer legions to attack for around an hour. You must complete your mission within this time frame. It’s still the same advice; safety first! As long as you can come back safely, you’ve done your part.”

“Alright.” After Huo Yuhao agreed, he quietly walked to a seat nearby and sat down, waiting for the time to come.

The White Tiger walked out of the tent and watched as the soul engineer legions were deployed.

A playful smile appeared at the side of Huo Yuhao’s lips. Send me personally into the sky? That’s not a bad idea! If that’s the case, the effect will be much better than expected.

Whether it’s life or death, tonight’s plan seems to have become more perfect.

Tang Wutong kept on watching Huo Yuhao, and managed to catch a glimpse of his smile. When she saw his smile, her heart shuddered. What is this fellow thinking about? How can he still smile at such a time? His smile is even so…


Fifteen minutes were soon up.

Dai Luoli rushed in from outside. “Everyone, the marshal has instructed you to get ready.”

Everyone from Shrek Academy stood up and walked out of the tent.

Dai Luoli intentionally delayed himself and waited for Huo Yuhao before walking out of the tent with him. He whispered, “Elder brother, what are you doing? What are you going to do tonight?”

Huo Yuhao felt warm when he heard Dai Luoli calling him ‘elder brother’. He patted his shoulder and replied, “Nothing. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Dai Luoli twisted his lips. “Elder brother, don’t get into any danger. I still hope that you’ll come back and continue to guide me along. There have been too many things happening over these past few days. I didn’t have the time to look for you. When you return, I’ll find you, and you can continue to teach me. After that, you must also tell me why you left so suddenly that day. After you left, you don’t know how anxious I was! I still thought that the Sun Moon Empire…”

Huo Yuhao chortled and replied, “Why do you have no confidence in me at all?”

Dai Luoli replied, “It’s not that. It’s just that our enemies are too strong.”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Luoli, remember something. There’s nothing impossible in this world.”

Dai Luoli was stunned for a moment, before nodding firmly.

He had learned many things about Huo Yuhao from Xu Jiujiu and Dai Yueheng over the past few days. Yes! There was nothing impossible in this world! His elder brother was a great testament to that statement!

When his elder brother only had two rings, he had competed in the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament with his seniors from the inner courtyard. He even turned the tables at the last minute, and preserved the glory of Shrek Academy!

Even though Dai Yueheng was already a Soul Emperor back then, he couldn’t help but compliment Huo Yuhao when he talked about him.

That was six years ago. Huo Yuhao was a two-ringed soul master six years ago, while Dai Yueheng was a six-ringed Soul Emperor.

Now, six years later? Dai Yueheng was already a Soul Sage. However, Huo Yuhao was also a seven-ringed Soul Sage! He even possessed twin martial souls!

Dai Yueheng even told Dai Luoli that Huo Yuhao was the future Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion!

Even though Dai Luoli didn’t feel close to Dai Yueheng and Dai Huabin, he still respected both of his elder brothers. He was jealous that they could enter Shrek Academy to learn.

However, their talents seemed to pale in comparison to Huo Yuhao. His three elder brothers were likely to be some of the most elite soul masters on the continent in the future!

Dai Luoli couldn’t help but respect Huo Yuhao more after learning about all his miracles.

The sky had turned completely dark by now. The White Tiger Duke descended from the sky. Evidently, he had just come down from the watchtower, where he had looked on as the troops were deployed.

Huo Yuhao received him, and the White Tiger Duke said, “Our men are already on the move. Yuhao, are you ready?”

Huo Yuhao nodded slightly and replied, “Anytime.”

The White Tiger Duke nodded and replied, “Alright. We’ll take action immediately then.” As he spoke, he retrieved a flying-type soul tool from his storage-type soul tool and put it on. As a Titled Douluo, it was still much more comfortable for him to use a flying-type soul tool, even though he was able to fly freely in the air. It was also easier for him to help Huo Yuhao into the air with the help of a soul tool.

Huo Yuhao also started to get ready, and put on his own flying-type soul tool.

“Let’s go.” The White Tiger Duke stood behind Huo Yuhao, grabbing him below his arms.. His soul power surged, and the two of them rose into the air. They ascended in a straight line into the sky.

Huo Yuhao’s gaze was fixated on a specific position on the ground. At this moment, his gaze was gentle, indistinct, and carried a sense of yearning. It felt as if he wanted to imprint everything that he was seeing into his head.

The look in Tang Wutong’s eyes was equally indistinct. She had never seen a man’s gaze so deep and emotional before. Within all the emotions he was experiencing, there seemed to be one of desolation...

Something isn’t right.

It is unlikely that he has an eighty percent chance of survival. It might not even be fifty percent.

At this moment, Tang Wutong finally understood everything. However, the White Tiger Duke was already high up in the air with Huo Yuhao. In such a short span of time, they managed to reach more than a thousand meters into the air as they raced skywards.

Eight soul engineer legions were deployed at the same time. Even though they were only there to distract their enemies, almost all of the soul masters of the Star Luo Empire had been deployed. At such a time, the mission had to be carried out.

This fool! Tang Wutong furrowed her brow. Even though she didn’t want to admit it, she was clearly aware that it was highly likely that Huo Yuhao had persisted in carrying out his surveillance of the Death God because of what had happened last night.

Is it really possible for someone to forgo his life because of a romantic relationship? This fellow is really a fool!

Tang Wutong clenched her fists tightly. She felt breathless, as if some special power were controlling her innermost feelings.

As Dai Hao unleashed his strength, everything below started to become a blur. Huo Yuhao also finally lifted his head. He stopped looking at Tang Wutong, who had become indistinct.

Even though she’s not Dong’er, she still looks very similar to Dong’er! Tonight, I’ll treat her as Dong’er, since I might not be able to survive this ordeal.

A slight smile appeared on Huo Yuhao’s face. As he sensed the low surrounding temperature, his soul power started to circulate. As the aura of Ultimate Ice filled his body, the external cold wasn’t able to affect him at all.


One thousand meters, two thousand meters, three thousand meters...

After rising three thousand meters into the air, the external temperature dropped significantly. Even the White Tiger Duke was slowing down as he continued to climb.

“Yuhao, how are you feeling? If you aren’t feeling comfortable, please tell me. We can stop.”

“I’m fine. Please continue,” Huo Yuhao replied calmly.

Dai Hao furrowed his brow. From Huo Yuhao’s tone of voice, he could evidently sense indifference and coldness.

What’s going on with him? Don’t tell me he’s experiencing emotional changes right now?

Glancing down from the sky, it was clear that countless soul masters were already flying towards the Ming Dou Mountain Range from the Northwestern Field Army’s military base.

All those who were involved were wearing flying-type soul tools. Even though the operation was jointly carried out by eight soul engineer legions, there were only two thousand-plus soul masters involved. They were mainly four-ringed and five-ringed soul masters, and were widely scattered. From afar, they were subtly creeping their way towards the Ming Dou Mountain Range.

There were a few Titled Douluo among these four-ringed and five-ringed soul masters. They were the main commanders of this operation.

Even though they weren’t really attacking, they still had to make their enemies feel threatened. At the same time, they had to try to minimize their losses. Under such a situation, the Titled Douluo were the best candidates to ensure a smooth flow of the operation.

Furthermore, they weren’t attacking close to the main peak. The Death God couldn’t reach them. Of course, there were still other terrifying soul tools that the Sun Moon Empire possessed, hidden in the mountains. Without accurate intelligence, it wasn’t feasible to venture deeper.

The Sun Moon Empire was bullying the Star Luo Empire in terms of its lack of surveillance ability. It was difficult to tell how many soul tools they had planted in the Ming Dou Mountain Range. After all, the Star Luo Empire didn’t have any credible intelligence.

At four thousand meters, the temperature had already fallen far below zero, and it was falling even further. Every few hundred meters up, the temperature dropped a further five to six degrees. After five thousand meters, the temperature was below negative a hundred degrees Celsius! Literally no biological organism would be able to survive at such a height. It was also why high-altitude aerial surveillance soul tools weren’t able to develop further.

The White Tiger Duke was draining a lot of his soul power. As Huo Yuhao was close to the White Tiger Duke’s body, he could clearly sense the explosive strength and immense soul power from him.

These were soul power undulations from a Titled Douluo! They were strong and consolidated.

If his martial soul hadn’t followed his mother’s Spirit Eyes, he might have had a White Tiger, too. In addition, his destiny might have been completely different.

It was his father. This was his father behind him!

Naturally, Dai Hao didn’t know about Huo Yuhao’s complicated emotional changes as he rose into the sky. He only sensed a layer of soul power that seemed to be there, and yet seemed not there in Huo Yuhao. The circulation of qi in his body was also very gentle. Under such low temperatures, Huo Yuhao was less drained than him. No wonder he’s a top student, and someone who possesses Ultimate Ice.

Forty-five hundred meters.

Dai Hao also found it a little strenuous right now. He was carrying someone, and had to keep climbing. At the same time, he had to resist the low temperature and the thinning air.

There was also a lack of elemental power at such high altitudes. It was practically impossible for a soul master to replenish himself.

Even if the Milk Bottle technique was advanced, it wasn’t very helpful for a Titled Douluo at his level. The best Milk Bottle was only Class 7. Currently, there wasn’t a Class 8 Milk Bottle developed for a Titled Douluo to use.

The soul power requirements for a Class 8 Milk Bottle were simply too high. No material was currently able to support these requirements, leaving Class 7 the limit.

Furthermore, a Titled Douluo could recover faster by absorbing origin energy than by using a Class 7 Milk Bottle, so a true Titled Douluo couldn’t use a Milk Bottle to replenish himself. Milk Bottles were useless to them!

They were at forty-eight hundred meters now. Dai Hao’s flying speed was already very slow. At such an altitude, it was actually much brighter than it was on the ground, the stars were blinding amid such thin air.

Spots of starlight filled the sky, and fell on Dai Hao and Huo Yuhao.

There weren’t any signs of any living organisms around them. At such a low temperature and amid such thin air, no one or thing could possibly survive.

Between forty-eight hundred meters and forty-nine hundred meters, Dai Hao used one minute to ascend. In addition, his speed kept slowing down.

“Hey!” Huo Yuhao heard a shout behind him.

Following that, he felt his body lighten. Dai Hao’s hands had disappeared, and a strong burst of soul power came from behind him.

Huo Yuhao subconsciously lowered his head and saw that the White Tiger Duke had turned into a huge White Tiger. He had lifted Huo Yuhao up and let him sit on him.


As he sat on the huge White Tiger’s back, Dai Hao rose faster and faster. In just a few breaths, he managed to surge beyond five thousand meters, and was surging even further.

Martial Soul True Body, White Tiger!

The White Tiger Vajra Transformation and White Tiger’s Devilgod Transformation were both unleashed. Right now, the White Tiger Duke had increased his cultivation to his strongest state to send Huo Yuhao further up into the air.

Someone else was already taking such a great risk. How could he possibly not give his all?

However, Dai Hao didn’t know that Huo Yuhao was very conflicted right now.

When he was young, Huo Yuhao had lived in the Duke’s Mansion with his mother and the servants. The White Tiger Duke’s servants also had kids, and he would always watch as they were carried by their fathers, looking very blissful.

When that happened, he would always ask his mother where his father was. When can I be carried by my father, just like them?

Every time, his mother would always tell him that it would happen in the future, and that his father was very busy.

He had waited for twenty years, just like that.

Huo Yuhao didn’t expect to be carried by his father in this lifetime. He was already tearing up. No matter how much he hated Dai Hao, he now deeply understood that he was right to have saved Dai Hao twice.

The quiet night sky was extremely chilly. However, there was only warmth coming from the White Tiger Duke’s fur.

I can finally… be carried by my father.

A mother’s love was boundless. What about a father’s love? A father’s love was always deep. Perhaps a father wasn’t very good at expressing himself, but there was no doubt that a father’s love was comparable to a mother’s love. A father ran around outside to support his family. Perhaps he might be less caring, but how would there be a warm family without a father supporting it?

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