Volume 33, Chapter 438.3: Meeting the White Tiger Duke

It also meant that Huo Yuhao had to deal with the attacks his enemies would unleash on him after he was discovered if he snuck around within the Ming Dou Mountain Range and tried to return. However, these attacks couldn’t be aimed properly, they were only domain-type attacks. Under such circumstances, it would depend on how well he could dodge, and how fast he could escape. 

There was some element of danger. However, to the rest, he was the only one who could survive under such circumstances.

“Wait a minute, you forgot an important problem,” a crisp voice spoke up. When Huo Yuhao turned his head and realized that the person speaking was Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong creased her brow slightly and looked at Huo Yuhao seriously. She said, “You can indeed rise to an altitude of five thousand meters with the help of a Titled Douluo. However, have you ever considered the height of the Ming Dou Mountain Range? Although I don’t know the detailed statistics, I can estimate that the highest peaks of the Ming Dou Mountain Range are at least two thousand meters. If soul tools are installed above these mountain peaks, you won’t be able to successfully hide from them unless you’re able to maintain an altitude of five thousand meters.”

The White Tiger Duke, Princess Jiujiu and the rest of the Star Luo Empire’s soul masters concurred with her words. Given how the Sun Moon Empire placed so much attention on blocking information from the Star Luo Empire, they couldn’t possibly fail to place any soul tools on the mountain peaks. In addition, the area covered by these surveillance soul tools was bound to be greater than most normal surveillance soul tools.

Huo Yuhao only smiled and replied, “Of course I’ve considered this problem. First, most aerial surveillance soul tools can only reach an altitude of one thousand meters. Furthermore, most of them will be aimed towards the ground. Even if there are ground-based ones pointed towards the sky, they wouldn’t be able to cover an altitude greater than one thousand meters because of the wind currents and all types of volatile elements.

“The aerial surveillance soul tools installed on these mountain peaks are bound to be affected by these conditions, too. It is the same reason such ordinary soul tools can’t be successfully installed two thousand meters in the air. The surveillance soul tools that they have installed at these mountain peaks must be ground-based ones facing the sky.

“The Sun Moon Empire has high-altitude surveillance soul tools. Such soul tools can carry out surveillance at an altitude of three thousand meters. However, they can only face the ground. At the same time, such surveillance soul tools are still incomplete, and are not precise. There’s no way they can detect my concealed self. The only threat to me is the ground-based surveillance soul tools facing the sky.

“So, let’s look at the situation of these surveillance soul tools. Right now, we know that the Sun Moon Empire’s ground-based surveillance soul tools are the most effective. They are able to scan up to an altitude of one thousand five hundred meters, and detect what’s in the air. 

“Thermal, airflow and oscillation detectors can only reach up to five hundred meters. After five hundred meters, their effectiveness will drop significantly. They won’t be able to reach beyond one thousand meters. 

“These numbers have been meticulously calculated. This means that I won’t be discovered if I’m at least three thousand meters above the Ming Dou Mountain Range. This is even under the condition that I’m directly above the highest mountain peak of the Ming Dou Mountain Range, when in fact, I’ll intentionally find a lower mountain peak to perform my surveillance.”

After Huo Yuhao mentioned this series of numbers, all the soul masters from the Star Luo Empire couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Their combined knowledge of the Sun Moon Empire’s surveillance soul tools couldn’t compare to Huo Yuhao’s.

Huo Yuhao continued, “This is why I’ll be fine as long as I don’t glide below an altitude of three thousand meters after I’m sent five thousand meters into the air. Following that, I can start performing my surveillance.”

He squinted as he spoke until here, and a layer of dim golden light shone from his eyes. Following this, he unleashed a spiritual web that engulfed the entire tent.

All the soul masters from the Star Luo Empire were shocked. However, they soon realized that this was Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. They wanted to resist it subconsciously, but they let it go after they saw the White Tiger Duke’s signal.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power soon linked up with everyone in the tent. After this, his spiritual intent was revealed and quickly spread across the entire tent. All his surveillance results were shared with everyone present through his Spiritual Sharing.

Instantly, a detailed stereoscopic image of everything within a five-kilometer radius from Huo Yuhao filled the minds of everyone.

The White Tiger Duke was stunned. Princess Jiujiu and the Big Dipper Douluo were also shocked. All the soul masters from the Star Luo Empire were instantly rooted to the ground in amazement.

So was Tang Wutong!

His spiritual power was immense! He was just sitting there, but he could actually use such a method to share everything in his head. He was much more magical than the Sun Moon Empire’s surveillance soul tools! 

Everyone was in awe.

Huo Yuhao said, “In terms of unidirectional detection, I’m confident of reaching a distance of five kilometers. This is why I’ll be able to see what’s happening in the Ming Dou Mountain Range from an altitude of three thousand meters, and I’m sure I’ll be accurate. However, I won’t be able to obtain much information if I’m just surveilling it once. This is because I need to ensure that I’m always in my best condition, in terms of soul and spiritual power. I always restrict myself to only fifteen minutes of surveillance every time. I’m able to keep myself three thousand meters in the air for roughly fifteen minutes.”

“After my surveillance, I can also try my best to return without catching the attention of the enemy’s soul tools. If I am successful, I’ll go back a few more times, and I’ll be able to recall everything.”

The look in the White Tiger Duke’s eyes returned to normal. He suddenly felt that Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing was very familiar. Does this person have something to do with the person who saved me before?

Dai Hao didn’t think that Huo Yuhao was that person. That was because that person was one of the strongest people on the continent right now. The second time that person saved him, the strength that he had demonstrated was simply too great.

The Big Dipper Douluo was a little agitated as he stood up. He punched his right fist against his left palm, “Great! Young man, I’m sorry for doubting you earlier. Your arrival has brought hope for us! If you can study the enemy’s formations, we’ll be in a much better situation, we’ll at least be able to find out their flaws. I understand that you want to glide from an altitude of five thousand meters because you want to conserve your soul power, am I right?”

Huo Yuhao nodded. Even given his current cultivation, he couldn’t last more than an hour at an altitude of three thousand meters. In this one hour, he would use only a quarter of the time to carry out surveillance. He also still had to ensure that he was in a state to fight the enemy at any time.

He didn’t reveal something. If he was detected by a powerful soul master, soul engineer, or a soul tool specifically designed to detect soul power or faced any abnormalities, he was bound to come across danger.

He didn’t reveal this because he didn’t want his partners to be too worried.

“It’s too dangerous by yourself. Let me follow you,” Ye Guyi immediately said.

Huo Yuhao was a little stunned as he looked at her. In his heart, he had hoped that Tang Wutong would be the one who said this.

Ye Guyi’s eyes met his, and she turned a bit red. “With someone helping you, at least you’ll be more successful in escaping.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “No, this isn’t a fight. With an additional person, I’ll need to take care of my partner when I conceal myself. It’s better for me to escape alone. I’ll go myself. It’s much more effective!”

Ye Guyi looked a little disappointed, but she didn’t persist. She only nodded before sitting back down again.

Princess Jiujiu was a little agitated. “Yuhao, if you succeed, you’ll contribute the most to the entire Star Luo Empire! Tell me whatever you want. As long as I can do it, I’ll do my best to satisfy you.”

Everyone from the Tang Sect revealed a slight smile on their faces. They didn’t think that Huo Yuhao would make any demands, given that he was the founder of the Spirit Pagoda and a member of the Sea God’s Pavilion.

However, something surprising happened.

Huo Yuhao nodded gently and said, “If possible, I hope that I’ll be able to earn merits just like a Star Luo Empire soldier after this reconnaissance mission, and attain a military ranking, as well as become knighted.”

“What?” Everyone from the Tang Sect was shocked when he said this. Only Tang Wutong was not as surprised. After all, she didn’t know Huo Yuhao that well.

How is this possible? Including Xu Jiujiu, many of them who were present thought this way. He was a member of the Sea God’s Pavilion, his status was unrivaled. He possessed great influence in the world of soul masters. If he obtained a knighthood and earned merits as a soldier, wouldn’t he be bound to the Star Luo Empire? The Star Luo Empire would be taking advantage of him then! Why would Huo Yuhao do something like this?

Xu Jiujiu looked very surprised, but she was also very intelligent. She immediately nodded without any hesitation and said, “No problem! Given your abilities and cultivation, I can promise you the position of a Viscount right now on behalf of my elder brother. Your position will also be inherited by your future descendants.”

A Viscount was the second least prestigious position in the nobility, but it was still considered very prestigious, especially since his descendants could inherit his position. Their lives would be worry-free!

Furthermore, this was because Xu Jiujiu was a princess. If the Star Luo Empire’s Emperor was here, he might promise him even more! By deepening their ties with Huo Yuhao, the empire was building its relationship with the Spirit Pagoda. At the same time, the empire was also building its relationship with Shrek Academy! This was highly advantageous for the empire!

Xu Sanshi’s expression was very serious, and he said, “Yuhao, you must consider this very carefully. You aren’t just representing yourself right now...”

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