Volume 33, Chapter 438.2: Meeting the White Tiger Duke

The White Tiger Duke felt a little weird, too. Huo Yuhao’s hand was very cold. This wasn’t supposed to happen to a strong soul master. Soul masters should be able to regulate their own temperature very well. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao’s eyes seemed to be filled with some kind of special emotion. He felt as if he had met Huo Yuhao before.

For a moment, he appeared to sense some kind of ill-intent from that emotion. However, he subconsciously felt that Huo Yuhao could be fully trusted. As for where this feeling came from, he could only attribute it to his sixth sense.

After this momentary handshake, they both immediately regained their composures.

The White Tiger Duke gestured to Huo Yuhao. “You are our guest. Please, take a seat.”

Xu Jiujiu took the initiative to offer her seat to Dai Hao. This was a show of respect to the White Tiger Duke, and also a show of apology for her earlier misjudgment. Naturally, a guard promptly added another seat beside the White Tiger Duke’s.

Huo Yuhao was to the White Tiger Duke’s left, while Xu Jiujiu was to his right. Dai Yueheng and Dai Luoli didn’t have any seats. The White Tiger Duke’s house rules were very strict. In the military, he was even stricter towards his own sons.

Dai Luoli was standing closer to Huo Yuhao, and never stopped looking at him.

Huo Yuhao had already calmed down, and it was only now that he remembered to greet his own younger brother. Their spiritual powers connected, and he asked Dai Luoli to calm down.

After this period of training, Dai Luoli’s cultivation and mentality had developed significantly, but it was only now that he suppressed his own curiosity and calmed himself.

Dai Hao turned his head at Huo Yuhao and said, “It’s been tough on all of you. What advice does Shrek Academy have?”

Xu Jiujiu rushed to pass the letter over to Dai Hao.

Huo Yuhao said, “This is the letter that Elder Xuan wrote to you. We are only here to be under your command and fight against the enemies of the empire. According to Elder Xuan, our main responsibilities are to be scouts.”

Dai Hao nodded. He opened the letter and read it carefully.

Elder Xuan didn’t write too much down. First, he expressed Shrek Academy’s support for the Star Luo Empire. After this, he explained that Huo Yuhao and the others came from the Tang Sect, and they were all talents that came from Shrek Academy. He hoped that they could help the Star Luo Empire resist the Sun Moon Empire at the frontlines. Among all of them, he specifically mentioned how good Huo Yuhao was in terms of surveillance skills. He also honestly told the White Tiger Duke that Huo Yuhao was the only one who managed to complete the Ultimate Soldier Plan in Shrek Academy.

Dai Yueheng would have already told Dai Hao about this. There was nothing he had to hide.

After seeing this letter, Dai Hao couldn’t help but turn his attention towards Huo Yuhao again. Even if Xu Jiujiu’s praise sounded rather unbelievable, it was hardly unlikely that Elder Xuan would exaggerate his words. From his words, Elder Xuan’s recommendation of Huo Yuhao was even better than Xu Jiujiu’s. The White Tiger Duke had no choice but to take note of him now.

“All of you came on time. Let’s not delay any further. Talking about reconnaissance…” The White Tiger Duke laughed bitterly as he shook his head.

“The reason why we’ve been led on a wild goose chase by the Sun Moon Empire is because our reconnaissance efforts have been completely sealed. We are completely unaware of the situation at the Ming Dou Mountain Range. The aerial surveillance soul tools of the Sun Moon Empire have completely blocked off all our surveillance. They have even broken the connection that we have with our friendly troops at the front.”

After hearing the White Tiger Duke’s words, Huo Yuhao was also shocked. He could imagine that they couldn’t receive any useful information, but he didn’t expect them to lose contact with their own friendly forces. This was a little unbelievable. It seemed like he had underestimated the Sun Moon Empire’s strength in terms of aerial surveillance soul tools!

The White Tiger Duke said, “There are a few active tactical units from the Sun Moon Empire along the borders, formed by high-tier soul engineers. Although I don’t know how they managed to do so, I’m certain that all the information gathered from their aerial surveillance soul tools is transmitted to them immediately. They rely on these aerial surveillance soul tools to locate our scouts before killing them. We’ve become blind because of this.

“The situation now is very awkward. We aren’t able to carry out a direct assault. The Sun Moon Empire has installed an extremely strong soul tool at the Ming Dou Mountain Range. It’s too destructive. I’m afraid that we’ll be unable to attack them at all. In terms of surveillance, we’re also very far behind. It seems like we are monitoring them, but we actually have no idea what they’re doing. We are at a very disadvantageous situation in this war.

“From our judgment, the Sun Moon Empire is likely to be aiming at the Heavenly Soul Empire. It’s been a few days, but we’ve yet to receive any accurate news from the Heavenly Soul Empire. I just know that our guess is right. Now that we’ve no information, we are completely at a disadvantage in this war.”

After listening to the White Tiger Duke’s words, all the soul masters from the Star Luo Empire and Princess Jiujiu looked very grim. Earlier, when Xu Jiujiu was recounting everything to Huo Yuhao, she still withheld some information. However, the White Tiger Duke did not withhold anything.

After he finished speaking, the White Tiger Duke was silent for a moment before he said, “This is the current situation. Regretting our decision to neglect soul tools is meaningless now. We can only do our best to deal with this war as it is. Elder Xuan recommends your surveillance skills highly. What I would like to know is how good you are in this area.”

He was very straightforward, just like a military leader should be.

After pondering for a moment, he said, “We are unable to guarantee how good we are. We still need to understand the situation on the Sun Moon Empire’s side. I need to monitor things first before I can decide on anything. Although the Sun Moon Empire controls the sky, their control is not absolute. Their high-altitude surveillance soul tools can only cover up to five thousand meters.”

The Big Dipper Douluo creased his brow and said, “My friend, five thousand meters is already the highest humans can reach. Even for Ultimate Douluo, they wouldn’t be confident of flying at a height of five thousand meters for an extended period of time. It’s even more impossible for us.”

The Big Dipper Douluo wasn’t very pleased with the way Huo Yuhao described things. He felt that Huo Yuhao was being very boastful with his words.

Huo Yuhao nodded very seriously and said, “You’re right. Generally speaking, Titled Douluo can only fly up to five thousand meters. In addition, they can only stay at this height for a short time, as it will place too much of a burden on their bodies. However, five thousand meters is also the limit for the Sun Moon Empire’s soul tools. At that height, there are only one or two soul tools that they can use. However, these soul tools can’t see everything. If a Titled Douluo can send me to a height of five thousand meters, I’ll be able to glide my way near the Ming Dou Mountain Range.”

The Big Dipper Douluo was moved, and asked, “Do you mean that you can avoid the surveillance soul tools five thousand meters in the air?”

Huo Yuhao was impressed. No wonder he’s the leader of the number one soul master legion in the Star Luo Empire. He managed to catch the gist of what I’m saying immediately.

He nodded and replied, “Yes, I’m confident. More accurately speaking, I’m confident above two thousand meters. Higher than three thousand meters, I’m even more confident. Between two and five thousand meters is where I’m trying to glide. Although I’m unable to fly five thousand meters in the air, I’m still able to protect myself.”

The temperature of the air fell quickly the further one went from the ground. In addition, the temperature dropped extremely quickly after a height of one thousand meters. At a height of five thousand meters, the temperature of the air would reach negative one hundred and fifty degrees Celsius!

Even Titled Douluo wouldn’t be able to survive at such a temperature. If Titled Douluo couldn’t control themselves during their descent, they were in danger of falling to their deaths!

However, Huo Yuhao wasn’t affected by such low temperatures. The thin air was the most lethal. At that height, humans couldn’t breathe, and thus he couldn’t stay there for too long.

The Big Dipper Douluo revealed a thoughtful look. The White Tiger Duke looked at Huo Yuhao and asked, “Wouldn’t that be dangerous? At that height…” Even the White Tiger Duke had never flown to that height before. It was simply too dangerous. If he faced any wind current and was blown to a higher altitude, he would face the extremely low temperatures, and might fall to his death if his soul power was overly drained.

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “The low temperature isn’t a problem for me. My martial soul is ice-type, so I’m stronger in terms of resisting the cold. I also have a way of dealing with the thin air. As long as it’s not for too long, I’ll be fine.”

The White Tiger Duke pressed, “However, even if you successfully sneak into the backend of the enemy’s territories, how will you be able to return?” He didn’t mention the internal part of the enemy’s territories, because there were bound to be many surveillance soul tools at the Ming Dou Mountain Range. No matter how great Huo Yuhao’s concealment abilities were, he was bound to be discovered if he descended directly into the Ming Dou Mountain Range. That would be seeking his own death. It was why he could only fly directly across.

Huo Yuhao said, “I believe in my own survival abilities. Returning should be easier.” He couldn’t hide from thermal detectors if he only used Imitation. However, things were different if he used his Spiritual Interference Domain. Furthermore, he could also control his body temperature using Ultimate Ice. Only some soul tools that relied on sound waves might be able to grasp his location, but that wouldn’t be specific, either.

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