Volume 33, Chapter 438.1: Meeting the White Tiger Duke

“Yuhao. Can I call you that?” Xu Jiujiu asked Huo Yuhao with a smile from where she was sitting in the main seat.

Huo Yuhao nodded and replied, “Of course you can, Your Highness. How’s the situation at the front right now?”

Xu Jiujiu sighed softly and said, “The situation is not good. The Sun Moon Empire’s defensive strength is unknown to us. They were too sudden with their attack, and paved the way using Class 9 stationary soul cannon shells. They managed to blow up the Ming Dou Mountain Range and create a path. Then, we thought that they were going all-out to attack the Star Luo Empire and quickly pulled all our resources here to resist their onslaught. We even called for reinforcements.

“But who knew that they had no intention of attacking after some time? It was only then that we realized that things had gone south. When we tried to probe by attacking, the Sun Moon Empire only mounted a defense at the Ming Dou Mountain Range. Their real target has now been verified. They are...

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