Volume 33, Chapter 437.2: Golden Tortoise Molting

She took a small bite of the baked bun first. The crispy bun made a slight cracking sound as she bit into it. The fragrance from the bun, mixed with the crumbs that fell off as she bit into it and its elevated temperature, instantly tickled her olfactory senses and taste buds.

Tang Wutong opened her small mouth slightly and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh, it’s so fragrant...” 

This was indeed the best baked bun she had ever eaten. The baked bun cooled down slightly in her mouth, and she gobbled it up in three bites. It was warm and fragrant, and she felt indescribably pleased.

After this, she took a bite of the grilled fish. The crispy skin of the fish was slightly salty, which complemented its natural freshness. As she bit into the skin, juices from the fish filled her mouth, along with the meat. The fresh taste engulfing her taste buds caused Tang Wutong’s eyes to brighten immediately.

Delicious. This is too delicious. How can it possibly be so delicious?

Of course, Tang Wutong didn’t know how much effort Huo Yuhao had put into this grilled fish and baked...

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