Volume 33, Chapter 437.1: Golden Tortoise Molting

Exploiting this opportunity, the Judgment Sword fell from the sky and slashed straight towards Xu Sanshi. It was extremely terrifying as it unleashed its full strength.

The Golden Xuanwu had been dyed black by the power of darkness. When the Judgment Sword turned into a beam of golden light that descended from the sky, the power of darkness started to rumble. The clash between darkness and light would never be peaceful. The terrifying strength that was unleashed was sufficient to make anyone afraid.

Even Jiang Nannan started to tense up, and subconsciously took a few steps forward.

Given their current levels, they couldn’t withhold too much of their power, even if they did withhold some. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to fully unleash their potential. Jiang Nannan wasn’t confident that Xu Sanshi could block the Judgment Sword. Without being able to use his Mysterious Underworld Displacement, Xu Sanshi could only use his defensive strength to resist the attack! Could he possibly resist it?

Gold and black were about to clash!

However, it was at this moment that something weird appeared. When the huge golden sword clashed with the black, the black seemed to turn illusory for a moment. Following this, the aura of light on the huge golden sword met the power of darkness and exploded!

The tremendous boom reverberated, the Judgment Sword unleashing great power at the core of the Xuanwu Domain. Even the sword was affected to some extent, and shook tremendously at the center of the explosion. However, with the protection of the power of light, it wasn’t harmed too much. Even so, Ji Juechen’s soul power was almost entirely drained after this attack.

Just as everyone was worried about Xu Sanshi, they were shocked to see a trace of gold silently appearing at an edge of the Xuanwu Domain. When it first appeared, it wasn’t very evident. However, the golden light soon shone brightly. 

Wasn’t this the Golden Xuanwu?

The Xuanwu Domain disappeared in the next instant, but the Golden Xuanwu surfaced at its edge immediately. After that, blinding golden light was suddenly released from the Golden Xuanwu. The red snake that had always been attached to the Golden Xuanwu’s body turned into a beam of red light and fused with the Golden Xuanwu. A fierce blood-red aura immediately spread out.

It was Xu Sanshi’s Martial Soul True Body, the Turtle God’s Strike!

The Golden Xuanwu was like a huge glowing ball charging straight towards the huge sword that had been greatly drained of soul power by its previous attack.

All Ji Juechen could do was turn his sword around and point the tip accurately towards the Golden Xuanwu. At the same time, he tried his best to summon his soul power.

“Ah!” Jing Ziyan exclaimed. Everyone could tell that Ji Juechen would be unable to block Xu Sanshi’s attack, no matter what.

Gold light flashed past, and the sword was completely fine. The Turtle God’s Strike suddenly fell when it was around three meters away from the sword, where it struck the ground.

The ground shook, and even the small stream beside Huo Yuhao and the others started to ripple a little. Suddenly, jets of water shot out from the stream, and sparks started to fly from the bonfire boiling the water. The pot of fish soup flew up into the air, along with the fish inside.

Fortunately, Huo Yuhao’s reactions were very quick. He waved his right hand and grabbed the boiling metal pot. At the same time, his figure flashed, and he managed to prevent any soup or fish from dropping to the ground. No soup was spilled at all. The other metal pot that was filled with marinated fish also flew up, but there wasn’t any water inside. He only needed to catch the fish inside.

Nan Qiuqiu seemed to be amused as she looked at Jing Ziyan beside her. She said, “Indeed, one feels pain over her own man!”

Jing Ziyan’s face turned red, and she laughed. “Sister Qiuqiu, you should find someone who will make you feel pain, too!”

Nan Qiuqiu stuck out her tongue and ran to one side to help Huo Yuhao control the bonfire.

The sword turned back into Ji Juechen when it landed on the ground. He looked a little pale, but stood firmly. He turned around to look at the Golden Xuanwu behind him.

Ever since Ji Juechen had come to the Tang Sect, he had never stopped finding Xu Sanshi to spar with. Xu Sanshi was a defense-type soul master, which meant that he was able to last longer in a fight. However, there was still a gap between Xu Sanshi and Ji Juechen’s cultivations. Ji Juechen’s sword was extremely sharp, and Xu Sanshi would always be on the losing end. He had lost so many times such that he would hide whenever he saw Ji Juechen.

Things had finally gone his way today. Xu Sanshi managed to defeat Ji Juechen through the Golden Tortoise that he had fused with.

“How did you manage to get away?” Ji Juechen furrowed his brow slightly. He was still thinking about their last collision.

If it were any other soul master, Ji Juechen would immediately be frowned upon if he dared to ask about the other soul master’s ultimate move. However, everyone from the Tang Sect was like brothers. While Xu Sanshi always hid from Ji Juechen, he still admired his focus greatly.

“Hehe, the Golden Tortoise is a hundred-thousand-year soul beast, and it gave me a trunk bone. Earlier, I used one of the two soul skills of its trunk bone, Golden Tortoise Molting. By using that soul skill, I’m able to overcome all problems and teleport myself to any specific spot in my Xuanwu Domain. It’s much more effective than Instant Teleportation. However, it costs one-third of my soul power every time I use it. I am drained a lot by using it.”

“Oh.” Ji Juechen acknowledged his words and turned around before walking towards the side of the river.

Xu Sanshi was a little depressed as he said, “Hey, can’t you just praise me for being strong?”

Ji Juechen turned his head to look at him and said, “We’ll decide whether you’re strong after we fight again.”

“I… am I digging my own grave?” Xu Sanshi looked at Ji Juechen and was completely speechless.

The two of them returned to the side of the river, and Jiang Nannan was the first to run over. She pulled Xu Sanshi’s ears, “Why are you showing off? You still smashed the ground. Do you have too much energy and nowhere to use it? See how bad you shook this place! Don’t eat later. Starve! I’m afraid you can’t fully use all your energy!”

Xu Sanshi coughed, “It wasn’t intentional...”

Huo Yuhao chortled, “I agree with fourth senior’s opinion. Third senior, you should be starved.” The bonfire had already been messed up and had to be reassembled. The pot of fish soup that was supposed to be done soon had to be re-boiled as well.

Xu Sanshi wore a toady smile on his face. “Don’t! I have waited so long for my little junior to cook. How can I not taste his cooking? Come, come, everyone move away. I’ll perform some chores.” As he spoke, he quickly leaped over and helped Huo Yuhao with the bonfire.

Tang Wutong stood by the side of the river and watched as everyone joked around. She was a little dazed when she saw how happy everyone was. Although she felt that she didn’t blend in with them, she discovered that she rather liked such an atmosphere.


The bonfire was soon reassembled, and the fish soup was cooking once again. Due to Xu Sanshi’s earlier mistake, he offered to watch the fish soup. On the other side, the grilled fish were almost completely marinated. Huo Yuhao assembled the branches that Ye Guyi had washed earlier and stacked them above the bonfire on the other side before starting to grill the fish. At the same time, he took some dry rations over and started to heat them up.

All of them were very young, and thus it was natural that ladies were given the first priority. As the fragrance of the grilled fish diffused in the air, the first to start digging in became a huge topic of debate.

Everyone formed a circle as they sat beside the fires.

Jiang Nannan laughed, “The grilled fish smell really good. Who’s going to start first?”

As they were limited by the conditions, they could only grill one fish at a time. Huo Yuhao didn’t choose to grill more than one fish at once in order to ensure that they were of the utmost quality. If he grilled too many fish at once, there might be some flaws in his control of the fire, as well as the seasoning of the fish.

Jing Ziyan laughed and said, “The youngest can eat first. We should go by age. I’m the oldest. I’ll go last.”

Jiang Nannan said, “Alright. I’m twenty years and four months old. What about the rest?” She looked at Tang Wutong, Ye Guyi and Nan Qiuqiu.

Ye Guyi was a little depressed as she said, “I’m already twenty-two.”

Nan Qiuqiu’s eyes brightened, “I’m twenty years and three months old. Haha, Sister Nannan, I’m younger than you.”

Jiang Nannan pursed her lips and laughed. She looked at Tang Wutong and asked, “Wutong, what about you?”

Tang Wutong was stunned for a moment and said, “All of you can eat first. I…” She wanted to say that she wasn’t from the Tang Sect, and she was fine with some dry rations. However, the fragrance of the grilled fish was simply too strong. She couldn’t control her appetite, and ended up swallowing her words.

Jiang Nannan laughed, “No no, we’ve agreed that the youngest should eat first. Wutong, how old are you?”

Ji Juechen was calm as he sat to one side, not making a sound. Xu Sanshi would occasionally glance over, and his smile seemed to be filled with meaning. Nannan is indeed very supportive! She’s helping little junior without being obvious! The rest didn’t know how old Wutong was, but how could he not know? Huo Yuhao had mentioned before that Tang Wutong was Wang Dong’er.

Tang Wutong replied, “I’m, I’m eighteen years old...” Yes, she was eighteen years old. In terms of age, she was slightly younger than Huo Yuhao.

Nan Qiuqiu was depressed as she slapped her forehead. “You’re so young? How did you manage to develop so well?”

Tang Wutong’s face turned red as she glared at Qiuqiu. She thought to herself, These people from the Tang Sect act like hooligans! For some reason, she seemed to have ostracized both Nan Qiuqiu and Ye Guyi. They always wore a weird expression when they looked at her. The weird looks that they gave her made her extremely uncomfortable.

“I’ve finished grilling the fish. Who’s going to eat first?” Huo Yuhao asked.

Jiang Nannan pursed her lips at Tang Wutong, who was still slightly shy. She even seemed a little young and ignorant as her face turned even redder, accentuated by the bonfire. When Huo Yuhao turned his attention to her, he appeared to be in a daze.

Tang Wutong stood up and walked up to Huo Yuhao before extending her hand.

Huo Yuhao passed her a grilled fish and a baked bun.

Tang Wutong couldn’t help but say, “Fragrant!”

There was a fresh smell that came from the grilled fish, while the aroma of heated sesame came from the baked bun. Both were extremely tempting.

“Thank you,” Tang Wutong nodded at Huo Yuhao before turning around and walking away. She returned to where she was sitting and began to eat as the rest watched.

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