Volume 33, Chapter 437.1: Golden Tortoise Molting

Exploiting this opportunity, the Judgment Sword fell from the sky and slashed straight towards Xu Sanshi. It was extremely terrifying as it unleashed its full strength.

The Golden Xuanwu had been dyed black by the power of darkness. When the Judgment Sword turned into a beam of golden light that descended from the sky, the power of darkness started to rumble. The clash between darkness and light would never be peaceful. The terrifying strength that was unleashed was sufficient to make anyone afraid.

Even Jiang Nannan started to tense up, and subconsciously took a few steps forward.

Given their current levels, they couldn’t withhold too much of their power, even if they did withhold some. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to fully unleash their potential. Jiang Nannan wasn’t confident that Xu Sanshi could block the Judgment Sword. Without being able to use his Mysterious Underworld Displacement, Xu Sanshi could only use his defensive strength to resist the attack! Could he possibly resist it?

Gold and black were about to clash!

However, it was at this moment that something weird appeared. When...

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