Volume 33, Chapter 436.3: Roasting Fish for Her

Xu Sanshi was forced back, while Ji Juechen also jerked slightly in the air. After unleashing such a strong attack, he needed to catch his breath. However, his Judgment Sword soon turned into countless streaks of black light, sweeping towards Xu Sanshi.

The Element was changed to darkness. The pitch-black sword light started to engulf Xu Sanshi in streaks.

Xu Sanshi was depressed. If he used his shield wall, these dark Elements would quickly attach themselves to it. The power of darkness earlier wasn’t a lot, but when he was Judged by the light Element earlier, the impact was incredibly strong. If he absorbed more of these dark Elements, he would be subjected to greater stress during Judgment. Light and darkness were incompatible, but they were fused under the effect of the Judgment Sword. The sword tapped into their incompatibility to increase its offensive strength to the extreme, showing how frightening the Class 8 Judgment Sword was.

His figure flashed, and Xu Sanshi switched positions with Ji Juechen. As their positions switched, Ji Juechen was now on the ground, while Xu Sanshi was in the air.

Ji Juechen’s sword lights were naturally pointed diagonally down, so they could hit Xu Sanshi again.

However, he was very familiar with Xu Sanshi’s abilities. Xu Sanshi used his Mysterious Underworld Displacement, and Ji Juechen reacted immediately. He didn’t even look up before he swept a streak of black light at his former location with his sword. 

Xu Sanshi’s shield was in front of him, and he staggered backward in the air as he was hit by Ji Juechen’s attack. Just as he was feeling depressed, he formulated a plan.

Intense dark gold light was released from his body and quickly into his surroundings. His sixth soul ring also shone brightly. Wasn’t that his Xuanwu’s Domain?

The main  difference from before was that his black Xuanwu’s Domain had turned dark gold now. This Xuanwu’s Domain was like a vast ocean!

Ji Juechen felt that his entire body was being covered in a viscous fluid as the domain covered him. His movements were extremely restricted.

Xu Sanshi’s seventh soul ring also lit up following this. His body started to shine bright gold, and his Golden Tortoise turned into a ray of golden light that sticking close to his back. On the other hand, his Golden Xuanwu Shield stuck close to the front of his body. With this, Xu Sanshi formed a gigantic turtle shell.

He shrank his body into the shell and disappeared.

This was his seventh soul skill, his Xuanwu True Body!

There was a small, thin snake laying on the surface of his Xuanwu True Body. What was truly astonishing was that this snake had turned blood-red at this moment.

In his Xuanwu’s Domain, Xu Sanshi’s speed was much faster than under normal conditions. In this domain, Ji Juechen was greatly restricted, and his movements extremely slow.

Bright golden light flashed, and the Golden Xuanwu drifted within the domain. Everything around it seemed to have transformed.

Streaks of immense soul power were unleashed towards Ji Juechen. These streaks of soul power were like waves and undercurrents as they furiously struck Ji Juechen’s body.

Ji Juechen wanted to react, but the waves and undercurrents were interfering. More frighteningly, Ji Juechen could clearly sense undercurrents sweeping into his blood. These undercurrents interfered with the circulation of his soul power, causing his entire body to be greatly restrained. He found it difficult to move at all!

Xu Sanshi’s Golden Xuanwu shone brightly, and transformed into a ball of golden light that raced towards Ji Juechen. If Xu Sanshi didn’t exploit this perfect opportunity, he wasn’t fit to be called the Eternal Defense!

Ji Juechen turned very serious. He gripped his Judgment Sword tightly with both hands before sweeping it up, unleashing all his soul power.

However, his abilities were weakened by half in the Xuanwu Domain. When his Judgment Sword collided with the Xuanwu that approached him, he was flung away by the collision.

Streaks of flowing dark gold light surged out from the Xuanwu’s Domain and engulfed Ji Juechen. The massive Golden Xuanwu suddenly opened its mouth, and an intense dark gold wave was unleashed towards Ji Juechen.

Even Ji Juechen didn’t expect Xu Sanshi to be so strong after unleashing his Martial Soul True Body!

Ji Juechen’s seventh soul ring shone at this moment. One face of his sword shone with golden light, while the other face shone with black light. The intense lights flashed in time with the dark golden light from the Xuanwu’s Domain. Ji Juechen’s body started to turn illusory, and his sword became the center of this illusion.

A two-colored sword appeared and broke free from the restraint of the Xuanwu’s Domain. It turned into a frightening arc of light and collided with the Golden Xuanwu.

A crisp ding vibrated out, and lights shot everywhere. This time, Ji Juechen didn’t gain an advantage over Xu Sanshi. When his streak of sword light struck the Golden Xuanwu, the streaks of flowing, dark gold light in the Xuanwu’s Domain kept surging towards the blade of his sword, weakening the huge sword he had formed. No matter how hard he tried to advance, he was significantly drained in the process.

Ji Juechen’s terrifying sword light suddenly stopped and deflected up. At this moment, dark gold ripples were released from the Golden Xuanwu’s body. A strong attractive force pulled at the huge sword that was flying away.

Ji Juechen was being completely restricted right now. The blade of his sword suddenly turned black. The black light adopted a wavy structure, and started to spread out.

Against Xu Sanshi, Ji Juechen finally unleashed the full strength of his Judgment Sword.

Suddenly, the water in the Xuanwu’s Domain seemed to have been corroded by the aura of darkness, and turned black at an alarming rate. Once this power of darkness was judged by the power of light later, the destructive power of Ji Juechen’s attack was bound to be very great.

However, Ji Juechen was quickly surprised. The suction force from the Golden Xuanwu increased significantly. The aura of darkness released by his Judgment Sword was absorbed by it, and left none behind in the Xuanwu Domain. Just like before, dark gold undercurrents continuously pestered the blade of Ji Juechen’s sword. Because of this interference, his soul power was draining quickly. 

On the other side, the Golden Xuanwu had turned completely black instantly, and released a very strong aura of darkness.

Both sides seemed to be in a stalemate. Both Xu Sanshi and Ji Juechen stopped taking the initiative to attack. The Judgment Sword was still releasing the power of darkness, while the Xuanwu’s Domain kept on weakening Ji Juechen.

In such a situation, both of them were clearly aware that the next attack could decide victory for this fight.


While they were fighting very intensely over there, Huo Yuhao was about to finish the preparations for his grilled fish and fish soup. Everyone turned their attention to watch this exciting fight.

“Who do you think will win?” Tang Wutong asked Huo Yuhao. She wasn’t familiar enough with Xu Sanshi and Ji Juechen. She could only make a prediction based on what she was observing.

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “What do you think?”

Tang Wutong rolled her eyes at him and said, “You’re not gentlemanly at all. I was the one who asked first.”

Huo Yuhao laughed and said, “Alright then. I think third senior will win.”

Tang Wutong snorted and replied, “Then I think Ji Juechen will win.”

Huo Yuhao was a little stunned as he inquired, “What’s the reason? I’m the one asking first.”

Tang Wutong lifted her head and said, “Because you think that fellow will win. That’s why I choose the other person.”

Huo Yuhao laughed and asked, “Do you want to make a bet?”

“What bet?” Tang Wutong asked. 

Huo Yuhao thought for a moment before replying, “I haven’t thought of one yet. Alright, let our stake be a favor. Whoever wins can ask the other party to do them a favor. However, this favor can’t be too difficult. It can’t flout moral and ethical codes, either. What do you think? For example, you can tell me to clean up your room, and I can make you massage my back.”

“Nonsense, you are obviously at an advantage here! Who’s going to massage your back? We can’t have body contact!” Tang Wutong immediately retorted.

Huo Yuhao laughed and said, “Alright, we won’t have any body contact. It’s just for fun. Even if you lose, I won’t ask anything from you. Even if I ask you for something, you can refuse to acknowledge it. It doesn’t matter.”

Tang Wutong was furious, “Am I a sore loser to you? Let’s bet. I don’t believe that the fellow who’s not offensively adept will be able to win. The intersection of light and darkness is so powerful. He has absorbed too much of that power of darkness. Once he’s struck, he’ll definitely lose. He shouldn’t be able to use the skill that he uses to switch positions anymore. There’s too much darkness corroding his body. He’ll definitely lose.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled slightly and said, “Alright, we’ll wait and see. Let’s hook our pinkies.” As he spoke, he reached out his right pinky in front of Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong was stunned. After this, she reached out her right pinky to hook with Huo Yuhao’s right pinky.

Tang Wutong’s pinky was a little cold. It might be because she had cleaned herself in the river earlier. Her pinky was thin and delicate. On contact, it felt very cool, and indescribably comfortable.

Huo Yuhao was in a slight daze. Tang Wutong immediately pulled her hand back. “Alright, let’s do it this way. Whoever reneges on this bet is a dog!”

At this point, the fight on the other side had already experienced changes.

Ji Juechen finally couldn’t wait anymore. He had been accumulating his strength but he was also being drained by the Xuanwu’s Domain at the same time. He needed to find a balance. This balance was almost achieved when he managed to summon the power of light, just as Xu Sanshi absorbed the power of darkness. It was only at this point that his final attack was at its strongest.

Bright golden light shot into the skies. The huge sword that was formed by Ji Juechen instantly turned golden. The intense aura of light was furiously unleashed. It was like a small golden sun had appeared above the ground.

Even Ye Guyi’s holy soul power was being drawn in and unleashed as dim golden light, showing how strong the power of light carried by Ji Juechen’s sword was.

Once the Judgment Sword changed its state, it immediately freed itself from the restraint of the Xuanwu’s Domain. The Xuanwu’s Domain around him that had restrained him earlier was now slightly infected with the aura of darkness. At this moment, it became the target of his Judgment Sword!

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