Volume 33, Chapter 436.2: Roasting Fish for Her

Ji Juechen finally moved. Xu Sanshi’s words were like a horn that signaled the beginning of the fight. Ji Juechen instantly increased his speed, and he launched a swift attack at Xu Sanshi. Just as he burst out, he swept his Judgment Sword, its point close to the ground, towards Xu Sanshi.

A streak of sharp black sword aura shot towards Xu Sanshi. Wherever this sword aura passed, there were a series of sharp wails in the air.

These wails were deafening, and the sword aura was extremely devastating.

Xu Sanshi’s gaze instantly turned stern. This Sword Fanatic seems to have gotten even more impressive.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters weren’t the only ones who had improved. Ji Juechen had improved, too. Furthermore, the rate of his improvement wasn’t any slower than the others. It was easy to forget that he was more focused than anyone else in terms of his cultivation.

Furthermore, his cultivating speed had reached a whole new tier after he established his relationship with Jing Ziyan, due to his emotional release. From his original Solitary Domain, it had slowly evolved into his Love Domain.

Yes, he was no longer heartless, and had feelings now. He was now the Sword Fanatic with the Sword of Love.

Xu Sanshi used his Golden Xuanwu Shield to block Ji Juechen’s attack. Given his experience, he was able to accurately resist the sword aura that came towards him.

However, Xu Sanshi felt a little stunned when he resisted the sword aura. There was immense soul power contained within that sword aura, and there was also extremely strong spiritual power too.

Ji Juechen could do this in the past, and was able to fuse his spiritual and soul power very well. However, his sword intent was much more domineering in the past, as if it could destroy everything instantly. The after-effect, however, was much weaker.

However, the sword aura that he had just unleashed was starkly different. Even after his soul power was crushed, his spiritual intent continued to penetrate the Xuanwu Shield streak by streak. It seemed almost irresistible and unstoppable.

This was a fundamental change. After all, Xu Sanshi was one of the top-ranked experts among the younger generation’s cultivators, and also a top student from Shrek Academy. Naturally, he discovered this change immediately.

“Old Ji, impressive!”

However, Xu Sanshi was not an easy target, even though Ji Juechen’s attack was very strong. After fusing with the Golden Tortoise, the defensive strength of his Golden Xuanwu Shield had increased several times over.

When those streaks of spiritual power started to penetrate the shield, gentle, golden ripples started to spread on the surface of it. Xu Sanshi didn’t even need to summon anything before the spiritual power was naturally dispelled.

Ji Juechen had already leapt up by now. He didn’t attack directly with his Judgment Sword like before. Rather, countless sword projections were formed, engulfing Xu Sanshi.

Within those sword projections, there was only his sharp sword aura, but no elemental undulations could be felt. The dark and light Elements carried by the Judgment Sword had been hidden.

This was a magical feeling. Even as Xu Sanshi sensed this, he didn’t retreat. Instead, he took a step forward, and his Golden Xuanwu Shield shook slightly. He unleashed his first soul skill, Xuanwu Shield Formation.

A huge patch of gold instantly turned into a huge golden wall. It was still circular in shape, but it now covered more than fifteen square meters. All of Ji Juechen’s sword lights landed on this huge wall and were devoured completely, without even making a ripple.

Ji Juechen also revealed a look of astonishment. Xu Sanshi had indeed improved, and it wasn’t just a slight improvement. His defensive strength was extremely great now, even better than many Soul Douluo that he had fought before.

However, Ji Juechen was more motivated when his opponent was stronger. He gently tapped his toes against the shield wall and seemed to change into a whirlwind. Countless sword projections gathered and viciously struck Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield Formation.

The strange thing was that no sound was made when his attack landed on the Xuanwu Shield Formation. It was like a ray of light that disappeared after it struck the shield formation.

Ji Juechen exploited the momentum to rebound away.

At this point, cuts started to appear on Xu Sanshi’s shield formation. A layer of pitch-black started to spread outwards from the point of collision earlier. It didn’t spread very fast, but a dark aura soon engulfed the Golden Xuanwu Shield.

The Judgment Sword instantly turned bright gold, and the intense light Element was set ablaze. At this instant, Ji Juechen seemed to possess Ye Guyi’s strength. His entire body was filled with a holy aura.

He finally grasped his sword with both hands, and lifted his Judgment Sword up high.

Ji Juechen instantly disappeared, and there was only a holy sword that existed in this heaven and earth. The intense holy aura soared furiously, while his sharp sword intent was completely contained within it. The might of his attack even caused the sunset glow in the distance to lose its color.

Xu Sanshi immediately retracted his Xuanwu Shield Formation, and was a little astonished as he watched Ji Juechen.

It was his first time facing an elemental attack from the Judgment Sword. Right now, a deep gust of darkness had surged furiously into his body. Even with the defense of his shield, he wasn’t able to expel the aura of darkness from his body. That aura even felt very thick, and surged into his body in streaks.


No wonder that sword is a Class 8 close-combat soul tool!

Right now, Xu Sanshi finally understood why no one could fight Ji Juechen during their rescue mission in Sunrise City, and also why Ji Juechen had never summoned the power of his Judgment Sword when they sparred previously.

If this were the past, he wouldn’t be able to resist this interwoven power of darkness and light. The strength of the Judgment Sword was simply too frightening. Even with Ji Juechen’s current cultivation, he still wasn’t able to completely unleash the strength of the sword.

There were many Class 9 soul tools in the world of soul engineers. However, there were only three close-combat Class 9 soul tools.

What Xu Sanshi didn’t know was that Ji Juechen’s Judgment Sword was once recognized as the top close-combat soul tool among all close-combat soul tools below Class 9. Otherwise, Jing Hongchen wouldn’t have risked all the dangers and come to Shrek Academy to get it back!

Even the soul engineer who carved this sword wasn’t able to completely unleash its strength. Swords were the king of weapons. In the Douluo Continent, there might be someone who loved swords more than Ji Juechen, but it would be very hard to find them.

After he received this Judgment Sword, Ji Juechen had almost never let it out of his sight. His understanding of it had completely transcended the understanding of even its creator.

Right now, Xu Sanshi was at an extremely disadvantageous situation. However, he didn’t panic at all.

He was already a Soul Sage. How could he possibly be the same as he was in the past?

He unleashed his Strength of the Xuanwu, and the light from his body instantly turned a dark gold. This dark golden glow didn’t just make him taller and bigger; but it also caused dark gold rings to surge outward, expelling a huge portion of the dark Element from him.

The Golden Tortoise that was drifting behind him also moved at this moment. A golden glow was released from the Golden Tortoise’s body and landed on Xu Sanshi. It actually caused him and the Golden Xuanwu Shield to appear slightly illusory. They even looked like they were translucent.

As golden lights flashed, the Judgment Sword slashed down.

Ji Juechen was around thirty meters away from Xu Sanshi when he slashed out. However, the massive golden sword light that was formed swept ten meters into the sky before descending terrifyingly like a rainbow. Everything within the area illuminated by the holy aura became extremely clear.

There was a muffled bang. Golden light shot everywhere, and the aura of light surged into Xu Sanshi’s body. In addition, the tip of the Judgment Sword was much more condensed with power compared to before, and the aura of darkness hadn’t been completely expelled from Xu Sanshi’s body yet.

Suddenly, Xu Sanshi felt that his body was about to be torn apart by the intersection of light and darkness.

Fortunately, this feeling only lasted for an instant. However, there was an additional, one-centimeter mark on the surface of his Xuanwu Shield. The turtle-snake on his shield also seemed to be groaning in pain.

Ji Juechen had a completely different feeling. When his Judgment Sword struck the Golden Xuanwu Shield, he was stunned to discover that the sharpness and strength of his sword had been instantly dispelled by nearly thirty percent by the translucent Golden Xuanwu Shield. After that, his blade struck the Xuanwu Shield.

Xu Sanshi groaned slightly and staggered three steps back before he managed to stabilize himself. His arms felt sore. Immense spiritual power had turned into a sharp blade that struck him after penetrating his Golden Xuanwu Shield.

Fortunately, this blade had already been weakened by his shield. Even so, Xu Sanshi’s Strength of the Xuanwu was still flashing intermittently. He had also tried to use his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to try escaping.

However, it wasn’t that easy to avoid the spiritual blade. His groan was mostly because of the impact of the spiritual power.

It was very difficult for him to detach himself from this feeling. Xu Sanshi’s spiritual power wasn’t that weak, but he was still in a state of confusion.

A streak of gentle white light shot out from the Golden Tortoise behind him and landed on his head. Xu Sanshi only felt the burden on his head lessening, and the intense, prickling pain from earlier eased slightly.

His Judgment Sword is too strong, Xu Sanshi gulped. If not for the fact that his own abilities had increased, his shield would have been cut apart earlier.

In terms of offensive strength, Ji Juechen was undoubtedly the best among anyone of the same age that he knew. A Soul Douluo who wasn’t a pure defensive-type soul master wouldn’t have been able to resist Ji Juechen’s attack, it was too frightening. Ji Juechen specializes in the cultivation of swords. His offensive strength is crazy! Surely it should be close to the standard of a Titled Douluo?

While Xu Sanshi was thinking all this, Ji Juechen’s attacks didn’t cease.

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