Volume 33, Chapter 433.1: The Tragic Golden Tortoise

“Fourth senior, come over here.” As Bi Ji mentioned that the Golden Tortoise would be the last to undergo the fusion, Huo Yuhao turned to Jiang Nannan next.

Jiang Nannan nodded and walked towards Huo Yuhao with the Ruby Soft Tendon Python.

The python looked at Huo Yuhao before it gently lay down on the ground.

Huo Yuhao asked Jiang Nannan, “Fourth senior sister, are you ready?”

She smiled and replied, “Yuhao, do you need to rest?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “No need. Eldest senior’s fusion was very successful. I wasn’t drained very much.”

Jiang Nannan said, “Alright then. I’m prepared, too. We can start.”

Huo Yuhao looked at the python and asked it the same question.

The python then did something that astonished everyone. It ignored Huo Yuhao and instead turned its head before it started to wrap itself around Jiang Nannan.

Everyone was stunned, but Jiang Nannan hurriedly said, “No worries. It doesn’t harbor any ill intentions. Yuhao, please begin.”

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power engulfed them. Indeed, the Ruby Soft Tendon Python didn’t exert any force on Jiang Nannan even though it wrapped itself around her. Instead, it only stuck close to her.

Xu Sanshi muttered to himself unhappily as he saw this. “I hope this fellow is a female. Otherwise, I’ll really be at a disadvantage!”

Tang Wutong was standing behind him. After hearing his words, she almost laughed. She was more amused by the fact that the Golden Tortoise beside Xu Sanshi also nodded its head and seemed to agree with his words.

This is indeed a case of ‘birds of the same feather flock together’…

The second Spirit Fusion began. As Huo Yuhao recited his incantations, gentle lights rose and surrounded the Ruby Soft Tendon Python and Jiang Nannan.

The Ruby Soft Tendon Python wasn’t like the Heavenly Dragon Horse earlier; it didn’t slowly disappear. Bright, rose-colored light slowly lit up from its body, and it gradually became more and more transparent.

Even Huo Yuhao was stunned this time. He had been involved in many Spirit Fusions, but this was the first time he had seen something like this.

The Ruby Soft Tendon Python had a huge body. When it wrapped itself around Jiang Nanan’s body, it was impossible to see Jiang Nannan from the outside anymore. Only the python’s body could be seen.

Right now, its huge body actually slowly became like gelatin and completely sealed Jiang Nannan within. Its body then started to melt, and became like a transparent, rose-colored larva.

As Huo Yuhao recited his incantations from the side, he also became more focused. If Jiang Nannan met with any danger, he would react immediately.

Fortunately, his worries were unfounded.

Jiang Nannan’s aura became stronger and stronger inside the rose-colored larvae. As intense soul power undulations were released, her seventh soul ring slowly took form.

More astonishingly, Jiang Nannan’s aura was like Bei Bei’s aura earlier, becoming stronger and stronger. The larvae seemed to have a life of its own and pulsed slightly to the rhythm of Jiang Nannan’s heartbeat.

As Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection was very sensitive, he could detect that the size of the larvae was expanding slightly with every movement that it made. It was as if it was fusing with Jiang Nannan’s body. This was a penetrative form of fusion.

Without a doubt, this was a complete fusion! It was unexpected that the cold and hostile Ruby Soft Tendon Python had actually completely accepted Jiang Nannan.

The pinkish halos slowly disappeared, and the python was completely fused into Jiang Nannan’s body as they formed a telepathic bond. As the python’s body became more transparent, Jiang Nannan’s aura also grew stronger and stronger.

All of Jiang Nannan’s soul rings shone extremely brightly. It was like this fusion was causing all of her soul rings to experience some form of advancement. This was something that would never happen when soul rings were ordinarily fused!

The entire process was shorter than expected. When the python disappeared completely, and Jiang Nannan re-appeared in front of everyone, all the lights from her body had been retracted. Only her two yellow, two purple and three black soul rings were shining brightly.

With a thought from her, a streak of pinkish light was released from her body. It slowly took form behind her, while her body actually turned hollow before disappearing completely. The Ruby Soft Tendon Python appeared in front of everyone again. The injuries on its body had disappeared, while its aura had become much stronger than before. Its rosy red eyes were like two rubies, shining brightly.

The python’s body turned hollow again after this went on for around ten seconds. After this, Jiang Nannan re-appeared where she was earlier, and the seven soul rings on her body strangely surfaced on the python’s body instead of hers. Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene. It was indeed like Bi Ji had claimed; a Ruby Soft Tendon Python was extremely spiritual! Some miraculous change must have had happened between this python and Jiang Nannan.

Everyone wasn’t very concerned about what this change was. They only hoped that Jiang Nannan’s abilities had grown stronger.

The slightly hollow python didn’t disappear. Instead, it slithered forward and encircled Jiang Nannan before it slowly slithered its way up her. Finally, its huge head stopped behind the top of Jiang Nannan’s head. Its ruby-red eyes coolly watched everyone else, looking rather arrogant.

Bi Ji was delightfully surprised. “It seems like they’re telepathically-linked now. Jiang Nannan, can you sense if it has learned any soul skills from you?”

Jiang Nannan nodded gently and said, “I think it has learned three soul skills. However, it’s still comprehending them now. In the future, it might be able to learn more.”

Everyone was stunned after hearing her words. Spirits could actually help soul masters in a fight. If a Spirit could learn a soul master’s soul skills, it would be equivalent to an avatar of that soul master! Furthermore, a Spirit wouldn’t die unless the soul master died. Spirits relied on soul masters to survive. For Jiang Nannan, it was like she had an extra life.

Jiang Nannan might seem the weakest among the members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, but she was still considered extremely strong compared to ordinary soul masters. Her soul skills were all very strong. Whether it was her Instant Teleportation, Gravity Control, or Invincible Golden Body, they were all very impressive soul skills. The Ruby Soft Tendon Python learned three of her six soul skills, which included at least one of these three divine skills. In this way, Jiang Nannan’s survival abilities in the future were bound to greatly increase.

This was the effect of a perfect fusion with a Spirit. Everyone was happy. Not only were those from the Tang Sect extremely excited, but Bi Ji was also delighted, which was very rare. She was definitely very pleased that soul beasts were able to willingly fuse with humans and become such strong Spirits. This meant that the conflict between soul beasts and humans was more likely to be resolved. With such precedents, more soul masters would be attracted to the Spirit Pagoda and choose to use Spirit Transmission to replace killing soul beasts as a means of obtaining soul rings. For such perfect fusions, it was possible for a Spirit to even replace two or even three soul rings.

“It’s my turn, it’s my turn.” Xu Sanshi quickly rushed in front of Jiang Nannan. Seeing that Bei Bei and Jiang Nannan’s powers had greatly increased, how could he not be eager?

Jiang Nannan smiled before retracting her Spirit and conceding her position to him.

Xu Sanshi loudly said, “Little junior, do you need to rest? If you aren’t tired, we can start now. Elder Bi Ji, brother Tortoise doesn’t really want you to be here to watch. Do you think…”

Bi Ji was a little perplexed as she looked at the Golden Tortoise, but it didn’t look at her. It only slowly moved in front of Xu Sanshi before lying down.

“Alright.” Bi Ji was very mild. If it were the Bear Lord, he would have immediately raged at such presumption. However, she readily agreed. Although she didn’t know what the Golden Tortoise had to hide from her, at least this secret didn’t come from humans. Furthermore, the Golden Tortoise would no longer be a soul beast after it fused with Xu Sanshi. She wouldn’t be able to control its future. She readily walked out and waited outside.

Huo Yuhao was also a little confused. However, he wasn’t worried about the Golden Tortoise playing any tricks. While soul beasts and soul masters shared an equal lives contract during the process of Spirit Transmission, he was the one who was controlling the process. In addition, the Golden Tortoise was very weak. If it tried to play any tricks, it would be the one suffering instead. Xu Sanshi would be fine. At most, he would have to find another Spirit to fuse with.

“Third senior, Golden Tortoise, I’m going to begin. The two of you can prepare.”

Xu Sanshi might seem very casual, but he was in fact very similar to Bei Bei in many ways, other than his lecherous ways. The fusion was about to begin, and he quickly retracted his cheeky laughter before calming himself down. He circulated his soul power and adjusted his mentality.

After a brief moment, he felt that his three energies were in place, and nodded at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao looked at the Golden Tortoise, and it also nodded at him.

For some reason, Huo Yuhao suddenly felt that this Golden Tortoise was even more intelligent than the Ruby Soft Tendon Python. It appeared much more quick-witted all of a sudden. Even in such a weakened state, it was unable to conceal the deep and contemplative look in its eyes.

Huo Yuhao recited his incantations for the third time. Gentle golden light surrounded Xu Sanshi and the Golden Tortoise before starting to spread. A fusion between human and soul beast began.

A huge projection of a Xuanwu Shield surfaced behind Xu Sanshi. The concentrated aura of water resonated with the aura of light within the formation. Gentle soul power undulations started to spread as if they were ripples in water.

Huo Yuhao’s recitations slowly grew more and more resounding. Xu Sanshi and the Golden Tortoise started to connect with each other, and their equal lives contract started to take effect.

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