Volume 33, Chapter 432.3: Heavenly Dragon Horse and Ruby Soft Tendon Python

Xu Sanshi stood up and looked at Jiang Nannan, “A husband follows his wife’s wishes. Nannan’s decision is also my decision. I also swear that I won’t kill another soul beast to obtain a soul ring. If I do so, Nannan will leave me forever.”

Bei Bei was stunned as he looked at him. He understood that this vow was much worse and more vicious than condemnation to Xu Sanshi!

Huo Yuhao revealed a comforted smile on his face as dim lights flashed. This was what he had hoped to see! At the same time, he nodded. “I, Huo Yuhao, also swear that I won’t kill another soul beast to obtain a soul ring. If I betray this vow, I shall be condemned. I’ll do my best to help humans and soul beasts fuse peacefully with each other, creating Spirits.”

Bi Ji’s eyes were a little red and she muttered, “Although it’s only the few of you who have sworn this today, I believe this is a huge step towards peace between soul beasts and humans. Right here, I also declare, on behalf of all the soul beasts in the Great Star Dou Forest, that all of you here will be respected guests of the Great Star Dou Forest. When you need Spirits, we’ll do our best to coordinate and give you priority.”

Bei Bei stood up and looked at Bi Ji seriously. “Elder Bi Ji, although I can’t guarantee anything now, I promise on behalf of the Tang Sect that I’ll restrict everyone from the Tang Sect to only obtaining soul rings through Spirits. Even those whose cultivations are slightly weaker must try their best to reduce any killings. We have no way of influencing others, but we are willing to be role models for other humans in this aspect.”

Bi Ji’s voice trembled slightly. She looked at Bei Bei and nodded slowly. “Thank you, thank all of you. I can sense your sincerity. This shall be the beginning.”

As she spoke, she walked in front of the three soul beasts. There was a dominant look in her eyes, “The three of you have heard their words too. I’m delighted for the three of you today, that you can meet such humans. I believe that the three of you know what choice to make, even if I don’t say anything.”

The three soul beasts silently nodded their heads. Even the Ruby Soft Tendon Python, which had seemed very hostile earlier, appeared much friendlier now. It was much more willing to get close to Jiang Nannan now. After all, she was the one who had started the series of vows. It wasn’t far-fetched to say that she was the one who had started everything, which led to the series of changes that happened after that.

Bi Ji said, “Alright, let’s start now. Who wants to go first?”

The Heavenly Dragon Horse forcefully stood up and let out a soft dragon roar before it rubbed its head against Bei Bei’s shoulder.

Bi Ji smiled slightly as she retreated and gestured for it to proceed.

Bei Bei touched the neck of the Heavenly Dragon Horse lightly and followed it to the center of the magical formation of the Spirit Transmission Hall. After that, he stood in front of the Heavenly Dragon Horse.

Huo Yuhao also came over and stood beside them. He revealed a slight smile on his face and said to Bei Bei, “Eldest senior, are you prepared?”

Bei Bei nodded.

Huo Yuhao then turned his attention to the Heavenly Dragon Horse, and it roared.

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Alright, I’m going to begin.”

Suddenly, the Heavenly Dragon Horse roared again. Compared to before, it sounded much sharper this time. Huo Yuhao was a little confused as he looked at it. He could sense that it felt very close to Bei Bei right now, but he couldn’t understand what it was trying to say.

Bi Ji said, “It wants Bei Bei to put his hand on the gem on its forehead.”

Bei Bei was astonished as he looked at the Heavenly Dragon Horse. The Heavenly Dragon Horse nodded gently at him.

Such a proud Heavenly Dragon Horse actually permitted a human to place his hand on the gem on its forehead, which was supposed to be the most painful spot when touched. What did this mean? It meant that it had completely accepted Bei Bei! Bei Bei was delightfully surprised by this. With such a recognition, it was impossible that the pact between them would fail.

Bei Bei looked at the Heavenly Dragon Horse and nodded strongly. He lifted his right hand and carefully placed his hand on the gem on its forehead.

The Heavenly Dragon Horse moved slightly. In the next moment, Bei Bei felt intense soul power undulations surging from the gem. Following this, a layer of golden light was released from his and the Heavenly Dragon Horse’s bodies simultaneously. Bei Bei clearly felt the thoughts of the Heavenly Dragon Horse right now. That gem was like a bridge between their souls.

Bei Bei didn’t know that the gems on the foreheads of Heavenly Dragon Horses were the most important part of their bodies. Not only could they be used for offensive purposes in a fight, but they could also be used for interaction. When Heavenly Dragon Horses reached a sexually receptive stage, a female Heavenly Dragon Horse would accept a male Heavenly Dragon Horse as her husband by letting their gems interact with each other.

“It’s now,” Bi Ji reminded him from one side.

Huo Yuhao recited his incantations at the same time. As he did so, the Spirit Transmission Ritual began.

On the ground, golden halos were released from the center of the magic formation. Gentle, light-type undulations started to fill the entire Spirit Transmission Hall.

The entire process wasn’t just successful, it carried on very naturally!

When Bei Bei focused his spiritual power on the head of the Heavenly Dragon Horse, there was a gentle look of recognition in its eyes. Its body was becoming weaker and weaker, but its eyes were getting brighter and brighter. The gem on its forehead released a bright light that completely engulfed Bei Bei.

Right now, Bei Bei was like a small, golden sun. No one dared to look at him directly. Intense soul power undulations were continuously being released from his body. He immediately broke through the Rank 70 bottleneck.

The Heavenly Dragon Horse started turning transparent, beginning from its tail. After this, it quickly turned into flying ash and disappeared. It didn’t leave any traces behind.

Bi Ji stood to one side, silently in awe. This was a perfect fusion! There were only two cases like this in the previous rounds of fusion. Under such a fusion, the relationship between the Spirit and the soul master would become especially close. All the abilities of the soul beast could combine with the soul master, and the soul master might even be able to make his own choices. It wasn’t just a random fusion anymore...

The Heavenly Dragon Horse gradually disappeared, but the light from Bei Bei’s body became extremely bright. The entire Spirit Transmission Hall was illuminated by this golden light, and the intense light-type undulations became stronger and stronger.

Bei Bei didn’t just cross Rank 70. Huo Yuhao was stunned to sense that Bei Bei’s soul power kept on increasing. He wasn’t at Rank 70 anymore. He shot through Rank 71 before rising to Rank 72. He actually managed to rise by two ranks before his progress tailed off!

A low-pitched dragon roar was released from that ball of golden light. This dragon roar gradually became more and more resounding. As the golden light slowly retracted, a huge light projection of a golden dragon claw extended out. Following this, huge golden dragon wings opened up.

When the golden light fully retreated, Bei Bei had already turned into a huge golden dragon standing in the center of the Spirit Transmission Hall.

His seventh soul ring… Radiant Holy Dragon True Body!

Bei Bei’s martial soul had finally completed a qualitative change and became a Radiant Holy Dragon after he completed his perfect fusion with the Heavenly Dragon Horse. Not only that, but something weird also surfaced on his body. On the forehead of his Radiant Holy Dragon was an extra diamond-shaped gem, exactly the same as the gem on the Heavenly Dragon Horse’s forehead previously. Furthermore, the Heavenly Dragon Horse didn’t appear after he turned into a Radiant Holy Dragon. It seemed to have fused completely into his body.

The Radiant Holy Dragon that Bei Bei turned into was more than seven meters long, with about the same wingspan. His entire body was covered with dazzling, golden dragon scales. The strength of his aura far surpassed that of Yan Feng’s Bone Dragon. Furthermore, his Radiant Holy Dragon secretly concealed a Holy aura within the aura of light.

As the golden light retracted, Bei Bei slowly turned back into human form. When he completely turned back into human form, everyone was stunned to find that the Heavenly Dragon Horse had appeared again. In addition, it seemed like it was completely real as it stood beside him.

However, there was a huge difference between how it was before the Spirit Transmission and how it was now. Its body was extremely muscular now, very toned and athletic. The look in its eyes was also much more vibrant than before. There was also an extra pair of dragon wings behind its back. As they opened up, everyone could see that they were very similar to the wings of Bei Bei’s Radiant Holy Dragon. 

This Heavenly Dragon Horse had indeed evolved after its fusion with Bei Bei, as Bi Ji had expected. This evolution made it seem real and material, even though it was now a Spirit.

Bei Bei now had two yellow, two purple, and three black soul rings. Furthermore, there were even golden patterns on his seventh black soul ring!

As he gently hugged the Heavenly Dragon Horse’s neck, Bei Bei said from the bottom of his heart, “Thanks, Heavenly Dragon Horse. I shall call you Heavenly Dragon in the future.”

The Heavenly Dragon Horse nodded gently and showed deep affection for Bei Bei. They were extremely close now.

Everyone from the Tang Sect could sense that Bei Bei’s abilities had greatly increased, exceeding that of most Soul Emperors after they became Soul Sages. Although they didn’t know how he would fare in a fight, they could imagine that the strengthening effect the Heavenly Dragon Horse had on him was far beyond what normal Spirits could achieve.

Bei Bei brought the Heavenly Dragon Horse to one side. It turned into a streak of flowing light and fused directly with his forehead. A golden, diamond-shaped gem instantly surfaced on his forehead, which disappeared after it flashed a few times.

“Congratulations, eldest senior!” Huo Yuhao smiled as he looked at Bei Bei.

Bei Bei was also delighted. As his abilities grew, it meant that he was growing closer to success in his mission to rescue Tang Ya. After he returned from the Icefire Yin-Yang Well, he had pleaded with the Great Star Dou Forest for help in finding the Bluesilver Emperor. However, the Bluesilver Emperor wasn’t in the Great Star Dou Forest. Di Tian even personally sent an order for the other soul beasts to search for the Bluesilver Emperor for him in other soul beast forests.

In the world of soul beasts, he couldn’t possibly find the Bluesilver Emperor if even the God Beast couldn’t. According to the God Beast, the Bluesilver Emperor might appear in a few other soul beast habitats. Bei Bei was waiting now. Once he got the help of the Bluesilver Emperor, he could prepare to rescue Tang Ya!

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