Volume 33, Chapter 432.2: Heavenly Dragon Horse and Ruby Soft Tendon Python

He was even more in awe when he drew closer. This Golden Tortoise was probably like a king among Golden Tortoises. The gold on its shell was extremely proportionate and deep, and every shell line was dark gold. There weren’t any flaws at all. It was unbelievable that a creature like this was experiencing a huge dissipation of its life energy.

The Golden Tortoise didn’t react to Xu Sanshi, and only remained where it was quietly. It gave off a very lazy feeling.

Xu Sanshi was confused as he asked, “Brother, can you reveal your head? Let us talk. You can tell me what you want. I’ll do my best to fulfil your wishes, how about that? Otherwise, I’ll find another pretty tortoise to be my second Spirit, okay? Although my spiritual power isn’t very strong, there shouldn’t be any problem with Yuhao’s help. Tortoises don’t have immense spiritual power, either. All of you are only lucky. It’ll be great to have a partner!”

Jiang Nannan had followed Xu Sanshi over, and wasn’t too far away from him. After hearing his words, she couldn’t help but furiously comment, “Do you think everyone is as lecherous as you?”

Xu Sanshi replied, “No matter how lecherous I am, I only love you!” he laughed as he turned around to give Jiang Nannan a flying kiss.

Jiang Nannan was a little stunned. She looked at him in a daze.

Xu Sanshi was perplexed as he asked, “Are you that touched? I’ll kiss you later!”

Jiang Nannan pointed towards something behind him.Xu Sanshi immediately turned back around, and saw the Golden Tortoise’s head poking out of its shell. 

The Golden Tortoise’s head was different from the head of an ordinary turtle. There were three ridges on it, and it wasn’t oval like a turtle’s, instead being slightly triangular in shape. There were even a few barbs that resembled whiskers at the bottom of its head. Its entire head was dark gold. The further down its head, the brighter the gold was.

It was just that this Golden Tortoise didn’t seem to be in very good spirits. It looked very lifeless, and seemed to be out of energy even as it poked its head out of its shell.

“Eh, brother, you are finally out.”

“Are you a man of your word?” the Golden Tortoise asked in a low, muffled voice.

Xu Sanshi was stunned. “You can speak our language?”

Although it wasn’t in very good spirits, it still managed to lift its head proudly, “Golden Tortoises are the smartest among all tortoises.”

Xu Sanshi sighed, “While Golden Tortoises are the smartest, they’re still tortoises.”

The Golden Tortoise shouted angrily, “You’re underestimating me!”

Xu Sanshi rushed to shake his head and said, “Of course not. I’m just curious as to why a handsome, suave, elegant, and talented Golden Tortoise like you hasn’t been able to find a partner.”

The Golden Tortoise was stunned. “How did you know that I haven’t been able to find a partner?” It was naturally very accepting of Xu Sanshi’s compliments, and it seemed much friendlier now.

Xu Sanshi chuckled. “Otherwise, why would you rush out so anxiously when I mentioned finding you a pretty tortoise?”

The Golden Tortoise snorted and said, “I couldn't find a partner because my aura was too strong. No pretty tortoise dared to get close to me. If you want to absorb a second Spirit in the future, I must approve of it first.”

Xu Sanshi quickly came to the Golden Tortoise’s side and asked, “Brother, are you hiding something from me? Can I help you in any way?”

The Golden Tortoise twisted its head and looked at Bi Ji, who wasn’t very far away, before replying, “Before we fuse, please ask all the Emerald Swans to leave. Also, I don’t wish for any other soul beast to be around.”

“Oh?” Xu Sanshi was truly stunned this time. Logically speaking, soul beasts should be very willing for other soul beasts to be with them when they underwent Spirit Fusion, especially the Emerald Swans, which were powerful soul beasts in terms of healing! They were best able to ensure the safety of other soul beasts. 

However, this Golden Tortoise didn’t want any Emerald Swans to be present. This was very weird. However, Xu Sanshi still nodded in agreement, then turned his head in Huo Yuhao’s direction.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power continued to engulf the entire place, and he nodded back. Huo Yuhao wasn’t afraid of this Golden Tortoise causing trouble. Given the abilities of this Golden Tortoise, every human present was able to easily kill it. Xu Sanshi wouldn’t have chosen it if not for the fact that it could help Xu Sanshi’s martial soul evolve.

Bi Ji naturally heard its words, and furrowed her brow slightly. However, she didn’t say anything. Given how this Golden Tortoise’s life energy was dissipating, it wasn’t very useful to the Great Star Dou Forest anymore. With her cultivation, she didn’t think that there was much about this Golden Tortoise that she should have to be concerned about.

At this moment, she continued, and introduced the third soul beast present to Jiang Nannan. “Beside this Heavenly Dragon Horse is a Ruby Soft Tendon Python.

“It has a thirty-thousand year cultivation. It hasn’t reached the end of its life, it’s just that it has been tormented by its injuries ever since it was hurt the last time. Because its injuries are too serious, I can only preserve its life. However, it’s in danger of dying at any time. Ruby Soft Tendon Pythons are very adept at close-combat fighting, especially among python-type soul beasts. 

“This python was hurt by a Transcendent Douluo from Shrek City.

“If it can become your Spirit, it will be very useful, and give you an overall increase in your abilities. This Ruby Soft Tendon Python can confer great confusion-type abilities. More importantly, it can be part of your fighting strength, and directly help you fight. Ruby Soft Tendon Pythons are extremely spiritual. Their brains aren’t as small as ordinary python-type soul beasts, they are as large as human brains. Previously, there was a case of a Ruby Soft Tendon Python becoming the Spirit of a soul master, and both of them managed to become telepathic with each other. Not only did that python give that soul master soul skills, but it also managed to learn a soul skill from the soul master. 

“This python has a thirty-thousand year cultivation. If it can become linked with you, your fighting strength will undoubtedly increase.”

“Thank you, Elder Bi Ji,” Jiang Nannan said to Bi Ji respectfully.

From Bi Ji’s introduction of these three soul beasts, it showed that she had gone to great lengths to gather them. These three soul beasts were especially suitable for Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, and Jiang Nannan. They had many similarities to their martial souls.

Bi Ji said, “Let’s start, then. Since the Golden Tortoise doesn’t want me to be present, it shall be the last to fuse. I still have to take care of the other two. Jiang Nannan, you can interact with this Ruby Soft Tendon Python for a while first.”


Jiang Nannan slowly walked towards the python. Although it was seriously injured, the look in its eyes was still very sharp. When it saw Jiang Nannan walking over, it lifted its head and bared its fangs at her.

Xu Sanshi was immediately drawn over, and internally accumulated his soul power. If this python tried to harm Jiang Nannan, he would attack it immediately. To him, there was nothing more important than Jiang Nannan’s safety.

Jiang Nannan wasn’t too alarmed, though. She slowly extended her hands out and said softly, “How are you? I don’t have any ill intentions. You don’t have to be so nervous.”

The python stared coldly at Jiang Nannan.

Jiang Nannan could sense its hostility and sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s humans that harmed you so seriously. I can sense your hatred for humans. If possible, I’m more willing to help heal your injuries rather than make you my Spirit. Ever since the Spirit Pagoda was constructed, I’ve begun to understand that the relationship between humans and soul beasts shouldn’t be like it was before. Killing has only filled both parties with hatred, and influenced the ecological balance of the entire world. I, Jiang Nannan, hereby swear today that I won’t ever kill another soul beast to obtain a soul ring again. If I betray this promise, I’ll be condemned.”

She was very decisive when she said her vow. Evidently, she had been thinking about this for some time.

After hearing her words, the python wasn’t the only one that was astonished. Even Bi Ji, the Heavenly Dragon Horse, and the Golden Tortoise couldn’t help but be moved.

How many years had it been? The hatred between soul beasts and humans had existed forever. Ever since the beginning, soul beasts were food for humans, and vice versa. Slowly, human soul masters hunted soul beasts to obtain soul rings. There was a huge conflict between both parties that couldn’t be resolved.

Even with the appearance of the Spirit Pagoda, the conflict between soul beasts and soul masters was only slightly alleviated. Everyone knew that this conflict couldn’t be resolved, at least for now.

Jiang Nannan had six rings now. This meant that she needed another three soul rings if she wanted to become a Titled Douluo.

This Ruby Soft Tendon Python had a thirty-thousand year cultivation, and so could only give her two soul rings, at most. She even had to choose on her own. If she gave up hunting soul beasts, Jiang Nannan had to take a risk to fuse with another Spirit if she wanted to obtain her final soul ring. Given her spiritual power, she might not be able to do this in the future. Her martial soul was still inferior to the likes of Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, and Huo Yuhao. All along, Jiang Nannan’s abilities were one of the weakest among the Shrek’s Seven Monsters. She might even be the weakest.

Under such circumstances, she actually swore not to kill soul beasts in the future. This showed her determination and her sincerity to make amends. How could this not move all these sentient soul beasts?

Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei looked at each other, both in admiration of her. Bei Bei nodded and said, “Nannan is right. It’s not only her; I’ll also do the same. In the future, I’ll never kill another soul beast to obtain another soul ring. If I betray this promise, I shall be condemned!”

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