Volume 33, Chapter 432.1: Heavenly Dragon Horse and Ruby Soft Tendon Python

The three soul beasts were from three different species. The one in the middle was a white steed. This steed was very special. Its body was like a horse, but its head was shaped like a dragon. White dragon scales extended from its forehead all the way to its neck and down its entire spine. Although it was already in the twilight of its life, it still continued to reflect the aura of light inside the Spirit Pagoda. The most eye-catching part about it was the diamond-shaped, dim golden gem on its forehead. Although the light that came from this gem was dimming, it was still very bright.

The steed was more than four meters long and two and a half meters tall. If not for the fact that it appeared lifeless and its muscles were already soft, it would definitely be a steed with a divine presence.

To the left of this white steed was a bright golden turtle. Of the three soul beasts, it was the smallest, around two meters long. Not only was its golden turtle shell extremely eye-catching, it also seemed to be very thick. Its head and four limbs had withdrawn into the turtle shell at this moment.

To the right of the white steed was a huge python. This huge python was completely pink and more than ten meters long, as thick as a water bucket. However, there was a huge wound extending for a meter down from its head. This wound was red, and there was even fluid seeping from it.

Of the three soul beasts, this pinkish python was the only one whose life energy was not dissipating due to age.

Bi Ji stepped forward and spoke, “Let me introduce all of them. The one in the middle is a ten thousand year Heavenly Dragon Horse. Even in the Great Star Dou Forest, Heavenly Dragon Horses are considered very rare. The blood lineage of Radiant Holy Dragons runs in their bodies. Although they are shaped like horses, their draconic lineage is actually very pure. It’s just that this Heavenly Dragon Horse was critically hurt when it was young. Although its blood lineage is very pure, its dragon wings have yet to grow even though it’s already at a ten-thousand year cultivation. As a result, its life energy keeps on dissipating. When it reaches a twenty-thousand year cultivation, its condition will only worsen, and it will die.

“Bei Bei, your martial soul also contains the strong aura of a Radiant Holy Dragon. It is most suitable to fuse with you and become your Spirit. Perhaps this fusion can even help both of you complete your respective evolutions. As long as either of you fully complete your evolution into a Radiant Holy Dragon, both your powers will experience a significant increase. You can familiarize yourself with it first.”

“Thank you, elder Bi Ji.” Bei Bei said to Bi Ji respectfully. He appeared delighted.

Radiant Holy Dragons, like most other dragon species, had long ceased to exist. All the soul rings Bei Bei had obtained earlier were from Second Lineage Dragons, which were mainly Earth Dragons. When he saw this Heavenly Dragon Horse earlier, he felt as if there was something on its body that was calling to him. When he tried to sense it more carefully, he suddenly realized that this Heavenly Dragon Horse’s Radiant Holy Dragon aura was very pure, even though it was slightly weak. It was even purer than that of his martial soul. 

It was just that this Heavenly Dragon Horse was unable to stimulate this purity.

Bei Bei saw the lifeless-looking eyes of this Heavenly Dragon Horse as he walked towards it. The Heavenly Dragon Horse didn’t react to him at all. It was very numb to his presence.

Bei Bei squatted down beside this Heavenly Dragon Horse. He took in a deep breath and slowly released his Blue Lighting Tyrant Dragon.

The soul power of his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon was extremely dominant. Even though Bei Bei tried to retract his aura when he unleashed his martial soul, the Heavenly Dragon Horse still trembled slightly after he unleashed his martial soul. A gentle streak of the aura of light was released from its body, and it subconsciously lifted its head to look cautiously at Bei Bei.

Bei Bei squatted where he was without moving. His fifth and sixth soul rings took turns to shine. Suddenly, the lightning slowly disappeared from his blue dragon scales, and his scales also slowly turned golden. A low-pitched dragon roar rang out following this, as if a huge dragon was roaring gently.

The Heavenly Dragon Horse was stunned, and seemed a little more perplexed as it looked at Bei Bei. It sensed a familiar aura from Bei Bei’s body. It could also sense the blood aura of a Radiant Holy Dragon from him.

Bei Bei softly said, “How are you, Heavenly Dragon Horse? Don’t worry, I don’t have any ill intentions. We both have the aura of a Radiant Holy Dragon in our bodies. Right now, we can both call to and sense the presence of that aura in each other. I’m willing to extend your life. Perhaps the lives of humans are too short compared to soul beasts, but I can promise that you’ll be filled with energy while I’m alive. You won’t be like what you are now, lifeless. Let me help you regain your youth and power, okay?”

While Bei Bei’s voice was very soft, he was very serious as he spoke. As he spoke, his eyes were fixed on the eyes of the Heavenly Dragon Horse, and he sounded very sincere.

Huo Yuhao had set the rule that a soul beast had to interact with the human before it underwent Spirit Transmission. After interacting, a soul beast would be able to roughly understand the person that it was going to become a Spirit to. This was very important. If the soul beast couldn’t accept that person, the chances of failure would be very high. If the Spirit Transmission failed, a soul beast with weak life energy could die in the process.

The Heavenly Dragon Horse seemed to become slightly more vibrant after seeing Bei Bei. It seemed to recall the immense strength it had possessed when it was younger, and the extreme weakness that it felt right now. When it saw the sincerity in Bei Bei’s eyes, it finally nodded gently and extended its head in front of Bei Bei before rubbing it on Bei Bei’s shoulder.

Bei Bei took the opportunity to wrap his hands around its head and gently touched the side of its face, expressing his goodwill in this manner.

Shrek Academy had records of Heavenly Dragon Horses. Bei Bei was aware that the gem on a Heavenly Dragon Horse couldn’t be touched. It was the strongest part of a Heavenly Dragon Horse, but it was also the part of its body that hurt the most when touched.

Bi Ji was stunned as she watched Bei Bei interact with the Heavenly Dragon Horse. She was aware of the personality of Heavenly Dragon Horses, who were recognized as one of the most arrogant of soul beasts. Let alone humans, they wouldn’t even let soul beasts get close to them. They lived a lonely life in their own world. 

This Heavenly Dragon Horse was saved by Bi Ji when it was younger, and thus it shared a good relationship with her. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for it to follow her here. There weren’t any Heavenly Dragon Horses that were willing to fuse with humans among the previous cases of Spirit Transmission. This time, Bi Ji had brought this Heavenly Dragon Horse over just in case, since Bei Bei had the blood lineage of a Radiant Holy Dragon. She didn’t expect it to so readily accept the proposition to fuse with Bei Bei.

Bi Ji was immediately in good spirits after such a positive start. She said to Xu Sanshi, “Xu Sanshi, the soul beast to the left of this Heavenly Dragon Horse is called a Golden Tortoise. It’s in a very strange situation. Golden Tortoises are known for their longevity, as they are a symbol of auspiciousness. As long as one cultivates close to them, they can avoid any calamities. As a result, they hardly have any enemies in the world of soul beasts. Any soul beast would be willing to get close to them. They have no problem living to at least ten-thousand years. However, this Golden Tortoise is an exception.

“It’s only thirty-thousand years old this year, and should be in a youthful state. However, its life energy has continuously dissipated recently for some unknown reason. In less than three years, its immense life energy is about to dissipate completely. I’ve helped it take a look, but I was only able to instill some life energy into it, I can’t stop its life energy from dissipating. 

“You can try communicating with it. Golden Tortoises are very auspicious, and they possess great auxiliary abilities. If you can fuse with it, you can greatly increase the strength of your Xuanwu. Your Xuanwu Shield can even evolve into a Golden Xuanwu Shield. Through this process, you could obtain a part of this Golden Tortoise’s strength.”

Xu Sanshi was already silently swallowing his saliva as he stood there. Golden Tortoise, it’s actually a Golden Tortoise!

Although Golden Tortoises couldn’t affect the destiny of the entire Great Star Dou Forest like the Auspicious Emperor Beast, they were still considered Auspicious Beasts. They were like the emperors of tortoises.

A Xuanwu was formed by a combination of a tortoise and a snake. More accurately speaking, it was an avatar of water, and didn’t possess a pure turtle body. A Golden Tortoise could give a Xuanwu the air of a sovereign. By possessing the strength of a Golden Tortoise, Xu Sanshi’s evolved Xuanwu could truly become a Godbeast Xuanwu!

There was a legend in Xu Sanshi’s family, that if anyone from his family could fuse with a soul ring from a Golden Tortoise, they could possibly transform the martial soul of the entire family. In the future, it would no longer be a Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle, but a Godbeast Xuanwu Shield instead!

It was just that Golden Tortoises were too rare. Even when they could be found, they were protected by powerful soul beasts!

Xu Sanshi hadn’t expected Bi Ji to find a Golden Tortoise for him. Furthermore, this Golden Tortoise’s life energy was even dissipating very quickly.

Given the auspiciousness and immense life energy of a Golden Tortoise, a ten-thousand year bottleneck wasn’t much of a problem. Perhaps a Golden Tortoise would find it slightly difficult to reach a twenty-thousand year cultivation. Of course, Golden Tortoises weren’t adept at any offensive skills, so they weren’t considered very suitable for most soul masters even if they reached a ten-thousand year cultivation. In addition, they were usually protected by other soul beasts.

As he rubbed his hands together, Xu Sanshi quickly walked towards the Golden Tortoise. There was a fawning look on his face as he came to the Golden Tortoise’s side.

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