Volume 33, Chapter 429.2: I'm Tang Wutong!

As she spoke, the bluish-gold light from her body became stronger, and she lifted her right hand towards Huo Yuhao again.

“Hey, it’s really a misunderstanding.” Huo Yuhao was also confused. From the details, this young lady was indeed not Wang Dong’er. However, they looked too alike. Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er had been lookalikes because of Wang Qiu’er’s transformation ability as the Auspicious Emperor Beast. However, what was with this young lady? From her long, wavy hair, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she looked like Wang Qiu’er!

“Remember, my name is Tang Wutong!” the young lady shouted and pointed her toes to the ground. Behind her, a pair of dragon wings opened up, and she was lifted into the air. Her first soul ring shone, and her wings fluttered. The arcs that she created as her wings moved instantly shone with a strong, golden glow. The golden glow was like water, and her sharp aura caused a tearing sound in the air. As she fluttered her wings, she charged towards Huo Yuhao.

Words were of no use right now. He had to deal with her attack first!

He pointed his toes to the ground and quickly retreated. At the same time, his body shone with deep blue light, and the little Snow Lady separated from his body.

The little Snow Lady’s figure twisted slightly in the air and a streak of deep blue light flashed. It was Huo Yuhao’s Unparalleled Chill, Empress Sword.

The little Snow Lady’s appearance instantly caused the surrounding temperature to drop significantly. Ever since Huo Yuhao had fused with the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass, his Ultimate Ice had improved and was now even closer to absolute zero.

Tang Wutong was affected by the extreme chill in the air, and her movements were delayed slightly. However, the bluish-gold light from her body also instantly became stronger. She swept out her dragon wings to resist Huo Yuhao’s Unparalleled Chill.

A crisp note echoed out, and Tang Wutong descended from the sky. A strong chilling wave quickly spread towards her body through her wings. The strength of Ultimate Ice was displayed at this moment!

However, Tang Wutong was also quite impressive. As she shouted, a layer of strong golden sparks rose from her body, and the Ultimate Ice from Huo Yuhao’s Unparalleled Chill wasn’t able to continue seeping into her.

After he forced Tang Wutong back with his sword, Huo Yuhao also quickly retreated. He wasn’t just an assault-type soul master, but also a control-type soul master. Widening his gap with his opponent was a better way for him to fight.

However, it was very difficult for him to fight right now. He couldn’t bring himself to lay his hands on Tang Wutong, as she looked too much like Wang Dong’er!

A distorted glow rippled around his body. He quickly unleashed his Spiritual Interference, which caused everything around him to turn unclear. A strong chill continued to surge forth in the area.

The little Snow Lady drifted behind Huo Yuhao, and he unleashed his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice. Large patches of snowflakes surrounded Huo Yuhao’s body and quickly engulfed both him and Tang Wutong with the help of his Spiritual Interference.

Under Huo Yuhao’s deliberate control, his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice didn’t cover a huge region. However, the temperature in this region instantly dropped to negative one hundred degrees Celsius, even though Huo Yuhao was deliberately controlling the temperature. Otherwise, it would have been even lower!

Tang Wutong suddenly felt as if she were trapped in this domain. However, she didn’t panic, and her eyes shone brightly. On her forehead, the golden trident rune shone silently once again, adding a layer of golden light to her eyes.

Tang Wutong let out a sonorous dragon roar. As she stood in place, a suit of bluish-gold armor silently surfaced on her body.

This armor was made of blue diamond-shaped dragon scales and outlined her slender figure perfectly. The pauldrons were especially long, poking out from both sides of her shoulders. Her dragon wings expanded and looked even more bluish-gold. A huge, golden V-shaped beam of light flashed. Along the part of the armor covering her belly, there were even butterfly patterns spreading out.

Her uniform adopted the shape of waves, just like the edges of her dragon wings. Glaring, bluish-gold light surged and resisted the chill coming from Huo Yuhao’s Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice.

This was her fourth soul skill, Dragon God’s Possession!

Tang Wutong’s dragon wings suddenly stuck close together and rose up high behind her. Bluish-gold light shone very brightly on her as she unleashed her Dragon God’s Possession. All traces of her suddenly disappeared. Following this, a large bluish-gold blade more than ten meters long and several meters wide suddenly appeared and slashed towards Huo Yuhao’s head. His Spiritual Interference didn’t have any effect on her!

This was her third soul skill, Radiant Dragon God’s Slash.

As it was strengthened by her Dragon God’s Possession, her Radiant Dragon God’s Slash suddenly became extremely powerful. Before the snowflakes in Huo Yuhao’s Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice touched the sharp blade of light, they were already crushed into powder and scattered in the air. Huo Yuhao was also revealed in his domain, facing the blade directly.

However, something happened that left Tang Wutong stunned. Huo Yuhao didn’t dodge as he faced her attack. Furthermore, he actually shut his eyes and slowly punched his right fist out against her sharp blade.

For some reason, Tang Wutong couldn’t bear to harm Huo Yuhao when he punched his fist out. She even experienced a very weird feeling, and subconsciously lessened the might of her attack. If Huo Yuhao was unable to resist her attack, she could still retract it in time. After all, there wasn’t any deep enmity between the two of them. Although she was cross that Huo Yuhao had hugged her, she didn’t have the intention of killing him.


When Huo Yuhao’s right fist clashed against her Radiant Dragon God’s Slash, the huge blade stopped in mid-air.

Following that, the diamond ice crystals formed from Huo Yuhao’s Ice Empress’ Pincer were rapidly crushed, revealing his naked right hand.

However, layers of golden light also spread from Huo Yuhao’s right fist towards Tang Wutong’s Radiant Dragon God’s Slash, just as the two of them clashed against each other.

An indescribable and inexplicable feeling was in the air. It was a combination of sorrow and boundless remembrance. While Huo Yuhao’s fist had stopped, his emotions continued to surge.

It was his Fist of Remembrance, a fist that contained a surging feeling of remembrance.

Tang Wutong’s light projection instantly retracted, and she did a reverse somersault in mid-air before landing on the ground. When her feet touched the ground, she staggered two steps back before she managed to stabilize herself. She could only feel that there were countless images flashing across her mind, and she was suddenly filled with immense sadness.

Huo Yuhao didn’t stagger back, but fresh blood dripped from his right fist. Before it landed on the ground, it turned into beads of blood-red ice under the effect of his Ultimate Ice. As these beads of ice landed on the ground, they were crushed into red powder and scattered everywhere.

When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were filled with boundless remembrance and gentle feelings. It was like the wound on his right fist didn’t belong to him.

“Dong’er, it’s you. You are my Dong’er,” Huo Yuhao muttered to himself.

The words of Niu Tian, the Clear Sky Sect’s sect leader, echoed in his mind right now.

Dong’er is fine. She has been treated by her father. However, she’s no longer Dong’er. She has lost a portion of her memory.

While Tang Wutong was unable to recognize him now, there were signs of Dong’er in her abilities! When she unleashed her Dragon God’s Possession, the v-shaped Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ glow that appeared on her dragon wings was continuously telling Huo Yuhao things.

She’s Dong’er. She’s Dong’er, but she’s changed her name, and forgotten who I am.

Tang Wutong jerked a little, and she took a while to recover from the intent of Huo Yuhao’s Fist of Remembrance. When she looked at him again, there was a horrified look in her eyes.

“What, what did you do to me?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head gently. “I didn’t do anything to you. You only sensed the remembrance in me.”

Tang Wutong had a wary look in her eyes as she snorted, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t let me see you again.” After she said that, her dragon wings opened up again, and she rose into the air before flying towards Sea God’s Lake.

Huo Yuhao’s expression turned gentler as he watched her back.

“Dong’er, have you really forgotten me? Even if you have, so what? I’m willing to pursue you again and bring you close to me again through my love for you. You’ll definitely see me in the future, and you’ll keep seeing me. No matter what, I won’t let you leave my side again. I’ll use my life and everything to protect you. Dong’er, whether you’re Wang Dong’er or Tang Wutong, you’ll have to be my wife!”

Tears once again flowed from his eyes. However, they were blissful tears now.

Wang Dong’er had gone into a deep sleep, Wang Qiu’er sacrificed herself, and Shrek was attacked by a beast tide. This series of heavy blows had polished his heart. He had concealed his internal weakness and tried to face everything resiliently. However, he was still human!

When he saw his younger brother Dai Luoli and sensed the warmth of kinship, his cold and resilient heart melted a bit. And right now, everything in the world seemed to be filled with life and everything turned beautiful as he saw Tang Wutong, who had to be Wang Dong’er.

“How is she? Did you manage to tell anything?” a benevolent voice asked.

Huo Yuhao turned around and saw Elder Xuan.

Elder Xuan walked towards him slowly and chortled, “She doesn’t recognize you anymore. However, it’s really still her.”

Huo Yuhao also smiled and quickly rubbed the tears off his face, “Yes! Even if she doesn’t admit it, and has forgotten me, she’s still my Dong’er! This is a fact that can’t be changed! I’ll make her remember me!”

Elder Xuan smiled, “She came to Shrek a week ago to interview for a teaching role. Every one of us was stunned when we saw her, and thought that she was Dong’er. However, she said that she’s not Dong’er, but Tang Wutong. She doesn’t know anyone called Wang Dong’er. She’s very different from Dong’er in many aspects, including her martial soul. However, I can clearly see Dong’er’s shadow on her. I remember you mentioned that Dong’er was in a deep sleep. Did you go and find her?”

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