Volume 32, Chapter 428.1: Light of the Death God

Just like a piece of cloth sweeping across the sky, all life was wiped out wherever it passed.

There were more than five hundred soul masters who were at least Soul Sages there. They had already unleashed their martial souls, and many of them were even preparing to unleash powerful soul skills. However, more than two hundred of them were killed as this ray of white light swept past. No trace of them was left behind.

Huo Yuhao opened his mouth. He hadn’t expected the ominous feeling to precede such a terrifying catastrophe. What was that ray of white light that flashed before disappearing? It was extremely terrifying. It was so frightening that he was unable to react in time, even with the strength of his spiritual power.

Hee would have ended up in the same state as those Soul Sages if that ray of white light had swept in his direction. He wouldn’t have been able to react in time, and would have been obliterated, just like that.

Not only this, but the soul rays and soul cannon shells that had dimmed earlier were now unleashed with greater firepower than before. They were ferociously attacking the high-tier soul masters from the Star Luo Empire, who were all stunned at this moment. Instantly, the five-hundred-man soul master legion collapsed, and they all fled frantically. The sky was immediately cleared.

Huo Yuhao hadn’t expected this. He was only observing the situation at the Ming Dou Mountain Range. As for the Star Luo Empire, they were likely to be in an even worse situation.

The Star Luo Empire had been tricked once again. The soul cannon shells and soul rays had weakened twice earlier, but it was all part of a ploy to trick the Star Luo Empire.

The Star Luo Empire didn’t have any experience fighting soul engineers. They didn’t have any opportunity or experience in resisting a defensive front that was completely formed using soul tools! After being drawn over, more than two-fifths of the Star Luo Empire’s strongest soul master legion was wiped out by an attack from their opponent’s transcendent soul tool. This was a huge blow to the Star Luo Empire!

How difficult was it to nurture a Soul Sage? In just an instant, more than two hundred Soul Sages had been killed. They didn’t even manage to hurt their enemies at all. This wasn’t very difficult to understand, but it was very difficult to accept.

Huo Yuhao opened his mouth wide, but wasn’t able to say anything. An indescribable fear had risen in his heart. It wasn’t his first time feeling that he was close to death, but his previous few experiences always came with a process. However, he didn’t feel that there was any process when that ray of white light swept across earlier. Fortunately that ray of white light hadn’t swept in his direction. Otherwise, he would have been killed before he was able to think of anything.

After a momentary daze, he started to pant heavily. He regained his thinking ability, and the fear in his eyes slowly turned into astonishment.

Perhaps the soldiers of the Star Luo Empire weren’t able to guess what that ray of white light was, but he could. This was because he had a teacher called Xuan Ziwen, who was once the chief researcher of the Sun Moon Empire’s Illustrious Virtue Hall.

Xuan Ziwen had once told Huo Yuhao about the strongest soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire. Among them, Huo Yuhao had faced the Starsky Douluo Ye Yulin before. In terms of overall abilities, he was ranked third in the Sun Moon Empire. He was a powerful existence that even a Transcendent Douluo might not even be able to defeat.

However, there were still a few soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire that were close to Ye Yulin. They included the Hallmaster of the Illustrious Virtue Hall, Jing Hongchen.

There were two other soul engineers ranked higher than Ye Yulin. Their abilities were unrivaled by any other Class 9 soul engineers. Even Ye Yulin was extremely respectful to both of them when he saw them, and called them Seniors whenever he greeted them.

Why was the Sun Moon Empire daring enough to associate themselves with the Holy Ghost Church? Xuan Ziwen had once come up with a theory: it was because the Sun Moon Empire was very confident in their abilities. Or rather, it was because the Sun Moon Empire was very confident in their soul engineers. Those two soul engineers were the true stabilizing force of all the soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire.

The number one soul engineer was already more than a hundred and eighty years old. Only the Sun Moon Empire’s Emperor and Crown Prince knew where he lived, and were qualified to see him. He was only loyal to the imperial family. He had been the Hallmaster of the Illustrious Virtue Hall two generations ago. Even Xuan Ziwen had never seen him. However, he had heard of him before in the world of soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire.

He was recognized as the person closest to becoming a Class 10 soul engineer. In the hearts of soul engineers, a Class 10 soul engineer was almost equivalent to a god!

He possessed the strongest soul tool in the Sun Moon Empire, and thus the entire Douluo Continent. He spent thirty-two years creating that soul tool. It had enabled him to ascend to the peak of soul engineers, and made him extremely respected among them. Through this soul tool, he established himself in the supreme position in the Sun Moon Empire’s world of soul engineers. As long as he was alive, he remained the Chief Soul Engineer of the Imperial Court.

The soul tool that he possessed was called Death God. When the Death God appeared, all light was lost!

This soul tool only had one effect, which was to unleash a streak of light, the Light of the Death God. Its effective range was five thousand meters, be it in the sky or on the ground.

Once the Death God appeared, there was no living creature or material that continued to exist after this Light of the Death God swept past it.

This was why this Light of the Death God was also called the Light of Eternal Obliteration. No one knew what the Death God looked like, and no one was aware of what the Death God Douluo, the owner of the Death God, looked like when he unleashed the power of his Death God. Some soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire even wondered whether the Death God really existed.

However, he had always been the Chief Soul Engineer of the Imperial Court.. Those in the Sun Moon Empire also replaced his name with Death God, and respectfully called him Lord Death God.

The Light of the Death God came in the form of a pale white light.

Other than the Light of the Death God, Huo Yuhao couldn’t think of any other soul tool that could produce such great power. It wasn’t just Soul Sages that would perish against the Light of the Death God, even a Titled Douluo might not be able to survive.

As for Transcendent and Ultimate Douluo, Huo Yuhao was unsure if they could resist the Light of the Death God. However, his Spiritual Detection was crushed by the aura released by the Light of the Death God earlier, and his spiritual sea had been shaken. If not for the power of destiny protecting him, his spiritual sea would have been crushed.

The Light of the Death God wasn’t just a simple soul power attack. It contained a very weird spiritual intent. Its strength was already far beyond what Huo Yuhao could comprehend. The feeling earlier was etched in his mind, but he didn’t dare to think about how it felt.

It was deservedly recognized as the number one soul tool on the continent! Huo Yuhao hadn’t expected the Sun Moon Empire to invite the Death God Douluo out to hold the fort at the Ming Dou Mountain Range.

Xuan Ziwen only knew a little about the Death God, and no one else knew more than him. No one knew what kind of price one had to pay in the face of the Death God, and no one knew how many times it could be unleashed. Even what it looked like was a mystery. However, Huo Yuhao had now personally witnessed how destructive it was.

It was too frightening, it was simply beyond belief. Huo Yuhao was still shaking slightly even now.

The Star Luo Empire’s attacks had ceased now. The Star Luo Empire’s military was already in position below, but they didn’t make a move. They had no intention of advancing further.

Without even asking, Huo Yuhao could guess that the Star Luo Empire must be in a state of chaos right now. More than two hundred Soul Sage or stronger soul masters had died. This was too huge of a blow to them. More importantly, the Star Luo Empire’s attacking momentum had been stopped by the Light of the Death God. No matter how strong their confidence, they couldn’t possibly resist the Light of the Death God. Huo Yuhao didn’t have any confidence in doing so, and he didn’t think the Titled Douluo of the Star Luo Empire had any confidence, either.

The Sun Moon Empire was indeed scheming and astute! Given this strategy, they must have had thought of everything, down to the tiniest details.

They weren’t afraid of the Star Luo Empire seeing through their scheme. Their scheme had already been completed when the Star Luo Empire sent reinforcements. After that, it only depended on how long the Star Luo Empire would remain tricked. The Sun Moon Empire had set up their front very early on, and the fort was personally held by the number one soul engineer on the continent.

If the Star Luo Empire had an Ultimate Douluo, they might be daring enough to continue trying. However, did they have one? They didn’t. The number of Ultimate Douluo on the continent could be counted on one hand. Among them, only the Dragon Emperor Douluo was a true Ultimate Douluo. Du Busi and Elder Xuan were only close to becoming Ultimate Douluo.

After the Star Luo Empire was dealt such a huge blow, the Ming Dou Mountain Range became a territory that they couldn’t cross anymore. They couldn’t advance any further. What about the other side? What about the Heavenly Soul Empire?

Huo Yuhao slowly shut his eyes. He seemed to see the Heavenly Soul Empire being overrun by the Sun Moon Empire. Once the Heavenly Soul Empire was destroyed, the Sun Moon Empire would attack the Star Luo Empire from two fronts, and further fulfill their goal of ruling the entire continent.

The Sun Moon Empire’s planning was indeed ingenious! They had fully tapped into the advantages of soul tools!

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