Volume 32, Chapter 425.3: Brothers Acknowledge Each Other

“Should we inform the military? They can think of a way to bring that surveillance soul tool down.” Dai Luoli said.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and replied, “There’s no need too. We can do it ourselves. Haven’t you flown before? I’ll let you experience what it’s like to soar in the sky.”

Dai Luoli didn’t even have four rings yet, and couldn’t use flying-type soul tools. Naturally, he hadn’t flown before. Before he could even react, Huo Yuhao placed one hand under his armpit, and Dai Luoli felt the light around him distorting slightly. He and Huo Yuhao rose up, and quickly flew into the sky.

He almost shouted because it was too sudden.

“Elder brother, you are too brazen. We’ll be shot down!” Dai Luoli tried his best to suppress his voice as he spoke to Huo Yuhao. He was shocked when he turned around to look at Huo Yuhao. This was because there was no flying-type soul tool on his back. This meant that Huo Yuhao was propelling them through his own soul power.

What did this mean? It meant that Huo Yuhao was at least a Soul Sage!

“Elder brother, are you really only one year older than me?” Dai Luoli was almost speechless. A nineteen-year-old Soul Sage. This… is too unbelievable.

Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “Yes! Didn’t you see my original appearance? Do I look that old?”

Dai Luoli’s eyes brightened. “Elder brother, you’re a genius.”

Huo Yuhao recalled Shrek’s motto and answered, “No, I’m a monster!” 

At this point, Dai Luoli realized that there wasn’t any reaction from Imperial Radiant City. There was no sign of any attacks directed towards the sky. However, he didn’t know why nothing was happening.

“I specialize in spiritual power. My martial soul is my eyes. It’s spiritual-type martial soul. I have a soul skill that can conceal me. It’s like cloaking my body. I’ve already cloaked us and hidden our auras. They won’t discover us,” Huo Yuhao patiently explained to his younger brother.

Dai Luoli was enlightened. He looked down, and realized that the city was becoming smaller and smaller from their point of view. However, he couldn’t sense any air currents flowing against him. It was very exciting!

“It feels really good to fly! I must work harder. Once I obtain four rings, I can finally use flying-type soul tools!” Dai Luoli said excitedly.

Huo Yuhao chortled, “It’s exciting, right?”

“It’s very exciting. The feeling of flying is extremely good!” Dai Luoli replied sincerely.

Huo Yuhao said, “There are even more exciting things. I’ll tell you about them later.” As he spoke, he opened his Butterfly Wings and flew even higher into the sky.

They were already beyond the region that the surveillance soul tools in Imperial Radiant City could detect. It was fine for Huo Yuhao to use his flying-type soul tool now. Given his abilities, it was impossible to fly up to three thousand meters in the air, especially since he was carrying another person right now.

Details of Imperial Radiant City had become extremely tiny by now. In the dark, they even slowly disappeared. Everything around them was pitch black now. They didn’t feel any air flowing against them, either. Dai Luoli felt like everything was a bit unreal. It was like he had entered another world under Huo Yuhao’s guidance.

It took some time to fly three thousand meters into the air. Huo Yuhao discovered that his soul power was being drained more and more after he crossed the thousand-meter mark. Fortunately, he had the help of his flying-type soul tool. However, the soul power in his flying-type soul tool would also be greatly drained the higher he went. With the help of a few Milk Bottles, Huo Yuhao managed to keep up with the amount of soul power that was being drained. However, they rose at a slower speed because of it.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had long locked onto that high-altitude aerial surveillance soul tool. The complexity of this soul tool meant it qualified as a Class 8 soul tool. It could be controlled from afar, and remain in the air for surveillance at an extremely high altitude. This was definitely the future developmental direction of surveillance.

After more than ten minutes, Huo Yuhao finally brought Dai Luoli in front of this surveillance soul tool, which was the current highest technological standard.

This high-altitude aerial surveillance soul tool was like a huge ball. The bottom was made using synthetic quartz, while there were four metal sails on the top of it, which helped to balance it in the air. There were twelve Milk Bottles installed into these four sails.

These Milk Bottles were used to replenish the soul power being drained by this soul tool. When this soul tool flew along, these sails were retracted. After it reached its location, these sails would then open up to balance it. In addition, this soul tool could even adjust its angle and position in the air to deal with inclement weather. The Sun Moon Empire had taken many years to research this, and only completed it after the Sealed Milk Bottles were invented. Otherwise, it couldn’t be used long-term.

Huo Yuhao smiled, and golden light shone in his eyes. Dai Luoli immediately saw tremendous, distorted undulations around this surveillance soul tool.

This surveillance soul tool didn’t emit any light, and thus was almost invisible at night. However, these distorted rays were a dim gold, which made them extremely obvious. Right now, Dai Luoli could clearly see what this high-altitude aerial surveillance soul tool looked like. Its diameter was only around two meters.

It started to shake slightly as the distorting rays appeared, as if it were struggling. It was a pity for it that Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had reached the concrete-material realm, and he was using his Spiritual Interference. This soul tool’s struggle was futile.

Huo Yuhao quickly rushed forward. As he dragged Dai Luoli with one hand, he used his other hand to quickly tap the surveillance soul tool a few times. The Sealed Milk Bottles were quickly pulled from the soul tool, and Huo Yuhao put them in his storage-type soul tool. After all twelve Sealed Milk Bottles were taken out, the soul tool lost power. All soul power undulations disappeared, and it only managed to remain in the sky because of its sails.

Huo Yuhao pulled out his Starlight Sapphire storage-type soul tool. The sapphire flashed brightly before the entire high-altitude surveillance soul tool was stored away in his storage-type soul tool.

Dai Luoli mouth was gaping. He thought to himself, What did my elder brother do? Not only is his cultivation shocking, but even his familiarity with soul tools is astounding. He had no idea how to react. He would have attacked the surveillance soul tool and destroyed it.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t bear to destroy it. It was a technologically-advanced Class 8 soul tool. He would take it back for Teacher Xuan to research it. By researching it, they could expedite their research into their own high-altitude aerial surveillance soul tools by ten years!

Huo Yuhao hadn’t been wasting time over these past few days. From the city, he had scanned this surveillance soul tool with his Spiritual Detection a few times. He had also discovered the key points about it. If he hadn’t used his Spiritual Interference to break its connection to the Sun Moon Empire, it would have been able to automatically release a Class 7 protective soul barrier to protect itself. When that happened, it would most certainly shrink rapidly before escaping.

It wasn’t that the Sun Moon Empire’s protective measures weren’t tight or secure enough, it was just that they had met someone like Huo Yuhao, who could use his Imitation to hide from them.

“Elder brother, why did you keep it?” Dai Luoli asked curiously.

Huo Yuhao said, “For research purposes, of course. I’m not just a soul master, I’m a soul engineer too. Oh yes, didn’t you think that flying was very exciting earlier. Do you want something even more exciting?”

Dai Luoli was excited as he asked, “What’s more exciting?”

“This.” Huo Yuhao smiled and relaxed his grip on Dai Luoli’s armpit. Before Dai Luoli could even react, he was already free-falling.

“Ah!...” Everything happened too suddenly, and Dai Luoli wasn’t prepared at all. His tragic screams echoed in the sky, and he was extremely frightened as he felt a strong sense of weightlessness.

Huo Yuhao continued to drift where he was, and wore a smile on his face. He muttered to himself, “Oh, not bad. The strength of his spiritual power soars when he’s fearful. This has further increased the mutation of his martial soul.”

The feeling of free-falling was extremely exciting. It was so exciting that Dai Luoli tightened his lower abdomen, and felt he was about to wet his pants.

He unwittingly unleashed his martial soul. The strands of white fur on his body were exuding a dim red glow, while the ‘king’ on his forehead turned blood-red. His tragic screams stopped as he unleashed his soul power with all his might, hoping to reduce the speed of his descent.

After he lost Huo Yuhao’s protection, he truly understood why it was so dangerous to be so high up in the sky. The temperature in the sky was much lower than on the ground. The sinister chill and unknown darkness left him terrified. More importantly, he had no way of reducing the speed of his descent. Given his current cultivation, he couldn’t control his soul power to reduce the impact of his fall.

Why? Why do you have to harm me like this?

Why? Dai Luoli revealed slowly revealed a desperate look in his eyes. He hadn’t expected this to be the way he was going to die.

Just as his mind was going completely blank, he felt his body becoming lighter, and the strong air currents rushing against him as he descended disappeared. The intense chill that he felt also vanished. A hand had grabbed his armpit and he was drifting in the sky once again.

“Exciting?” A gentle voice sounded in his ears. Dai Luoli turned his head, and saw Huo Yuhao, smiling slightly.

Dai Luoli was furious as he roared, “You, were you trying to kill me!?” 

Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “Didn’t you say you wanted to try something exciting? You’re still around a thousand meters from the ground, but you can’t take it anymore? If I caught you just before you hit the ground, wouldn’t you even be more unable to handle it?”

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