Volume 32, Chapter 423.2: The White Tiger's Crisis

As he recovered his soul power, Ye Yulin monitored the situation beneath him. When he saw the White Tiger bodyguards and the soul engineers of the Star Luo Empire’s First Soul Master Legion being killed, he felt something wasn’t right. The vertical eye had appeared at a very weird time. If he was sent by His Majesty, why didn’t he show himself immediately? Furthermore, why didn’t he discuss it with us before he appeared?

After he thought of all this, Ye Yulin was suddenly shocked. He shouted, “Stop!” His voice was transmitted through a sound amplifying soul tool. The soul engineers from the Terrorclaw Soul Engineering Legion and Evil Tyrant Soul Engineering Legion could hear him clearly.

Soul engineer legions were very disciplined. They needed to coordinate extremely well within their ranks in order to unleash their greatest fighting strength. All the soul engineers stopped instantly, and the entire place went silent.

Things didn’t seem amiss below. Tragic screams and sorrowful cries could be heard. The remaining White Tiger bodyguards quickly gathered.

The White Tiger Duke had already disappeared under the attack of Ye Yulin’s Sunmoon Divine Needle and there was only a huge crater in the ground where he had been standing. Everything seemed to be very normal. However, Ye Yulin felt that something wasn’t right.

“Remove the barrier,” Ye Yulin ordered.

The two soul engineer legions trusted him. After all, it seemed like everything had been decided. It wasn’t possible for those on the ground to attack them or fly into the sky. The two huge protective soul barriers were quickly retracted and turned into streaks of lights that fused with the soul tool behind every soul engineer’s back.

When these protective soul barriers were retracted, Ye Yulin’s expression suddenly changed, and he shouted furiously, “No! It’s an illusion!”

Yes, he could immediately sense intense spiritual undulations the moment the barriers were retracted. If not for the fact that he was wary, he might not have noticed these spiritual undulations at all. However, these spiritual undulations weren’t aimed at the ground.

They were clearly engulfing the airborne legions. If that person earlier was helping them, why would his spiritual undulations be engulfing them?

While a joint protective soul barrier was very strong, there was still one problem: it completely isolated the outside world. As a result, they weren’t able to sense the strong spiritual undulations earlier.

Once he discovered that something was wrong, Ye Yulin couldn’t be bothered with conserving his soul power anymore. His Sunmoon Divine Needle immediately turned and faced the rose-gold vertical eye before firing an intense beam of light.

This beam of golden-silver light immediately turned illusory and disappeared when it got close to that rose-gold vertical eye. Instantly, everything within the view of all the soul engineers completely changed.

There was no longer a bloody scene below. Yes, there were many holes that were blown apart in the ground. However, there wasn’t even a single corpse.

The First Soul Master Legion had already vanished. After such a long time, they had already flown more than five kilometers with their flying-type soul tools.

The White Tiger Bodyguards had also disappeared from their line of sight. The White Tiger Duke was nowhere to be seen. What left Ye Yulin even more depressed was that he didn’t know who had released the rose-gold vertical eye. Given how strong that illusory soul skill was, it had to be at least the work of a Titled Douluo who possessed great spiritual power.

“Chase them! The White Tiger Duke won’t forsake his bodyguards. He must be over there.” As he spoke, Ye Yulin quickly activated his flying-type soul tool and chased after the White Tiger bodyguards.


Just as Ye Yulin and the others were attacking with all their strength, Dai Hao discovered that something was wrong. He could hear tremendous booms behind him. As he turned, he saw the countless soul rays that were raining down on them, but these soul rays were still striking the original spot they were in.

They didn’t chase after them. The rose-gold vertical eye was still flashing brightly in the sky.

This was…

His doubt instantly turned into extreme delight. He understood that someone must have used some method to misdirect the two soul engineer legions, and made them think that they were still in their original spot.

When he heard that voice earlier, he could tell that it was a familiar one. It sounded like the guy who gave him the Sunmoon Divine Needle before.

After he realized all this, Dai Hao didn’t bother running far away anymore. If he wanted to escape, he had a lot of opportunities to do so right now. No matter how strong Ye Yulin was or how magical his Sunmoon Divine Needle was, it wasn’t a problem for him to escape the detection range of Ye Yulin’s Sunmoon Divine Needle given his abilities.

However, he still turned back without any hesitation. This was because he had to leave with his brothers even if he wanted to escape. They would either survive together or die together!

Dai Hao returned to his White Tiger bodyguards and shouted at the top of his voice, “White Tigers, run with all your might! Don’t care about what’s happening behind! This is our only chance!” He just hoped that the powerful individual would be able to delay Ye Yulin a bit longer. While he knew that it would be very difficult to escape with so many White Tiger bodyguards, he had no choice right now. At this moment, he saw a beam of light penetrating the rose-gold vertical eye in the distance, and the aerial attacks on the ground had already ceased. After this, he heard Ye Yulin roaring furiously before the two soul engineering legions attacked again. They flew extremely quickly towards them.

Are we still unable to escape in the end? Dai Hao revealed a lost look in his eyes. However, this was already the best result they could achieve. At least those from the First Soul Master Legion had left. There was still a glimmer of hope for the empire.

Dai Hao wasn’t cowardly, and there was a determined look in his eyes. Just as he was about to fly up to fight his enemies, that mysterious voice sounded again. In addition, his voice now reached every White Tiger bodyguard.

“White Tigers, continue to run forward and enter the black doors in front of you. When you enter, don’t act recklessly no matter what you see. This is your only chance to survive. Quick! Or else it’ll be too late.” At the end, that voice sounded very anxious.

Dai Hao was stunned and quickly turned around. He was shocked to discover that several pitch-black doors had risen behind him. There were twelve of these doors. Every door was around three meters wide and ten meters tall. They gave off a very mysterious feeling.

The magnificent demonic patterns around these doors revealed a sinister aura.

At this point, Dai Hao’s decisiveness was revealed. He didn’t hesitate and immediately gave an order.

“Enter those black doors in order. There must be no confusion.” The best way to enter those doors wasn’t just by running towards them. The White Tiger bodyguards had to adopt a strict and neat formation.

The White Tiger bodyguards were already prepared to die. However, how could they not be delightfully surprised now that they were offered a glimmer of hope? If they could live, who would be willing to die?

Instantly, the fit White Tiger bodyguards sprinted towards those twelve black doors. However, they tried their best to maintain their formation as they charged, and weren’t messy as they made their escape.

Dai Hao didn’t leave. He rose into the sky. He had already calculated very clearly that during this short period of time they were offered, his White Tiger bodyguards would be within the attacking range of the two soul engineering legions before they entered the black doors. He was not going to leave until the last White Tiger bodyguard was safe.

How could the White Tiger Duke be ordinary, given that his subordinates were willing to risk their lives for him?

He heard a sigh and subconsciously turned his head to one side. He only saw a black figure floating not far away from him.

This person was completely covered in black and he was even wearing headgear that concealed his appearance. From his body shape, it seemed like he was a slender man.

“White Tiger Duke, why aren’t you leaving?” This man in black had evidently altered his voice. He sounded low-pitched and hoarse right now.

Dai Hao replied, “I’ve never forsaken any soldier under me. Even if we have to retreat, I have to be the last man.”

The man in black asked, “Don’t you think that’s very foolish? You can only protect the lives of more citizens of the Star Luo Empire if you are alive.”

Dai Hao laughed. His laughter sounded very free and easy, “Of course I know how foolish it is. However, this is what White Tigers believe in. Even if I’m foolish, I have to stay true to this belief. I have descendants, so what if I die? Thank you, Sir. You must be the one helping us. You must be the same guy from before, am I right?”

The man in black remained silent for a moment before answering, “Are you really planning to be the last to leave?”

“Yes.” Dai Hao answered his question and his nine soul rings flashed.

“Alright, I’ll stay with you, then.” The man in black sounded like he was in a bit of a dilemma. However, he also sounded very relieved when he finished speaking.

“Sir, you don’t have to do this. You’ve already helped us enough.”

“Stop talking nonsense and prepare to receive our enemies. I hope that your subordinates can run faster.” As he spoke, the man in black vanished into thin air.

After a few seconds, a rose-gold vertical eye appeared a thousand meters away in mid-air and blocked the advance of the soul engineer legions.

Initially, Ye Yulin could have fired his Sunmoon Divine Needle immediately, as Dai Hao was within range. However, he was greatly drained after firing his Sunmoon Divine Needle twice. He had already started preparing other soul tools, which were still very threatening in his hands!

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