Volume 32, Chapter 413: Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass

“Oh, oh, I still have more to say. Although I’ve never left this valley before, I can roughly guess where the Bluesilver Emperor is. A hundred-thousand-year Bluesilver Emperor can only grow in the very center of the continent. I believe you can find him around there.”

The very center of the continent? Bei Bei and Huo Yuhao looked at each other, and their expressions turned weird.

The very center of the continent was undoubtedly the Great Star Dou Forest. That was also the place with the most types of soul beasts.

Did the Bluesilver Emperor really reside in the Great Star Dou Forest?

Huo Yuhao said, “I hope you’re not lying to me. Since this is the case, I’ll leave you here for now. I’ll also only choose one type of medicinal herb to take away. Oh yes, You You, is there anything here that can help someone in a deep sleep to wake up?”

You You immediately swayed her huge flower head, “No. It also depends on what type of deep sleep that person is in. Plants don’t know the body structure of humans. If that person isn’t poisoned, we won’t be able to do anything.”

Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow and said, “Alright then. I’ll leave with some stuff first.” As he spoke, he turned around and walked towards the Blazing Delicate Apricot.

The Blazing Delicate Apricot was watching from one side earlier but didn’t make a sound. She was afraid of being noticed by Huo Yuhao. She had suffered greatly when Huo Yuhao came here the last time. After that, she had also sustained serious injuries. Seeing that Huo Yuhao was walking over now, she immediately shrank tightly.

“You, what are you doing? I’m not suitable for you. I’m fire-type, so I won’t be useful for you!” The Blazing Delicate Apricot’s voice was trembling.

Huo Yuhao calmly said, “Of course I know you’re useless to me. I only want something from you. Either I uproot you and leave, or you give me a piece of your Blazing Rubber. I need it to save someone.”

The Blazing Delicate Apricot was furious as she shouted, “This is robbery!”

“Yes, I’m robbing you,” Huo Yuhao said coldly, “You better give me an answer soon, as I have limited patience. Don’t make me bring up our unpleasant past.” As he spoke, his Eye of Destiny lit up, and immense spiritual undulations surged out like tidal waves.

Although Huo Yuhao was still a Soul Sage, he was equivalent to a Soul Douluo in terms of his overall fighting strength. It wouldn’t be a problem to fight a hundred-thousand-year soul beast on his own. Moreover, he even had the Snow Lady as a weapon!

The Blazing Delicate Apricot was sorrowful and furious as she said, “Alright, I’ll give it to you.”  Following this, a piece of Blazing Rubber the size of a fingernail drifted out from his core.

Huo Yuhao didn’t even look at this piece of Blazing Rubber. “I remember the Snow Empress managed to get a fist-sized piece of Blazing Rubber the other time, and still left half for you. Hurry up, or I’ll get the Snow Empress to demand more from you again.”

As he spoke, a streak of white light flashed by, and the Snow Lady crawled out of his Eye of Destiny. She didn’t bother with the Blazing Delicate Apricot, and flew directly above the Extreme Chill Icespring, silently absorbing the concentrated ice element there. As long as Huo Yuhao wanted, he could help the Snow Empress temporarily regain her memory through the stimulation of the Icespring.

“I’ll give, I’ll give!” If the Blazing Delicate Apricot had teeth, she would have gnashed them until they were broken.

A piece of Blazing Rubber half the size of a fist flew out from the extremely reluctant Blazing Delicate Apricot.

Huo Yuhao retrieved a dark-green jade box from his storage-type soul tool and put this piece of Blazing Rubber inside. Its extremely high temperature was sealed using this method.

Tang San’s Poison Scripture had recorded the method of preserving a piece of a Blazing Rubber from a Blazing Delicate Apricot. It wasn’t viable to use extreme chill to resist the high heat, as that might cause an explosion. Using a piece of warm jade was the most suitable.

Huo Yuhao’s warm jade box came from Shrek Academy. He naturally took this piece of Blazing Rubber for Ma Xiaotao. Only Blazing Rubber was able to purify Ma Xiaotao’s Evil Phoenix. Along with his Ultimate Ice, he should be able to dispel the impurities and evil energy within her Ultimate Fire.

After putting the piece of Blazing Rubber away, Huo Yuhao ignored the Blazing Delicate Apricot and returned to the Delicate Silk Immortal. He said, “We’re leaving. I only took a piece of Blazing Rubber this time and didn’t touch any of the medicinal herbs here. If I come here again, I should still be able to take six different types of plants.”

“You…” You You didn’t know what to say by now. She also didn’t dare to rage, as she was afraid of agitating Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao’s original plan was to take six types of medicinal herbs for his compatriots the second time he was here. However, he immediately changed this plan after listening to how the Delicate Silk Immortal described the method to neutralize Tang Ya’s poison.

If he didn’t take anything from this place, it meant that he could come back again. Furthermore, the medicinal herbs in this place were all top-quality things. He might need them some other time. What if his compatriots were hurt, and needed some special medicinal herb? It wouldn’t be too late to come back for it. They were all some of the strongest soul masters among their peers. They didn’t need medicinal herbs to become stronger. The six medicinal herbs that he was entitled to could be lifesavers in the future.

After adopting such thoughts, he decided to only leave with a piece of Blazing Rubber.

After Bei Bei learned about the Bluesilver Emperor and witnessed the existence of the Delicate Silk Immortal, he felt extremely good. This meant that Tang Ya had a chance to recover! What he had to do next was locate the Bluesilver Emperor, and then save Tang Ya. Although it was still a long shot, it was better than having no chance at all.

“Eldest senior, let’s go. Let’s return after finding the Bluesilver Emperor.”

Bei Bei nodded before opening up his flying-type soul tool, which was still on his back.

At this moment, two voices sounded at the same time, “Don’t leave yet.”

Of these two voices, one evidently belonged to the Delicate Silk Immortal. The other voice sounded a little cold, and it came from the Extreme Chill Icespring.

“Oh? They can’t bear for us to leave?” Huo Yuhao turned towards the Extreme Chill Icespring. It was another plant that had let out that cold voice, and he had seen this plant the last time he was here. It was the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass, which grew at the center of the Icespring. The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass was bitter enemies with the Blazing Delicate Apricot.

“You You, you can speak first.” This Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass took the initiative to let the Delicate Silk Immortal speak first.

The Delicate Silk Immortal seemed to be determined, and said, “Huo Yuhao, don’t go just yet. I have something else for you.”

“So good to me?” Huo Yuhao was curious as he came before her.

She said, “Use a jade bottle to store it before sealing it.” As she spoke, a trace of pinkish fog drifted from her flower head.

Huo Yuhao rushed to retrieve a huge jade bottle a foot high and opened the cork.

Under the control of the Delicate Silk Immortal, the pinkish fog drifted towards the opening of the bottle before entering it. Slowly, it sank down. From the looks of it, it seemed like pollen.

In a few seconds, all the fog was inside the bottle. As Huo Yuhao’s bottle was too big, only the bottom of the bottle had a bit of pollen in it.

“Is this your pollen?” Huo Yuhao asked the Delicate Silk Immortal.

You You replied, “Yes! Its effect is the same as my fragrance.”

“With my pollen, you don’t have to come to me when you want to save someone. As long as you can persuade the Bluesilver Emperor to help, you’ll be fine. Dip a finger into my pollen and flick it into the air. My fragrance will last for two hours within a three-meter region.” She was scared of Huo Yuhao and didn’t want to see him anymore. She tolerated the pain and sacrificed her own pollen.

Huo Yuhao said, “I remember you still have that pearl…”

“Don’t go overboard! Why are you so different from the last time you were here? I remember you were quite kind the last time!” You You was infuriated.

Huo Yuhao said, “Being too kind will cause one to be unable to protect his loved ones. I can forgo your pearl, but give me more pollen. I’m using it to save someone. You can consider this a way of accumulating good deeds.”

The Delicate Silk Immortal tolerated the pain once again and released some more pollen, then said “I’ve no more left. This is all I’ve got.”

“Alright, thank you. Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass, what do you want?” After storing the additional pollen, Huo Yuhao passed the bottle to Bei Bei before turning to the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass.

The Ice Grass coldly replied, “I want to leave with you.”

“What?” Huo Yuhao was stunned. All the other medicinal herbs were afraid of him and shunned him. However, this Ice Grass wanted to leave with him. Wasn’t this weird?

Huo Yuhao was thus curious as he asked, “You want to leave with me? Why?” 

The Ice Grass replied, “Since you can fuse with the Snow Empress in that way, you should be able to do the same with me. I’m a hundred-thousand-year soul beast. I should be able to help you. Turn me into that form too.”

Huo Yuhao was shocked as he looked at the Ice Grass. “Why? Why do you want to become my Spirit for no rhyme or reason?”

The Ice Grass calmly replied, “I want to leave this place to see the outside world. I’ve lived in this place for too long. Furthermore, I can sense your aura. To me, it’s better than this Icespring.”

“Just because of this?” Huo Yuhao was a little doubtful.

The Ice Grass said, “When the Snow Empress appeared, she once told me that following you could grant me eternal life. I didn’t believe it then. However, her words seem to be true. The Auspicious God Beast sacrificed herself for you, and you carry her aura now, and your abilities have grown so quickly. If I stay here, I’ll just become medicine to humans one day. If I follow you, I might achieve eternal life. There’s only loneliness here. What’s the point even if I live for so long? I want to leave with you, but I won’t be counted among the six types of herbs that you can leave with. I’m doing this of my own accord. I only have one condition: you must preserve my consciousness. If you can do that, I swear that I’ll follow you.”

Huo Yuhao hadn’t expected anything like this. He had scammed and threatened the Delicate Silk Immortal earlier, mainly because he wanted to find a method to save Tang Ya. He wouldn’t easily destroy this treasure ground that Tang San had left behind. However, he hadn’t expected the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass to take the initiative to choose him, and even want to become his Spirit. It was a delightful surprise.

All the other plant-type soul beasts were perplexed, especially the Blazing Delicate Apricot. She showed her emotions clearly, and it was clear that she was mocking the Ice Grass.

Huo Yuhao drifted up and went over to the Ice Grass before saying, “I can maintain your consciousness if you fuse with me. What you are wagering on is whether I’ll be able to overcome the barrier of this world and become a God before I die. This must be the eternal life that the Snow Empress was talking about. I can’t guarantee that I can do that in the future. However, what I can guarantee is that you’ll see many exciting things you’ve never seen here if you follow me, and your consciousness will be preserved along with your abilities. Think about it carefully. Once you become my Spirit, it’s equivalent to giving up your actual body. There’s no turning back.”

“I’ve thought it through. You can swear now.” The Ice Grass was very steadfast.

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath before he nodded and said, “I, Huo Yuhao, swear that I’ll do my best to preserve the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass’ consciousness as I sign this equal contract. The success rate is above ninety percent. If I’m lying, I’ll freeze to death and never reincarnate.”

After he swore his oath, the Ice Grass said, “Very good. You can tell me what to do now.”

Inside the Icefire Yin Yang Well, all the soul beasts were watching Huo Yuhao and the Ice Grass. They were curious as to why the Ice Grass would choose to become Huo Yuhao’s Spirit.

In front of these soul beasts, Huo Yuhao explained the meaning and effect of an equal contract used to fuse with Spirits.

“I understand. Wait a minute.” The Ice Grass released icy-blue light, and halos started to slowly surge upward from the soil he was rooted in. Gradually, they turned into icy-blue light rings.

The star anise leaves that were already very beautiful slowly turned into extremely eye-catching blue crystals. Amid the magnificent flashing lights, these blue crystals looked like perfect art pieces.

“He’s crazy. He really wants to give up everything to follow a human. Star Anise is crazy!” the Blazing Delicate Apricot nagged.

The Delicate Silk Immortal’s flower head also fully opened as she sensed what the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass was doing.

It didn’t take long for a diamond-shaped crystal entity to slowly rise from the core of the Ice Grass. The two tips and sides of this crystal entity were very obvious. However, there was a ridgeline on every corner of the center of this crystal entity. Naturally, it made it seem as if every corner had two tips. There were a total of eight corners, which was why this Ice Grass was called the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass. Even the special products that it formed had eight corners.

When this crystal entity appeared, an extremely pure chilly intent started to spread out. Even Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but shiver when he sensed this chill.

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